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Connects Networking Stoke October 2015 - 9 Guaranteed Steps To Fail At Business Networking


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Connects Networking Stoke October 2015 - 9 Guaranteed Steps To Fail At Business Networking

  1. 1. 9 Guaranteed Steps To FAIL At Business Networking www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking
  2. 2. “Networking done well is consistently the best marketing tool all business can use to boost sales, opportunities and profits. ! Do it badly and it can kill!” www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking
  3. 3. www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking
  4. 4. What You Will See www.conspicuous-cbm.com • Who am I? • Introduction • Why Networking? • 9 Steps To FAIL at Networking! • Final Thoughts Helping You Love Networking
  5. 5. Who Am I? www.conspicuous-cbm.com • Chartered Accountant • Social Media Addict • + outside interests... • Corporate Stooge • Referral Marketing Specialist Helping You Love Networking
  6. 6. www.conspicuous-cbm.com • Social media junkie - Twitter, Google+, Instagram • Blogging Junkie & now published author • LinkedIn Fan - 40 posts, 2600+ connections, 100+ recommendations, 100s Endorsements • Most successful RD in BforB history • Helped hundreds of new business / start-ups / established businesses • Friend of other networking gurus including Rob! I Am Not Rob Brown! But…
  7. 7. Introduction www.conspicuous-cbm.com • Fact - Networking brings you a stream of new contacts to make you more successful & profitable • Fact - Networking help you better understand your customers and marketplace whilst testing your message and its effectiveness. • Fact - But we all make mistakes Networking! ! So what can you do to maximize your networking return by avoiding these mistakes or failures? Helping You Love Networking
  8. 8. Why Networking? www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking
  9. 9. www.conspicuous-cbm.com Networking Referral Marketing Reputation Building + Social Media 4 Things You Must Do! Helping You Love Networking
  10. 10. www.conspicuous-cbm.com 4 Words! Hard Work Discipline Perseverance + A Plan! Helping You Love Networking
  11. 11. www.conspicuous-cbm.com The 9 Steps To Failure! • Which ones you have tripped-up over in the past?! • Which ones have cost you business?! • How are you going to avoid these errors in the future? Helping You Love Networking
  12. 12. 8 Things We Won't Be Talking About Today! www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking
  13. 13. www.conspicuous-cbm.com Behaviour Smiling Humour Turning-Up Time keeping Dress Social media Follow-Up Helping You Love Networking
  14. 14. www.conspicuous-cbm.com The 9 Failures Not Listening Sell Sell Selling Deadly Dull Pitches Going For The Quick Fix Prejudging People Not Taking the Limelight Being A 1-hit Wonder Not Talking Up The Benefits No Clear Objective ++++++
  15. 15. STEP 1 - Not listening www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking
  16. 16. www.conspicuous-cbm.com • One of the most important skills to have. • Not about hearing what is said - it is understanding what people really mean. • Real listening requires your complete focus and attention. • What are people really looking to achieve? • What is really important to them about their business, job, personal ambition, and family? • People don't listen because they are too busy focusing on what they want to say next in a conversation. • 2 choices - be an interesting person or an interested person. You decide! • We are all at networking meetings to sell “ourselves”, but if we don't connect emotionally people will run a mile in the other direction - so LISTEN!
  17. 17. STEP 2 - Sell, Sell, Selling! www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking
  18. 18. www.conspicuous-cbm.com • Business Networking is not about sell, sell, sell. • The aggressive nightmares are easy to spot! • The question is, areYOU ever guilty of talking when you should be listening? • Top networkers know how & do follow up + keep in regular contact. • The people you meet at business networking are equals - they do not want to be sold to and definitely do not want to be treated as prospects • Your objective is to build rapport and turn them into advocates of your business - they may become customers or clients in time!
  19. 19. STEP 3 - Deadly dull pitches www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking
  20. 20. www.conspicuous-cbm.com • Business Networking is not about telling the whole story of your business. • Brighten your 60 seconds up with humour, a picture or an interesting statistic. • The point of the pitch is to stimulate people's curiosity. • Today we're all overloaded with too much information - even worse at a Business Networking event. • Give people as much information as they need at a later point. • So do people a favour - FAVOUR simplicity over detail.
  21. 21. STEP 4 - Going for the quick fix www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking
  22. 22. www.conspicuous-cbm.com • Business Networking is NOT where a sale occurs each time you network. • If everyone thought otherwise, who would we sell to - the catering staff?! • Networking is all about building relationships. • People can make great connections the first time they attend a Business Networking event but it is not something that you should expect. • Real gold is in the long-term mutual beneficial relationships you form. • You never know where where one conversation that you have in January could lead - don't be surprised if it's made you thousands by the end of December.
