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Mobile user growth plan for e commerce player in india

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Mobile user growth plan for e commerce player in india

  1. 1. MOBILE USER GROWTH PLAN FOR E-commerce players in India SUMAN KUMAR MISHRA
  2. 2. Foreword  Scope: ◦ This defines the user growth and engagement plan. ◦ By user we mean the end user ( and not the suppliers, who are our different set of customer as well) ◦ Detailing – costing depends on internal decisions – will need inputs
  3. 3. Mapping the strategies for user growth.. S5 S6 Existing E-com user ( Desktop) S1 DISCOVERY ONBOARDING USAGE & TRANSACTION S7 REFERRAL S[x] refers to strategy for that segment- which is explained later MOBILE USER Ecom next set of Customers
  4. 4. Translating the desktop impact to mobile  Customer Segment on Desktop E-commerce  Alliance / Channel  Intel App Store  Browser OS  Laptop/Netbook/Desktop  Targeted promotion on Facebook and relevant digital properties  Tie up with landing page for dongles **included inTelecom operator alliance  Web Registration ◦ What?  Create Tools to onboard customers who are on Desktop to mobile platform for E-com. Import their registration and user details to mobile platform. ◦ Why?:  Evolve existing customer to mobile  Maximise the impact of any future web spending ◦ How?  Tie up with web development agencies [S1]  Do Trial launches – calibrate results – do more refinements  LINK up and Ride on Social media audience ◦ Use FB registration details for on boarding [S5]  Let people know when customer has bought with permissions [S7] ◦ Pull in customers and drive engagement  Reverse bidding or generate some content ( example price in context of reverse bidding) Click for MORE
  5. 5. Alliance withTelecom Operator  Tie up withTelecom operators to ◦ Create version of “market place “ – walled garden approach ◦ Define the “exclusive” value proposition  Why ◦ To ride on their reach – and get new customers ◦ To use their bandwidth for recurring promotion example  SMS, PCN, BOD, IVR, Retail,WAP,App store, STK, Digital property ◦ To employ telecom billing ◦ Reaching the right customer : Customer screening  How We have to create the “operator” branded service and then it should be managed. So we have 2 decisions to make ◦ Build versus ride on someone’s platform  For the offline customers: USSD , SMS App store (S2)  For online customers:WAP,APP market place (S3;S4) ◦ Manage your own our outsource your service  CanTie up with managed service providers to look after the platform or do it on your own.  Telecom authorities demand certain level of parameters on availability, scalability, regulations, need rep from vendor side for their system upgrades Click for MORE
  6. 6. Some exclusiveTelecom operator alliance  Snap Deal account creation using Operator logs ◦ Using select CDR with customer permission to create E-commerce accounts ◦ Needs Telecom operator help for KYC and reaching the till now “ unreached” segment for E-commerce ◦ Create account based on call logs ◦ Organize contest to help create these accounts ◦ Incentivise on creation of account and purchases **Will detail this in our discussion  Shop more Talk more – close exampleT24 ◦ Example : Power shop.airtel. In
  7. 7. Alliance with OEM  What? ◦ Explore the seeding opportunity of mobile applications in some devices or chipsets ◦ The discovery which is the main issue would be solved  Why? ◦ To ride on the wave of some device popularity ◦ To target a section of market which are online but don’t have smart phone ◦ To drive usage along with discovery  How? ◦ Tie up with chipset companies like MediaTek ◦ Tie up with device for bundling like Spice or Micromax or Kaboom Click for MORE
  8. 8. Alliance with Enablers  What ? ◦ Enablers  Payment Gateways or mobile payments: Example Oxicash or banking payment gateways to Maximise the conversion from Sales from system POV to cash collection  Rating agencies :To profile customer based on their credit ratings  Predictive engines:To identify the probable customer or next purchase- deployed on mobile and desktop internet  Link up with Device Address Book(for mobile app) : [S7]  Product videos , image recognitions ( Snaptell, Slyce,Amazon’s Flow) , mobipocket (Amazon acqd)  Why? ◦ These assist in Sales  How ? ◦ Using their public or private API’s –Vendor selection Click for MORE
