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IVF Clinic India - IVF treatment, ICSI clinic India- ICSI treatment, ICSI India, IVF Surrogacy

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Think of Rotunda Fertility Clinic if you are thinking of IVF Clinics India Fertility Clinic Infertility Treatment Clinics in India Provides Infertility Treatment ICSI Treatment in IVF Clinics IVF Treatment in IVF Centres India,surrogacy clinic india,rotunda clinic india,rotunda surrogacy,surrogate mother agency in india,fertility treatment india,.

Rotunda fertility Clinic,Surrogacy clinic IndiaInfertility Clinics in India Mumbai specialize in the area of IVF Treatment Our Infertility Treatments Clinics includes ICSI IUI Treatment, Embryo Donation, Egg Donation, infertility treatment, Male Female Infertility Treatment Mumbai Fertility Clinics in India Doctors, Gynecology Pregnancy Infertile Couples Problems Child birth in Mumbai Maharashtra Hospitals Conceiving Concepts Sex, IVF baby, Infertile Couple having Test Tube Baby Egg Donors Sperm Donation in our fertility IVF Centres Hospitals Mumbai Maharashtra India Good Fertility IVF Clinics in India New Delhi Chennai Bangalore Kolkata Kerala Mumbai Centre Infertile Couples in Muscat Oman USA Canada Australia United Kingdom UK London UAE United Arab Emirates Dubai China Kenya Nigeria Ethiopia

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  • India today is a favored location for childless couples looking for infertility treatment from across the world. The cost of treatment here is much lesser in comparison to rest of world, However low cost does not mean compromised quality of treatment. http://www.primushospital.com/ivf-for-foreign-patients.html
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IVF Clinic India - IVF treatment, ICSI clinic India- ICSI treatment, ICSI India, IVF Surrogacy

  1. 1. rotunda.co.in search... Home Welcome to the official website of Rotunda Fertility Clinic and Keyhole Surgery Programs and Services Centre. This clinic is the latest venture of Rotunda-The centre for Human Reproduction and one step forwards in creating a chain of well equipped and State- Infertility Surgery of-the-art IVF centres in the city of Mumbai. All you need to know In addition to Infertility treatments, we also have facility for patients to undergo Pictures and Videos keyhole surgery which is performed by reknowned specialists when indicated. About us Glossary of terms Facing infertility and undergoing treatment for the same is without doubt one of the Our Success rates most distressing situations that a couple can face. It fosters uncertainities, doubts, fears, guilt and apprehensions. We at Rotunda strive towards making the whole Contact us process as simple and transparent as possible, providing guidance and counselling at every step. We boast of a team sensitised to the needs of our clients and have a long track record to prove this. Most of all, we respect our clients need for privacy and offer this and much much more at very reasonable and competitive rates. Egg donation may offer the only chance of..... Success rates at Rotunda Centre of Human..... Please use this form to request an .......http://www.rotunda.co.in/[12/22/2010 5:36:08 PM]
  2. 2. Male and Female Infertility
  3. 3. Goals Enhance comfort level with workup Basic Management Strategies TRICARE www.rotunda.co.in
  4. 4. Definition 12 months of unprotected intercourse Earlier for certain historical factors Older than 35
  5. 5. Infertility Etiology
  6. 6. Female Factors
  7. 7. Male FactorsGeneral Causes Meds Unknown: 40-50%  1 or 2 Hypogonadism 1 Hypogonadism: 30- 40%  Common medications  Ketoconazole Altered Sperm  Cimetidine Transport: 10-20%  Spironolactone 2 Hypogonadism: 1-2%
  8. 8. The Scenario Tech: “Husband and wife can’t get pregnant.” You: OB rotation was last infertility workup What now?
  9. 9. Workup History is KEY Focused Physical Exam Labs and Specialized Tests
  10. 10. Workup: History Coital Practices Gestational History PMHx/PSHx Meds Menstrual History Substances Recent High Fever
  11. 11. Our Couple: HistoryFemale Male G1 P0010  No previous partner pregnancies No hx of STIs  Gonorrhea hx Normal menses  No meds Unprotected sex for 15 months  Occasional EtOH
  12. 12. Workup: Physical ExamFemale Male Breast Formation  Infection  Hernia Galactorrhea  Vas deferens  Androgen deficiency Genitalia  Testicular mass  Varicocele Hyperandrogenism?
  13. 13. Workup: LabsFemale Male Ovulation problems  CBC  FSH, Testosterone Ovulatory Dysfunction  GC/Chlam, UA  Renal and Liver Ovarian Reserve Function  Semen analysis  Postejaculatory urinalysis
  14. 14. WHO Seminal Fluid Analysis (1999) Volume: >2ml Sperm concentration: >20 million/ml Total Sperm Number: >40 million/ejaculate Sperm Motility:  >50% motile and/or  >25% progressively motile Sperm Morphology: >14% normal forms
  15. 15. Workup: Special TestsFemale Male Transvaginal  Scrotal Ultrasonography Ultrasonography (TVUS) Hysterosalpingography  Transrectal (HSG) Ultrasonography (TRUS) Hysteroscopy Laparoscopy
  16. 16. Our Couple: Exam, Labs & Tests Normal male exam Normal initial labs Oligospermia on 2 separate semen analyses TRUS and postejaculatory UA normal
  17. 17. Management: General Concepts 41 different methods “Fertile window” intercourse “E-type” vaginal discharge Avoid lubricants and douches
  18. 18. Management: Female Treat underlying cause Hyperprolactinemia PCOS Gonadotropin therapy
  19. 19. Management: Female Ovulatory dysfunction (Unknown etiology)  Clomiphene 50mg PO daily x 5 days  Start on days 3-5  Can increase to 100mg daily next cycle  Results  80% will ovulate  Hyperstimulation and Twinning  Higher-order multiples rare
  20. 20. Management: Female Clomiphene Failure?  IVF  Injectable ovulation-inducing agents
  21. 21. Management: Female Tubal/Pelvic/Uterine Issues  Reparative Surgery (low success)  IVF Endometriosis  Laparoscopic ablation  Laparotomy  Ovulation induction +/- IUI and IVF
  22. 22. Management: Male Hyperprolactinemia Surgical repair Fertility Specialist
  23. 23. Stress and Infertility 69% Women and 21% Men have preexisting condition Greater risk for psychological stress No significant difference in psychopathology
  24. 24. Stress and Infertility Men have increased stress over time, same as women Watch for normal grief vs. psychopathology Same rates of depression as other chronic disease
  25. 25. Stress and Infertility Bottom line: Not a means to improve pregnancy rates.
  26. 26. Management: Our Couple Male: Imipramine Mar 08 Pregnant in www.rotunda.co.in June 2008! Separated from USAF in July 2008
  27. 27. Questions?
  28. 28. Infertility treatments search... Home Programs and Services Infertility treatments Infertility treatments Rotunda offers all services pertinent to infertility under one roof. We are known for our innovation, integrity, medical and technical excellence, personalized service, and consistent willingness to accept patients facing the most difficult medical challenges. We offer the following services: Intrauterine Insemination In vitro Fertilisation (IVF) ICSI IVF Lite (Mild IVF/Minimal stimulation IVF) Surgical Sperm retrieval Donor Egg program Sperm banking and donor sperm Embryo freezing Gestational Surrogacy Embryo donation << Back to Program & Services