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Job Search for Finalists

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Careers presentation at University of Sussex, June 2015

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Job Search for Finalists

  1. 1. Strategies for Finalists Job Search for Finalists
  2. 2. This session covers: • What do graduates do? • Where do graduates work? • How can you look for work effectively?
  3. 3. What do graduates do? • Full time work • Further study • Continue part time job • Travel • Caring and family responsibilities …..a mixture of the above.
  4. 4. Know what you are looking for • Identify what you can offer: skills and experiences Know your strengths • Reflect on what you want from a job in terms of: • Types of activity you want to engage in • Level of financial or other rewards • Types of people you want to work with • Location- where do you want to be? • Research what jobs might match your interests www.sussex.ac.uk/careers/careerchoices/
  5. 5. Small & Medium sized companies Large graduate recruiters Professional firms Public sector Self Employment Small & Medium sized companies Large graduate recruiters Professional firms Public sector Work experience/Temping Self Employment Who employs graduates?
  6. 6. What sectors do graduates work in? • Public sector Civil service, local government, public protection, education, health service • Commercial sector Manufacturing, retailing, business services, professional services, engineering, media • Voluntary sector Charities, not for profit organisations, community organisations • Freelance and self employed Setting up on your own often in IT, web design, media, writing –
  7. 7. Where do graduates work? www.sussex.ac.uk/careers/careerchoices/international
  8. 8. www.sussex.ac.uk/careers/jobs choose jobs for graduates on CareerHub Graduate career websites and directories – Prospects, Milkround, Targetjobs, Grad Diary Specialist career websites www.sussex.ac.uk/careers/careerchoices/researchingcareers Employer’s own website – look carefully for ‘careers’ Know where to look - advertised vacancies
  9. 9. Creative job searching • Research using: contacts, attending events, internet, social networking, professional directories • Networking - Information interviewing - Work experience/shadowing/volunteering/research project www.sussex.ac.uk/careers/jobs/creativejobsearch
  10. 10. Meeting employers on campus • Weekly events here • Other opportunities
  11. 11. Social Networks • A professional online presence can help you to make contact with people in the sector you are interested in. • Examples of your creativity on web pages, blogs, online videos are important in media/ creative industries www.sussex.ac.uk/careers/sussexplus
  12. 12. Getting a graduate job • Explore – keep learning: our website, events • Experience – get out and practice • Connect – make your argument to potential recruiters • Don’t give up
  13. 13. Get a strategy!  Establish a routine  Look ahead at the jobs you may be aiming for in the future  Exploit contacts and work experience  Positive mental attitude  Review your strategy regularly  Use your support network e.g Careers & Employability Centre
  14. 14. Careers and Employability Centre Support • Daily events, weekly programme • Short interview with a careers adviser: Mon – Fri from 10 am ‘til 5pm and Wed ‘til 7pm • Vacancies – part time, work experience, internships, graduate jobs www.sussex.ac.uk/careers