Mobile Marketing

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9 de Apr de 2007

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Mobile Marketing

  1. Leveraging the power of Mobile Marketing for brands Mobile Monday, Mumbai 9 th April 2007 THE NEXT ITERATION
  2. About 2.4 billion mobile phones have been sold around the world last year, and globally there are more mobile phones than PCs. Source: GSM World
  3. “ Worldwide over 350 billion text messages , are exchanged across the world’s mobile networks every month” Source: GSM World
  4. Mobile reaches where other media cannot! Feb 2007 Mobile Subscriber data – 203mn
  5. 10 million GPRS users?! “… About 15 per cent of the mobile phone subscriber base in India (140 million users) is on the GPRS platform that enables such applications…". Source: The Hindu
  6. “ Mobile is already a platform, but the consensus was that leveraging the power of the web, integrating web services into the mobile medium is the future of mobile.” Mobile2.0 Conference
  7. The problem with traditional advertising is that it's a "disconnected" process
  8. context Learn!
  9. immediacy Learn!
  10. personalization Learn!
  11. Moving beyond ‘text and response’ campaigns
  12. Source: iLoop Mobile
  13. Cases of ImaginAction
  14. Trends on why brand marketers have to beyond just messaging!
  15. Trend #1 Mobile web applications are the future
  16. Trend #2 We are creators not consumers (The power of user generated content)
  17. Trend # 3 I am not a number, I am a tag
  18. Trend #4 Communities will the way to build engagement – Generation C “ The population that is always in contact with friends and colleagues and trust them more than your branded messages “
  19. Why is it important for us to work together?
  20. By 2011, global advertising industry will be close to $600B. Can mobile start to increase its revenue share from its current levels of less than 0.2% to 2-5% by then?
  21. Thank you