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Learning and development for corporates- cutting edge themes

Find out what is hot and cutting edge in corporate training and capacity building for large corporates.

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Learning and development for corporates- cutting edge themes

  1. 1. Cutting edge Learning & Development themes for corporates v1.7.0 June 2019 Stratbeans Knowledge Network Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 1
  2. 2. Cutting Edge L&D Themes 1 Computer vision 2 Sentiment Analysis 3 Image recognition 4 Voice Search Optimization (VSO) 5 XR—augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality 6- Five G 7- Data Lakes Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 2
  3. 3. 1 Computer Vision in L&D Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 3
  4. 4. What is Computer vision? • Computer vision identifies and process images scanned from the environment • Thus robots can “look around” and identify obstacles to safely navigate • It’s a key component of autonomous vehicles • Computer vision capability enables algorithms which process 2-D images, to understand what the image depicts—and constructs a 3-D image Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 4
  5. 5. Computer Vision For Attention L&D Paradigm • In L&D computer vision has great impact: • Tools can track learners’ eye gaze and tell in real-time on what learners are doing, essentially nail down their attention zone • L&D teams use this data to improve eLearning experience in real time. Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 5
  6. 6. Computer Vision For Identification L&D Paradigm • With Computer vision recognizing and authenticating learners allows individualized access to information or training • This opens the door for cheating free online assessments • Safety tools use computer vision to guide vehicles and machinery and to scan codes to track movement of equipment or goods through a production facility or count items and monitor volume Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 6
  7. 7. 2 Sentiment Analysis in L&D Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 7
  8. 8. What are sentiment and emotion ansalysis? • Sentiment analysis usess natural language processing (NLP) to scan text and analyses terms and phrases categorized as positive, negative, or neutral • Emotion recognition algorithms perform similar tasks using images, rather than text. The images can be static pictures or real time scans of learner’s face Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 8
  9. 9. Sentiment analysis in L&D Paradigm Elearnings were devoid of human touch so far, when compared with classroom training, but that is set to change as we use AI based sentiment analysis Sentiment and emotion detection technologies are already used to monitor customer satisfaction in marketing and sales In L&D sentiment and emotional analysis tool scans learner feedback on eLearning or face-to-face training, making possible to quickly correct engagement issues in L&D it factors mood and motivation of learners while they go through eLearning Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 9
  10. 10. Sentiment analysis in L&D Paradigm Correlating sentiment and emotion data with training events and with performance provides rich insight to instructional designers(ID) and eLearning developers. They know with high certainty how effective training was and how the learners responded Matching positive and negative reactions with demographics like age or job role, helps in targeting training in preferred formats or on more relevant topics This unravels useful direct metrics of business strategy such as L&D’s impact on sales or production efficiency Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 10
  11. 11. 3 Image Recognition in L&D Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 11
  12. 12. Image recognition in L&D Paradigm • Image recognition is also a key element of OCR, optical character recognition. • Performance support tools pair computer vision with image recognition to identify parts to assist employees in ordering or repairing actions Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 12
  13. 13. Image recognition for Enhanced Search and Sort in L&D Paradigm • Search and sorting function, relying on image and text recognition, are essential to curation of online content or organization of a library of performance support tools. • Together, these technologies automate analysis, categorization, and delivery of personalized or targeted information to learners as they need it. Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 13
  14. 14. Contextual Help & Virtual Assistants • The apps can imagine a virtual assistant that matches up a scanned image with a catalog, instructions for repair, or explanatory text and diagrams in a factory setting. • Apps based on image or facial recognition are coming up in eLearning and performance support.. They use trained algorithms and machine learning skills to identify what’s in an image. Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 14
  15. 15. 4 Voice Search Optimisation Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 15
  16. 16. What it is Voice Search Optimisation? • Soon, you will ask your virtual assistant to help you find information online as you are to type in a query. • Voice search allows users to browse information, whether the contacts on their phone or the entire internet, simply by making a request. • Busy people like voice searching because: • It’s hands- free. • It enables multitasking. • It provides quick, concise answers. • Most people can ask a question out loud faster than they can type it. Virtual assistants conduct a growing share of searches via smartphones and digital speakers—changing the way we all search and the way information will need to be organized. That’s why voice search optimization (VSO) is on the radar for forward-thinking businesses. Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 16
