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  1. 1. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com How I made $200 with $10 Using Google Adwords in 1 day Mini Guide by : Gaganpreet Singh www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com FB.com/CreativeBloggingIdeas
  2. 2. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Introduction Hello readers, my name is Gaganpreet Singh and I am into SEO & PPC for the last 4 years. I am Google Adwords Certified Professional. I am from Chandigarh, India and started my journey with blogging. Now, I am into SEO & PPC training and run a training institute in Chandigarh.
  3. 3. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com About this guide In this mini guide I am going to explain the work plan on how I made $200 by only spending $10 on Google Adwords + Free $50 voucher. I will be explaining each and every step in detail. After reading this guide you will understand the power of Google Adwords and you will be able create your own money making techniques.
  4. 4. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Let’s start The Game Below is a diagram that will help you to understand the whole system easily. Have a look: Market Research Keyword Research Create Campaigns Make Money 1. Market Research: In this section, we will learn how I did market research. 2. Keyword Research: In this section, I will tell you the steps I followed to do keyword research. 3. Create Campaigns: Step by step procedure I followed to create successful campaigns. 4. Money Making Tips: How many sales I made by spending $10
  5. 5. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Market Research Everyone knows, there are 2 basic things to create a website (i) Domain (ii) Web Hosting These 2 are the basic needs for every person who wants to be a part of Internet. I knew I will not make good money by promoting domains as they only cost around $10. So, I decided to go for promoting webhosting coupon codes and make some money with affiliate sales. Every time I research for market there are 3 things I always consider:  Rule 1: The market must have a good audience: I explored the web hosting market and found that Hostgator and BlueHost are quite popular.  Rule 2: The market must be high paying: I checked out the affiliate share and it was $50. This is also good.  Rule 3: Market must be low competitive So, I decided to go with Hostgator Coupon site. I registered with Hostgator Affiliate and generated a coupon code for myself. Now it was time for some keyword research.
  6. 6. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Keyword Research As I was promoting my product on Google Adwords, so I decided to research my keyword on the new Keyword Planner tool by Google, specially made for PPC folks. To access this tool: 1. Go to adwords.com 2. Sign up 3. After logging in, at the top click on Tools & Analysis 4. Keyword Planner Have a look: I knew, if someone is interested in buying Hostgator hosting he/she will surely be interested in Hostgator Coupons and vice versa.
  7. 7. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com After opening this tool, I did following 3 settings: 1. Changed targeted location to US 2. Changed language to English 3. Under competition, checked Medium and Easy. Doing this, Adwords will only show those keywords which have low and medium competition on them. So, it will be easy to rank on those keywords with low CPC. 4. There is an option called Include Keywords, I added Hostgator to it, so that Adwords only shows the keyword that has Hostgator in it. I also used the Exclude Keywords feature to remove unwanted keywords like vps, 1 cent, billing, reviews, compare, renewal etc. Have a look:
  8. 8. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com
  9. 9. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Using adwords tool, I finalized 14 keywords having low competition, below is the list of keywords I selected: Keyword List 1 coupon code hostgator coupon for hostgator coupon hostgator coupons for hostgator hostgator 50 off coupon Keyword List 2 hostgator coupon 2013 hostgator coupon code hostgator coupon code 2013 hostgator coupon codes hostgator coupon codes 2013 Keyword List 3 hostgator discount code 2013 hostgator discount coupon hostgator promo code 2013 hostgator promo codes 2013 This was the time when my half of the work was done. Now, it was time to create a website (landing page for Hostgator Coupon) and creating a stunning Adwords Campaign.
  10. 10. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Creating Coupon Website I used WordPress to create a simple 9 page website. WordPress theme I was using was eleven40 Pro Theme by StudioPress. 9 Pages were:  6 pages targeting different web hosting coupons/affiliate links  Privacy Policy Page  About Us Page  Contact Us Page 1. Below are few points you must consider: 1. 2. 3. For Adwords ad approval your website must have a disclaimer page. I also created a disclaimer page telling we are a third party coupon website. Adwords team may disapprove your site, so make sure you’ve a good looking professional design. Make sure your landing page is a responsive design and must be mobile optimized.
  11. 11. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Before creating a website make sure you read following 2 points given by Google:  Understanding Landing Page experience  Destination URL Rules
  12. 12. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Creating Campaigns This was the toughest job. A good campaign will help you in getting your ads on top with low CPC. Before you start building a campaign, make sure you know what you’re doing. In this section, I will share the exact campaign settings and ads I used for my campaign, if you want, you can copy them exactly. Points to remember:  I used Search Network Only  Pricing Model I used was CPC
  13. 13. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Full screenshot of my campaign settings page:
  14. 14. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com
  15. 15. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com
  16. 16. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com So, these were the campaign settings I made. Let’s talk about each and every point in details 1. Network Type: As I was only promoting my website on Google Search, so I selected the type as Search Network Only. It is very important to make this setting. 2. Sub Types: I always recommend to us All Feature settings as it enables us to show advance settings also. 3. Search Partners: They are the website using search engines powered by Google. When running a campaign myself, I unchecked this option because I did not want my ads to display on other websites except Google. 4. Location: United States can get you most sales. If you want you can also target UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. If your budget is limited, I recommend using only 1 country. 5. Advanced Options (Locations): Make sure you use this setting as it is very important. Select “People in my targeted location”. This option will tell Google, only to show ads when the user is physically located in my targeted location.
