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StyleSearch Shopping App | UX Design & Business Model

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StyleSearch Shopping App | UX Design & Business Model

  1. 1. Designed to enrich your shopping experience through organization and discovery D ec emb er W edd ing by 1 2 / 15 ADD + WAN T HAV E Cap ture Con nec t D isco ver
  2. 2. The Team Darwin Witt, CEO Web Developer and Software Consultant for industrial manufacturers including Fluke, Mercedes-Benz and Pittsburgh Glass Works; previously network security researcher; computer science background Tristan Plank, CIO Researcher and UX Designer for HF Designworks, a UI Design and System Safety Analysis firm; psychology, human factors, & usability background Susan Oldham, CMO UX & Visual Designer; design, branding and human-computer interaction background; experience in fashion & retail industries
  3. 3. Meet Rebecca
  4. 4. How to StyleSearch
  5. 5. Turning Hassles into Value Other mobile apps live in the land of “OR”— StyleSearch lives in the land of “AND” Hassles Solutions Value It’s simple, easy-to-use, and gives shoppers the features they want. StyleSearch takes away the hassles and makes shopping fun again!
  6. 6. Give ‘em what they want HAVE Lots of Keep It Be Integrate NEED Pictures Simple Social to Simplify WANT Suggest Help Track Compare Feedback New Shoppers Favorites Things is Key Things Discover Our Our Our Shoppers Retailers Influencers
  7. 7. Insights to Features StyleSearch integrates many easy-to-use HAVE features into a single app to enhance the CO M P ARE shopping experience. ƒƒCompare items and swatches from home closet, NEED DISCO in store photos, and online catalogs VER ƒƒOrganize shopping with custom ‘Need’ and ‘Want’ lists WANT SHOP ƒƒDiscovery tool to find closest stores, where to eat after—everything for a shopping adventure ? $$ ƒƒSuggestions based on shopper’s favorite styles Captu 2 4 re CS ohare nnect Remin ƒƒSocial integration to ask friend’s opinions, or d Favs Share latest and greatest purchases ƒƒQuick and easy-to-use interface while juggling Prototype shopping bags, lattes and smartphone
  8. 8. StyleSearch is for Retailers Retailers are the Customer in the StyleSearch ecosystem. Our Retail Customers want: ƒƒ Target marketing for mobile shoppers ƒƒ Valuable shopper data: Habits, Browsing, Favorite Styles, Favorite Brands ƒƒ A direct connection to shoppers ƒƒ Reduced item returns ƒƒ More foot traffic in stores ƒƒ More revenue December Wedding by 12/15 ADD + Shopper WANT HAVE Capture Connect Discover
  9. 9. Market 100,000 25 Million+ Retail Stores in U.S. Fashion Aware Shoppers Apparel / Acces. Stores (2011) using SmartPhones | Age 18-54 (Est. 2012) 34% underserved by retail apps 36% 56% 44% 13.1% PREFER PREFER IN STORE ONLINE STORES ONLINE Apparel Retail Apparel Shopping Growth(Est. 2013) Preferences (2011)
  10. 10. Market Segmentation Targeted Market ƒƒSmall business clothing/accessory retailers ƒƒ10% of 34,000 local retailers = 3400 ƒƒPlanning to target 1% for 1st year = 340 ƒƒLarge chain stores ƒƒAlready having success with 3rd party mobile apps like ShopKicks & Best Decisions ƒƒStyleSearch has a more social aspect, and a more direct connection
  11. 11. Making Money Revenue Strategies 1. Retailer Subscriptions 7% 3% User Data ‚‚ Monthly/Seasonal options Fees ‚‚ Tiered for retailer size, number of stores ‚‚ Est. $100-$500/month (Avg $3000/yr) ‚‚ 340 retailers = $1M Revenue ‚‚ 3400 partners = $10M Revenue 90% Subscriptions 2. Selling Shopper Data ‚‚ Quizzes, favs, recommendation features gain more shopper preferences 3. Transaction fees for sales/deals 4. Freemium ‚‚ Free to shoppers to encourage growth
  12. 12. Costs & Partnerships Costs Partners ƒƒInfrastructure ƒƒDiscount/Coupon providers ƒƒ Servers, developers, service reps ƒƒMerchant services ƒƒRetailer Partnerships ƒƒ Demo subscriptions for 6 months ƒƒGoogle Maps, Google Places, Bing ƒƒ Online/store model for larger retailers ƒƒAdvertising partners ƒƒ Local heros model for smaller ƒƒSizing app or online database retailers ƒƒService ƒƒ Account reps to subscribe retailers ƒƒMarketing ƒƒ Advertising, retailer guides, social media, store collateral
  13. 13. Competitive Analysis Our market competition ƒƒSocial shopping apps ƒƒDedicated shopping apps ƒƒSocial closet apps ƒƒShopping decision apps ƒƒRetail reward apps Biggest competitor: ShopKicks
  14. 14. Go-to-Market Strategy Launch ƒƒSocial Media activity, focus on Pinterest and Twitter ƒƒOnline advertising, i.e. GoogleAds, etc. ƒƒPress releases to tech press and retailer publications ƒƒStickers for shop windows and in-store displays ƒƒRetailer Product Guide ƒƒDemo subscriptions
  15. 15. Future Opportunities Growth ƒƒDeals and rewards for shopping with partners ƒƒQuizzes to learn user preferences translates into better business intelligence ƒƒAdvertising—notifications or in-App ƒƒExpansion to other markets, restaurants & home furnishings ƒƒTablet, desktop versions of the application ƒƒBranded, retailer-specific versions of the app ƒƒReferrals
  16. 16. Recap Shoppers overwhelmed Problem by choices One place to organize Solution your shopping needs Multiple Revenue Streams Opportunity Under-served retail markets $1M for product development Investment and partner relationships $1M revenue 1st year Return Growth to $10M within 3 years
  17. 17. Thank you! Questions?