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Employee presentation on maruti suzuki

iilm graduate school of management

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Employee presentation on maruti suzuki

  2. 2. INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS OF MARUTI SUZUKI  Industrial relation is the relation between 2 parties ie- employer & employee connected with industrial activity.  Maruti udyog Ltd was founded in 1983.Later on it merged with Suzuki.  In 1997,there was a change in ownership where it become govt controlled.  Conflict between united front govt & Suzuki.  From 2000 onwards there were many strikes and lockouts which have continued till date.
  3. 3. MANESAR VIOLENCE 18 JULY 2012 Worker started a fire , that killed the HR manager & 100 injured.  2 Japanese officials were injured.  The violent mob injured 9 policemen.  The hands & legs of HR manager Awanish ku Dev were broken as a result he could not move & the building was sat ablaze and chared to death.  Factory Building & many cars were burnt.
  4. 4. CAUSES OF THIS VIOLENCE & DEMAND NOT MET   A five fold increase in the basic salary.  A monthly convenyance allowance of ₹10,000.  A laundry allowance of ₹3000.  A gift with every new car launch.  A house for every worker who wants one or cheaper home loan for those who want to build their own house.  Paid week vacation to be increased from 4 to 7 weeks.
  5. 5.  An FIR was filled with police.  91 Employees were arrested &55 accused were searched.  All work at manesar plant was suspended indefinitely  The shutdown of manesar plant is leading to a loss of about ₹75 cr per day.  S.nakaishi , MD & CEO of maruti suzuki declared a lockout saying that safety is more important than business.  He went to each victim apologizing for the miseries done on them by fellow worker. AFTER EFFECTS
  6. 6. Four industrial relation insights from the maruti Suzuki strike Insight 1: Contract Labour is just indicative of larger issues Insight 2: The need to use a mature approach to Industrial Relations Insight 3: Industrial Relations requires proactive management Insight 4: The ability to handle and resolve a conflict is a business requirement
  7. 7. THANK YOU