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Offline learning

Online Teaching vs Offline Learning. Help students to do offline learning by providing lecture video with sketching demonstration using a smartphone.

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Offline learning

  1. 1. ..OFFLINE learning.. Dr. Suhailan Safei suhailan@unisza.edu.my Division of Education Innovation, Center for Management of Academic Excellence and Innovation (CoMAE-i) School of Information Technology, Faculty of Informatics & Computing 1130am 12 April 2020 https://unisza.webex.com/join/suhailan
  2. 2. ONLINE TEACHING…. online learning ??????? ??????? Teacher’s perspective - Done lecture and sylabus completed. Student’s perspective - Cannot understand most of the lecture.. - Why.. See next slide
  3. 3. Online learning constraints... Ala padang doh, petang ni meeting pulok, dokumen dok siap lagi Some of student’s problem while online teaching...
  4. 4. Online learning constraints... While online teaching... Not many ask question because i. students think they will interrupt the lecturer’s time? ii. silly questions? iii. line not clear? iv. already lost since first lecture?
  5. 5. Online learning constraints... https://www.youtube.com/ In student’s home, there is - low internet connectivity - No internet at all
  6. 6. OFFLINE learningg … personalized learning … anywhere anytime…. self-learning … synchronous digital resources... 2/3 of student learning time is on SELF-LEARNING Student learns best WHEN ???? - No other jobs to do? - No pressure? - Alone, no disturbance? - In the night, after tahajjud maybe?
  7. 7. OFFLINE learningg … personalized learning … anywhere anytime…. self-learning … synchronous digital resources... Offline learning is when student can learn anywhere, anytime at their own environment. They can do revision and reading repeatedly without to bother other’s time. What teacher needs to do, is just give them the materials to do OFFLINE LEARNING. They can go out for a while to download all the materials, then back to their workplace to continue the learning.
  8. 8. OFFLINE TIPS Usage Tips Pdf Reading long paragraph / facts Keyword search Split pdf into topics/subtopics to make easier for learners to schedule the study Slides Point-based facts Steps by steps tutorial Don’t put too many text / paragraph Use animation to set learning focus/attention Excel Demonstrate Calculation Simulation Supporting tools for assisting calculation progress/steps Video Explain/demonstrate facts/tutorial using voice, video and picture. Maximum length is 10 minutes (easier to search, minimize the size, avoid boring). Don’t make video on something that a student can easily read by themselves using slides/pdf. In this case, just provide the slides/pdf to the student.
  9. 9. PREPARING A STUDIO TO RECORD LECTURE [Smartphone] 1. IP Webcam app - Use phone camera to record sketch activity [Laptop + Web Cam + Microphone] 1. Powerpoint slides - Your teaching materials 1. FlashBack Express - Recording your slides + computer screen 1. Browser (Chrome) - Recording your A4 sketch or drawing lecture Built in webcam+mic
  11. 11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0XHDfkSajI
  12. 12. ©suhailan™
  13. 13. IP Webcam - Record video using smartphone In order to enable showing your phone camera to the laptop, install this app.
  14. 14. IP Webcam - Record video using smartphone Open browser at your laptop and type this URL.
  15. 15. DEMONSTRATION Screen Recorder using + A4 White Board Recorder using