  23. 23. STEP 5 - Prejudging people www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking
  24. 24. www.conspicuous-cbm.com • Some of the best referrals we see - come from people who we think cannot help us or anybody else! • You cannot afford to prejudge people • You simply do not know who they know or who they can connect you to. • The saying is, never judge a book by its cover, but many of us do. • Give people time and your attention by getting to know them via 121s. • The flipside is that all that glitters is not gold, be open-minded and don't rush into all relationships.
  25. 25. STEP 6 - Not taking the Limelight www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking
  26. 26. www.conspicuous-cbm.com • Presenting - Public speaking scares many people witless: • Grab any opportunity to present to get your message across & grow your reputation. • Confident speakers? They learnt this confidence by practicing. They too were once scared! • Talking to strangers - Normal to feel apprehensive: • In business, talking to complete strangers is only way to generate interest and contacts for your business. • Only talk to the people you already know and deal with? You’re missing out on big opportunities! • Set targets before you attend any networking event. Decide how many new contacts you want to make etc • Make it fun and get out of your comfort zone with practice and determination. • What was I worried about....
  27. 27. STEP 7 - Being a 1-hit Wonder www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking
  28. 28. www.conspicuous-cbm.com • You will get great results if you go back and get to know the other members. • You never know what JV or referrals will result from the trust that grows out of regularly attending a networking group. • Don't be a deal chaser in networking. Cannot afford to have an attitude of What's in it for me. Replace this with the mantra - How can I help you or How can I serve. Make a positive impact on someone's day! • Effective networkers take a farming approach. They focus on cultivating relationships for mutual long term benefit and they definitely do not chase deals or instant sales. • You may attend a networking forum and do business initially (The Law Of Recency) but referral's work best if you develop a long term know like and trust strategy with the people you meet.
  29. 29. STEP 8 - Not talking up the benefits www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking
  30. 30. www.conspicuous-cbm.com • Talk about the benefits you deliver to your clients, suppliers and contacts. • Talk enthusiastically. • What is unique about you? How do you deliver more value than others in your sector? • Don’t fall into the trap of saying that it is your service or quality of your product that differentiates you. This is far too common and generic. • Everything you say should be relevant to the needs of the other people in the room.
  31. 31. STEP 9 - No Clear Objective www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking
  32. 32. www.conspicuous-cbm.com • Want quality business?Your objective MUST be to build relationships on the following 3 criteria: know, like and trust. • *Know - getting to know your contact first is vital. Get the conversation going by asking open-ended questions in which the person cannot easily answer yes or no! • *Like- this is all about building rapport and getting on well. • *Trust - mutual beneficial business relationships must be built on trust as it is your reputation - there must be no hidden agendas. • DO: Have a plan for what customers or businesses you want to meet or be referred into. • Other people can't guess what you want! • Worse still they will waste your time with the wrong referrals if you are not CLEAR, PRECISE & FOCUSED on what your top targets are. • Let people know who you want to be referred to specifically, NEVER say anybody or everybody. You will usually get referred to nobody ! • Nothing screams professionalism and "refer me with confidence" than having that laser-like focus on your referral targets.
  33. 33. Final Thoughts www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking
  34. 34. www.conspicuous-cbm.com •Networking is a marketing tool. •Not just an event that you go to! •Good for business and fun too! •Follow up without hesitation. •Observe others’ successes & failures. •Don't be afraid of making mistakes. •There's always next time.... Helping You Love Networking
  35. 35. www.conspicuous-cbm.com 3 Final Actions Helping You Love Networking
  36. 36. www.conspicuous-cbm.com 1-2-1s Helping You Love Networking
  37. 37. www.conspicuous-cbm.com Social Media Challenge Helping You Love Networking
  38. 38. www.conspicuous-cbm.com https://wtdesigns.leadpages.net/refer-refer-refer-by-stuart-walton/ Refer, Refer, Refer Helping You Love Networking
  39. 39. Contact Us www.conspicuous-cbm.com Phone - 01785 244481 or 07706 171851 Email - stuart@conspicuous-cbm.com Blog - www.conspicuous-cbm.com LinkedIn - uk.linkedin.com/in/stuartwalton/ ! LinkedIn - ConspicuousCBM Facebook - ConspicuousCBM Google+ - Conspicuous CBM ltd Slideshare - Stuart Walton Instagram - ConspicuousCBM Flickr - BNRMStaffordshire YouTube - Conspicuous CBM ltd Vimeo - ConspicuousCBM Tumblr - ConspicuousCBM Pinterest - ConspicuousCBM Scribd - ConspicuousCBM Twitter - @conspicuouscbm Helping You Love Networking
  40. 40. www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking
  41. 41. THANK YOU www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking
  42. 42. QUESTIONS www.conspicuous-cbm.com Helping You Love Networking