medical microbiology medicine microbiology opportunistic infections hiv pediatrics laboratory medicine under graduate students diarrhea food poisoning bacteriology nursing students aiids tcbs v. vulnificus v. paraheamolyticus blood culture practical microbiology laboratory diagnosis rotavirus diarrhea in children post graduate students fuo pramedical modern diagnostics molecular diagnosis infectious disease mdr tb lamp tb lpa cbnaat igra ppd mantoux test gohn focus cavitary lung disease pleural effusion auramine stain z-n stain mgit middlebroke 7h9 lj media ln tb eptb ptb m. tuberculosis rt-pcr hiv tridot comb test rapid tests western blot elisa window period rashes kaposis’s sarcoma encephalopathy cmv esophageal ulcers esophageal candidiasis pcp retrovirus aids pair anaphylaxis hydatid cyst dog tape worm e. granulosus neurocysticercosis cysticercosis pork tape worm t. solium beef tape worm t. saginata proglottids scolex oncosphere hexacant embryo megaloblastic anemia fish tape worm d. tatum cestodes rtpcr igm igg pregnancy fulminant hepatitis alt ast chronic hepatitis acute hepatitis hev hav sporozoits oocysts coccidian parasites c. cayetanensis cd4 cells oocyst modified acid fast stain tyzzer sporozoites isospora cryptosporidium ingested rbcs quadrinucleate cyst anchovy sauce pus pulmonary amebiasis amebic liver abscess hepatic amebiasis amebic ulcers amebic colitis e. histolytica ameoba string test o 129 oxidase v. cholerae botulism fever abdominal cramps vomiting nausea e. coli 0157 smac agar dca xld norovirus c. jejuni non typhoidal salmonella c. perfringens b. cereus s. aureus laboratory-acquired infections emjh warthin-starry stain lepto dipstick test microsphere immunoassay microscopic agglutination test hepatomegaly jaundice anicteric leptospirosis weil’s syndrome l. interrogans rhd tee tte roth’s spot janeway lesion osler’s node végétations duke criteria mycoplasma bartonella c. burnetii hacek infective endocarditis 2-tier approach-cdc modified kelly–pettenkofer (mkp) medium barbour- stoenner-kelly (bsk) medium modified dieterle silver stains warthin-starry acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans lyme encephalopathy antibiotic-refractory lyme arthritis. borrelia lymphocytoma bannwarth syndrome erythema migrans spirochete ixodes ricinus complex borrelia brugdorferi lyme disease pian bois espundia pkdl spleenomegaly amastigote form promastigote form ld body l. braziliensis complex l. mexicana complex mucocutaneous leishmaniasis cutaneous leishmaniasis l. tropica complex l. donovani kala-azar romana's sign morula /mott cells winterbottom's sign chagoma reduviid bugs tsetse fly chagas disease west african sleeping sickness t. brucei t. cruzi trypanosoma tropical splenomegaly qbc test for malaria malarial treatment congenital malaria cerebral malaria p. ovale black water fever p. vivax p. falciparum malaria filarial worms knott’s concentration tropical pulmonary eosinophilia b. malay w. bancroft occult filariasis lymphatic filariasis pathogenesis of bacteria bact alert cons bacteremia bsis cancer vaccines tatas mhc molecules hla graft rejection transplant differential staining bacteriological staining procedures gram staining microbiological procedures bacterial staining gram stain nk cells memory cells antibody production antigen processing antigen presentation mhcs t cells b cells immune response immunology quality control bacterial identification biochemical tests glass antibiotic stewardship resistance antibiotics virology under 5 mortality dysentery fluorescense microscope templates sem dark ground microscope phase contrast microscope confocal microscope compound microscope rota vaccine ors gastroenteritis virus widal test enteric fever typhoid fever salmonella social medicine mecidine food borne diseases food microbiology brucellosis q-fever microbiology of milk analysis of pasturized milk dairy products bacteriology of milk milkborne disease stenotrophomonas burkhulderia pseudomonas mycology fungal infections naco ictc immunocompromised antibiotics selection mbbs tuberculosis pulmonary medicine respiratory infections gynecology opthalmology veneral diseases stis infectious diseases bruker biomeriux recent molecular diagnosis recent advances in microbiology maldi tof paramedical students neuroinfections case discussion case reports mcqs
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