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  1. People are kidnapped, sold, or promised a better life then what they are living and are lured into situations, which they can’t escape from.
  2. Most of these victims today are from third world countries or countries that have made prostitution legal.
  3. Each year over four million victims are brought sold and transported to various countries around the world.
  4. Only a certain amount of time to find these victims.
  5. Victims are often drugged which gets them addicted and then turned into prostitutes. Majority also die of overdoses, abuseor are just killed.
  6. Victims are traded, sold and bought through several people.
  7. The government is aware of this issue and have been making strong actions to fight human trafficking by tightening boarder control, making new laws, and creating awareness.
  8. The government tends to ignore this issue, however much they say that it is a terrible crime and it should be put to a stop. But in the end, in most of these cases, the money ends up in the hands of the government.
  9. They usually end up selling their daughter in most cases and sometimes their son to a trafficker in order to make a profit.