  17. 17. VSO in L&D Voice search optimization has created an new way to solve problems Rather than typing, one can speak out and get an answer. This answer is less disruptive of flow, and therefore less intrusive of work These are important goals for L&D solutions, we’re already seeing applications of Alexa-like devices by proactive L&D departments Tools like Alexa and Siri are doing more than providing answers to questions; they are driving a powerful change in how we interact with technology As the technologies usage continues to rise, more and more computer usage is shifting to voice-driven experiences L&D professionals must follow this trend in consumer behaviors, they can set the expectations for voice-operated technologies today Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 17
  18. 18. 5 Xtended Reality Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 18
  19. 19. What is Extended Reality • XR, or “extended reality,” is an umbrella term that encompasses any computer generated environment that merges virtual and physical worlds, enhances the physical world, or pulls participants into an immersive virtual world. This includes: Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 19
  20. 20. XR Components Virtual reality (VR): Fully immersive virtual environments that participants enter using dedicated gear, including headsets. VR experience creates a sense of “presence”—experiencing virtual environment as if it is real. Augmented reality (AR): Computer-generated enhancements to the physical world Puts a layer of virtual objects or information displays on top of the physical world. AR can feature text, video, audio, and 3D virtual objects. Mixed reality (MR): Blend of real and virtual worlds that allows physical and virtual elements, including avatars and human participants, to interact. In an MR environment, participants can manipulate virtual objects that appear to be in their physical spaces. Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 20
  21. 21. XR for L&D • VR, is ahead in adoption compared to AR and presents • VR is not likely to replaces other methods of training but its value is in solving problems which can not be handled otherwise • VR offers powerful safe place for practice when the costs of failure are high, specially in manufacturing and in hazardous environments • AR has broader potential applications in the long term and supports a number of innovations in L&D, including performance support and workflow learning • To understand transformative power of AR, L&D professionals are moving beyond smartphone -based applications to headset products • Power of AR for learning and performance manifests in best possible applications Via hands- free usage AR VR ADOPTION LOW HI POTENTIAL HI LOW Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 21
  22. 22. 6- Five G in L&D Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 22
  23. 23. What is 5 G? • As An emerging mobile telecommunications standard, 5G promises faster connections with lower latency— with less lag time between requesting and receiving information. • Early 5G networks are active in South Korea, Japan, and, to a lesser extent, the US • 5G will meet needs for connection and transmission as billions of appliances, sensors, gadgets, and vehicles join the “Internet of Things.” • Businesses should prepare for the impact and potential of 5G and an era of greater network connectivity, including understanding its risks and vulnerabilities. Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 23
  24. 24. Why L&D needs to be ready for 5 G • Expanded networks will remove limitations of bandwidth, a significant challenges that constrains the options L&D has available • The bigger impact will be how these new networks impact the organizations. • This will transform many industries, creating entirely new learning and support needs. • 5G will greatly impact the world of L&D, through change in the work environment. Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 24
  25. 25. 7 Data Technologies in L&D Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 25
  26. 26. What is Data Technologies It’s ridiculously easy to collect, track, analyze, use—and abuse—vast amounts of data. The way workplaces use the data they collect on employees and customers affects hiring and on-boarding, training, personnel decisions, and marketing decisions. Paired with AI-powered tools, data analysis offers insight into what customers want, which employees are superstars and who needs mentoring, emerging trends, and how to use consumer and employee behavior to further business goals. But collecting and using data raises issues of privacy and security. How much personal data businesses should have on their employees or customers and how those data are best used, stored, and protected are key questions whose answers are constantly evolving. Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 26
  27. 27. Data Technologies in L&D • Experience API (xAPI) is most visible examples of Data and analytics within L&D • Data technologies depend on what data we track and how we capture it • And finally, how we raise effectiveness via data, which is a key driver not just of L&D, but of businesses as well. • As we collect and analyze more data, we develop data intelligence that can shape our decisions. Many organizations are improving data-driven business intelligence • L&D professionals need to improve their data and analytics knowledge and skills; to develop understanding of shifts within the business environment they will need to support. Stratbeans Consulting Pvt Ltd 27
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