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Referral Strategy #BarCampSJ

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Notas do Editor

  • Content
  • Authentic Content that educates

    Educational Brochures
    Blog Posts on to’ do’s for business

  • Ability to situate information within the context of a prospect’s life
    Simplifying there message
    Products that do less but do it elegantly
    Narrowing our ideal target customer focus
    Condensing advice from reams of relevant data into snack size digests

  • The more connected we are through technology the more for real connections involving live human interactions
    Balance High tech connections with high touch engagement

  • Community is free to form around
    shared ideas
    common interests
    strategic relationships

    Online - Content and Context
    Offline - Connection and Community

  • Can you identify a sense of a mission that ultimately drives your organization?
    Why your organization does what it does? Not a Mission Statement a Purpose
    What Unique process of approach to doing business is going to act as the lever for delivery on your key point of differentiation?
  • What is the secret sauce or way of doing business that you plan to use to drive your content strategy and key point of view for expanding your core difference?
    What customer phrases are important indicators of a need for what you offer?
    What behavior or practice would you like to teach your customers and prospects to better understand?
    How many different ways can you use and reuse the content you create?

  • If your primary Web Site is your content hub, where will you create spokes to your ideal clients?
    What is your plan to optimize your content, including audio, video, and profiles?
    How can you move customer service and sales questions out into the public view?

  • How will you gauge the level of referral participation present in your customer base?
    What process will you use to introduce referrals as a condition of doing business with your organization?
    What mechanisms will you employ to communicate frequent and consistent status updates with your customers?

  • Who belongs on your strategic partner team and how will you identify more?
    What content co-branding, workshop, joint marketing, or creative partnership ideas will you employ to get your network active?
    What tools and tactics will you create and employ to teach your network partners how to be better referral generators, and to generate more referrals for themselves?

  • How to frame a referral request?
    What process will you create to ensure that you are making referrals as effectively as receiving them?
    How will you track, capture, and communicate the progress and results you achieve on behalf of your referral leads?
    What tools and processes will you utilize to acknowledge and appreciate your referral sources?