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Sermon june 2

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Sermon june 2

  1. 1. Verse 2• There’s a Centurion’s servant,whom his master valued highly,who was sick and about to die.
  2. 2. Verse 3• The Centurion heard of Jesus andsent some elders of the Jews tohim, asking him to come and healhis servant.
  3. 3. Verse 4• When they came to Jesus, theypleaded earnestly with Him.
  4. 4. Verse 5• “This man deserves to have youdo this” –image• “He loves our nation” – character• “Has built our synagogue” -accomplishments
  5. 5. Verse 6• Jesus went with them because itis a legitimate need. Jesus knewno barrier when it comes tomeeting a need.
  6. 6. Verse 6• “Lord, don’t trouble Yourself…”• “…for I do not deserve to haveYou come under my roof”
  7. 7. Verse 7• “I did not consider myself worthyto come to You…”• “…but SAY THE WORD and myservant will be healed.”
  8. 8. Verse 8• I say to one GO and he goes• I say to another COME and hecomes• I say to a servant DO and hedoes
  9. 9. • What words do others say?• What words do you say?• What words does He say?
  10. 10. Conclusion – verse 9• When Jesus heard this, He wasAMAZED at Him!– The Centurion’s faith was honored.– His Word was fulfilled.