  17. 17. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com 6. Language: I used only English language as my website was in English language only. 7. Bidding: Always use manual bidding. I will tell you how to bid manually later in this guide. 8. Budget: Totally depends upon you. You can start with Rs. 100. 9. Ad Extensions: To make your ad stand out of the crowd, I used Sitelinks extension. For reference, you can check out my Sitelinks in the image. 10. Ad Rotation: Make sure you select Optimize for clicks. We will create 2 ads for testing. This setting will show most clicked ad more times.
  18. 18. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Designing Ads Designing is the most crucial step in any PPC campaign because a nice ad will lead to high CTR. Below are some tips on writing great ads: 1. Spy on competitor ads: Put a keyword on Google. Take ad ideas from competitors. 2. Apply AIDA Rule  Attention: Use keyword in headline for attention  Interest: Use discounts and offers in the ads to create interest  Desire: Use something in the ad that make you desire the product like benefit etc.  Action: Use strong call to action like Buy Now, Sign Up Now etc.
  19. 19. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Have a look at the exact ad copies I used in my campaign. Ad Variation 1 $50 Off Hostgator Coupon www.abchosting.com/hostgator-coupon 25% Off Coupon Code - GAGAN50. Offer Ending Soon. Apply Now Ad Variation 2 25% Off Hostgator Coupon www.abchosting.com/hostgator-coupon $50 Off Coupon Code - GAGAN50. Offer Ending Soon. Use Now Let’s apply the AIDA rule to the ad I used in my campaign: 1. Attention: Keyword is used in the header to get users attention 2. Interest: 25% and $50 off used in the ad to create interest 3. Desire: Coupon given in the ad for desire 4. Action: Call to action used, ‘Apply Now’ & ‘Use Now’
  20. 20. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com These were the 2 ads I was using. You can also copy them and use them if you want. Let’s move further.
  21. 21. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Adding Keywords After designing ads, it was time to add keywords. While adding keywords make sure you enclose your keywords with a square bracket [keyword], have a look:
  22. 22. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Bidding After adding keywords it was time for bidding. So, here is a simple yet very effective technique you must follow for bidding. There are two types of bidding:  First Page bid: Amount of bid you need to display your ad on first page of Google  Top page bid: Amount of money you need to display your ad on top 3 slots of Google
  23. 23. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com How to bid Go to Keywords tab and click on Columns and then click on Customize Columns, have a look:
  24. 24. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Click on Attributes and beside First Page Bid & Top Page Bid click on Add and then Apply. After doing this, you will be able to see First Page Bid & Top Page bid suggestions by Google. Use those bid suggestions to increase your bid. You can change bids automatically by using “Change Max CPC Bid” feature.
  25. 25. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Changing bid automatically 1. Select all keywords and click on Edit and select “Change Max CPC Bid”. Have a look:
  26. 26. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com 2. Now click on Raise to estimated top page bid >> remove tick from Upper Bid Limit and click on Make Changes. Note: Sometimes you will see an error, it’s because, top bid estimates are not shown for recently added keywords. If that case you can start the campaign with first page bid and after few hours when top page bid is visible you can raise the bid to top page.
  27. 27. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Very important point to remember Always remember that the position of the ad does not depend totally on your bid but depends on another factor called Ad Rank. Ad Rank is calculated: Ad Rank = Max CPC x Quality Score If you want to have a high rank you must work on increasing your Quality Score. High quality score will lead to low CPC and high position. Quality Score depends upon: 1. CTR: 80% 2. Ad Relevancy: 10% 3. Landing Page Relevancy: 10% So, to have a good Quality Score you must have a good CTR, relevant ad and relevant landing page.
  28. 28. By Gaganpreet Singh – www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Success I ran the campaign with the same above settings, above same ads and above same keywords initially with Rs. 500. I was using Adwords Coupon of Rs. 2000. In total I spent Rs. 2500 on Adwords and made 4 sales from Hostgator, earning a total of 4 sales x $50 = $200 THIS IS HOW I MADE $200 with $10 Using Google Adwords in 1 day Google Adwords is a very advance tool. You can learn about all the advance features of this tool from Adwords Learning Center. If you need any help from me in setting up the campaign or you need Adwords Coupons of Rs. 2000 , add me on Fb.com/CreativeBloggingIdeas Do visit my blog www.CreativeBloggingIdeas.com Happy Blogging Gaganpreet Singh


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