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4.1 neuromuscular function carter

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IB SEHS - not created by me

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4.1 neuromuscular function carter

  1. 1. Neuromuscular Function Disclaimer – Mrs. Rowe did NOT create this – but I am sharing it.
  2. 2. Movement Analysis
  3. 3. Neuromuscular Function: I. The Motor Unit:
  4. 4. II. The Structure of Muscle Tissue:
  5. 5. III. The Role of Neurotransmitters in stimulating skeletal muscle contraction: A. Acetylcholine (Ach): increases the post- synaptic membrane’s permeability to sodium and potassium ions spreading the impulse over the entire muscle fiber.
  6. 6. B. Cholinesterase: enzyme that breaks down Ach repolarizing the muscle fiber to await another nerve impulse.
  7. 7. IV. Skeletal Muscle Contraction:
  8. 8. A. The sliding filament theory: Steps of a muscle contraction: *Ca++ are released by the sarcoplasmic reticulum. *Ca++ binds to troponin preventing the blocking action of tropomyosin.
  9. 9. Sliding filament cont. *myosin heads can now attach to active sites on the actin filament. *myosin heads pulls on the actin filament, decreasing the width of the sarcomere. *myosin head releases the actin when a new ATP is
  10. 10. V. Types of Muscle Fibers: A. Slow Twitch: (type 1) *smaller in diameter *reddish color *use aerobic resp. for ATP supply *contain more mitochondria *fire slowly, but take long to fatigue.
  11. 11. B. Fast Twitch: used for short explosive movements, stop and go sports. Type IIA: *large diameter *white in color *less mitochondria *uses both anaerobic and aerobic energy transfer Type IIB: *same physical characteristics as Type IIA, but strictly uses the glycolytic anaerobic system.