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Mother sauces :The five French main sauces

  1. Mother sauces
  2. Bachamel Sauce • Commonly known as white sauce. • Made with one part of white roux and 10 part of parts of milk. Do you know..? Bachamel sauce is first made by Louise de behcamel, Chief steward of king Louise XIV .
  3. Derivatives of Bachamel Sauce • Aurora sauce; bechamel with tomato sauce. • Mornay sauce; bechamel with egg yolk and grated cheese. • Nantua sauce; bechamel with cream and crab meat.
  4. Veloute – Blond Sauce • The term veloute is the French word for velvet . • A light stock such as chicken or fish stock , is thickened with blonde roux . • Seasoning mainly are : salt and pepper Do you know…? A roux is a stable mixture(an emulsion)of fat & water held together by an emulsifier such as starch. Use the ratio 1:1 = 1 cup liquid (stock) per 1 ounce of roux
  5. • Bercy Sauce = shallots + white wine + lemon juice and parsley . • Normande sauce = cream + butter + egg yolk . • Allemande Sauce = lemon juice + egg yolk + cream. Derivatives of Veloute Sauce
  6. Espagnole – Brown sauce • Espagnole has a strong taste , and is rarely used directly on food. • It is the starting point for a rich and deeply flavourfull sauce called demi glaze . • Traditionally served with red meat. Do you know..? To make Espagnole Sauce only roasted bones are used in stock. Ratio is 1:1 equal quantity of brown stock & brown roux
  7. Derivatives of Espagnole sauce • Bordelaise sauce : Espagnole sauce + red wine + shallots and herbs. • Lyonnaise sauce : Espagnole sauce + chopped onions + parsley + white wine • Mushroom Sauce : Espagnole sauce and mushroom.
  8. Hollandaise – Butter sauce • Hollandaise sauce is an emulsion of butter and lemon juice. Egg yolk are used as the emulsifying agent. • Usually seasoned with salt and cayenne pepper. Do you know..? The author of very influential cookbooks in early 16th & 17th century Pierre de la Varenne is the inventer of Hollandiase sauce.
  9. Derivatives of Hollandaise sauce • Sauce musseline : Hollandaise + whipped cream. • Sauce dijon : Hollandaise+ dijon mustard • Sauce Maltaise : Hollandaise + orange zest + orange juice.
  10. Mayonnaise sauce • Mayonnaise is a thick sauce made primarily from vegetable oil and egg yolks. • Whitish-yellow in color, it is a stable emulsion formed from the oil and yolks and is generally flavored with salt, pepper, vinegar and/or lemon juice, and frequently mustard. • Do not come under mother sauce but most used and popular . Do you know .. ? In one egg yolk we can incorporate approx 800 ml of oil when beating it continuously and properly
  11. Tomato sauce • A mixture of onion + garlic + tomatoes. • More commonly associated with Italian cuisine . • French recipe include concasse , pork , vegetable thickened with roux Do you know …? Traditionally even tomatoes are cooked with roux in French style but Italian skipped the roux and their preparation became famous.
  12. Derivatives of Tomato Sauce • Bolognese : Mire poix + Ground meat+ Red wine + oregano • Neapolitan : Garlic + olives + anchovy + capers • Craole : onion + celery + garlic + pepper + thyme
  13. • Which two mother sauce do not use roux ? • A rich cream sauce made from cream and a roux, with an onion pique ___________ . • Is a traditional French culinary technique where a chef attaches one or more bay leaves to an onion by pushing whole cloves through the leaves into the onion ____________. • Which sauce is the base of Bercy sauce? Question Time
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