  9. 9. Emerging hooks  Alliance with Hike ◦ Use “location” ,“community buying” ,“ telecom billing “ ,“ customer profiling “ advantage ◦ Compare OTT market in India with  New and looking for alliance : Mxit  Active user base : WeChat, Line, ChatOn, Nimbuzz, Skype  $/ customer , demographics  Twitter synergy ◦ Twitter looking for moving into E-commerce as well – exploratory – need to check the responsibilities across ◦ Who would be handling the collection of money from customer ◦ Exclusivity  Tapping the emotion of “gifting” ◦ Tie up with Remittance – click to gift ◦ Tie up with Skype ◦ Tie up with “Giftlease” or similar players  Ally up with “Internet.org” (and related) ◦ Riding on the wave of mobile first internet users ◦ Getting to share the tools, knowledge and best practices ◦ Relationships with FB, Opera, Samsung, MediaTek/Qualcomm, Ericsson
  10. 10. Promotions on other channels All ATLs promotions should have call to action (On Neilsen’s report on kind of advertisement which would draw maximum conversion ) ◦ Television #Secondscreenusage ◦ Retail #Roadshows #targeted #calltoaction ◦ Advertising agencies/ mobile Platforms
  11. 11. Low Focus channels  FM Radio  Emailer’s  Offline medium : Example hoardings
  12. 12. Essentially- this should be the Customer view MOBILE VIRAL Winning the Customer
  13. 13. Appendix
  14. 14. Customer Segment: Desktop / PC  Objective: Discovery + Acquisition+ Usage + hook to bring them to mobile  Channels/Touch Points/Discovery ◦ The landing page when one gets connected to Internet – tie up with Tata Photon, MTS,Airtel , Wifi pages ( connect with NPD at Reliance Jio) ◦ Apps on dongle (example Airtel 4G) App store ◦ Desktop/Notebook OS :App ( create offline version as well): Get a PR ◦ Devices : example HP has snapfish in favourite by default . Similar strategy for E-commerce has to be worked out ◦ Devices: Create apps like shopping cart pre-installed ◦ Relevant digital properties – tie up with IRCTC ?Tie up with Banks website ex ; ICICI ? ◦ Be the shopping unit for Live.com orYahoo  Priority  Once on landing page – how do you acquire customers ◦ Use FB/Google API for registration ◦ Use mobile number  Once registered how do you engage ◦ Updates on apps ( dongles, desktop OS ) ◦ Buy versus Build: Read their shopping cart app , tell them what their network has just bought , tell them about their fried who has just joined, community discount if possible (Amazon acquired a company on this - Shoptree does something similar ) ◦ Evolve them to go mobile on their chosen channel RETURN
  15. 15. Telecom - Alliance  Operator WAP and APP store ◦ Immediate:Vodafone ( can use location APIs too) ,Airtel, Idea – later- Tata Tele,Aircel  Retail stores ◦ Distribute vouchers ( for registration) at select stores – operator or 3rd party offline stores  Select devices available only on E-commerce – both a high end and low end example Samsung’s wearable , Micromax / xolo and now HP (looking for partners)  Default search button on some mobile devices ***  Operator short codes ( USSD , SMS, IVR) ◦ For non data population – try for getting similar short codes ◦ Revenue share with operator ( not for the merchandise bought but only for discovery and initiation of transaction or making it viral*)  Operator SIM tool kit (WOW inTTSL)  Relationship with Opera : for Feature phones: preinstall opera app or put in favourites or search engine  Shop more – Talk more : example T24 – with Operators / MVNO’s  Integrate with Billing engines – example M-carbon – across operators. Use their mobile spread and billing – and bring synergy  Make browsing on E-commerce – free for some MB’s or hour or days **– Rcom would like this
  16. 16. Enablers  Create E-commerceWallet ◦ Example IRCTC  Snaptell ◦ Click an image to discover and buy – bring customers from physical retail stores to Snap Deal  Video Streaming – look and feel of product  Post Office tie ups – for delivery and promotions
  17. 17. Detailing out tie up with Nokia Life Store  Why ? ◦ Attract the segment who are on feature phone and who use or don’t use data ( serve the products accordingly) ◦ In Nokia Browsers – target geographies like Kerala who use the browser to maximum ◦ Target rural population who are using mobile as the medium to access internet- drive sales in tier2,3 cities and rural  How ? ◦ Alliance – Nokia E-commerce market place – use location, customer information, address book linkup to cross-sell, up-sell and make it viral