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SB11 - Mountain Coffee Roasters - Michael Dupee

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SB11 - Mountain Coffee Roasters - Michael Dupee

  1. 1. Navigating the Field of Sustainable Innovation Michael Dupee Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.
  2. 2. Navigating the Field of Sustainable Innovation Michael Dupee Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.
  3. 3. Brewing A Better World Partnering with Supply-Chain Communities Supporting Local Communities Protecting the Environment Building Demand for Sustainable Products Working Together for Change Creating a Great Place to Work
  4. 6. A deliberate journey to create and sustain a values-driven company that views profit as a means to achieve a higher purpose
  5. 8. Bob Stiller, Chairman & Founder
  6. 10. Expanding Consumer Choice GMCR Owned Brands Licensed Brands
  7. 11. An Environmental Quandary Percolates At Green Mountain Coffee Roasters While the company touts its efforts at social and environmental responsibility, selling many fair trade coffees and teaming with International Paper Co. to distribute the Ecotainer compostable coffee cup, K-Cups are made of totally nonrecyclable plastic and foil… Online, bloggers have remarked on the irony of fair trade and organic coffees being packaged in nonrecyclable plastic… Visitors to Green Mountain ’s website have posted questions like, “Has there been any progress on this? My company is seriously considering K-Cups, but the recycling issue has been brought up a few times.’’ Single-Use Coffee Pods A Conundrum But its recent growth has been fueled by a product that runs counter to its reputation. More than 80 percent of Green Mountain ’s $803 million in sales last year came from nonrecyclable, nonbiodegradable, single-use coffee pods and their brewing systems…“The whole concept of the product is a little bit counter to environmental progress,” said Darby Hoover, a senior resource specialist for the Natural Resources Defense Council. “If you are trying to create something that is single use, disposable, and relies on a one-way packaging that can’t be recycled, there are inherent problems with that.” Can Disposable Single-Cup Coffee be Sustainable? Green Mountain Coffee If they already know it is a significant challenge, in a product line representing half of their sales, it is notable that no other information on alternatives or reasonable goals are available except a statement that they "are working to identify the right definition of environmentally friendly. ” People have the choice to buy the reusable filter model (although it got bad reviews for durability), but assuming that their convenience-loving customers like the no fuss product, but also care about issues like fair trade, why is such a connected company not moving faster on this high impact issue? 3 August 2010 3 January 2010 6 July 2009
  8. 15. Life Cycle Analysis