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CivicsNZ – Public Policy: Policy for the Public Good

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On Wednesday, 5 October 2016 Wendy McGuinness spoke at the University of Auckland's politics hour.

The theme of the discussion was regarding the ethical dilemmas faced by policy advisors. Speakers were encouraged to share their experience or advice with students regarding how to be an 'ethical' policy adviser.

The ultimate aim of this session was to inspire students, but to also highlight the challenges that lie ahead, and allow students an insight into how political practitioners can achieve change but sometimes have to compromise.

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CivicsNZ – Public Policy: Policy for the Public Good

  1. 1. Public Policy Policy for the Public Good University of Auckland Wendy McGuinness, 5 October 2016
  2. 2. Future Studies
  3. 3. What is talent? Ethical Behavior
  4. 4. The role of a policy analyst DATA   INFOMATION   KNOWLEDGE  
  5. 5. Danger signals that may lead to unethical policy-making 1.  Short-termism (e.g. 3 year elections) 2.  Echo chambers (versus broad dialogue) 3.  Myths (versus rigorous testing of assumptions) 4.  Writing short (versus detailed and considered logic) 5.  Designed policy (versus a written methodology and agreed limitations) 6.  Policy knots (where the outputs and outcomes are less clear) 7.  Self interest or unaligned interests 8.  Poor collection and use of data, analysis and distribution 9.  Unethical social research 10.  Ministers become the sole gate keepers (lobbying) 11.  Lack of a review clause (in law and in RMA decisions)
  6. 6. ‘Never underestimate the capacity of those younger than you to surprise you with their talent. Learn from them, and always revel in the opportunity to combine talents to build a team.’   ‘See the opportunities in new directions. If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.’ –  SIR  PAUL  CALLAGHAN  
  7. 7. Wendy McGuinness McGuinness Institute Level 2, 5 Cable Street, PO Box 24222, Wellington 6142, New Zealand Thank you