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Storiad how storiad helps authors sell books

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Storiad is a Provide a Platform company serving the bookselling industry. Our subscription-based software & database solutions allow authors to go about the business of selling books without worrying about their bookselling infrastructure.

All from a single, integrated platform.

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Storiad how storiad helps authors sell books

  1. 1. How Storiad Helps Authors Sell Books © 2017 Storiad, Inc. storiad.com @storiad
  2. 2. 2 Storiad is a Provide a Platform company serving the bookselling industry. Our subscription-based software & database solutions allow authors to go about the business of selling books without worrying about their bookselling infrastructure. All from a single, integrated platform. Meet Storiad An Introduction
  3. 3. 3 Intellectual Property – Patent Pending System and Method for Digital Bookselling Campaigns Development Storiad’s approach to the business of digital bookselling is novel. We take the technologies authors are familiar with, tweak them, and combine them on one platform for more efficient, powerful, and affordable bookselling solutions.
  4. 4. Crazy Amount of Competition 850,000+ new titles introduced into the US book market every year, selling an average 250 units/title 4 Here’s the Problem Selling Books Sucks Too Expensive Lack of affordable book marketing options Frustration Poor market awareness = poor book sales Poor Support Options 95%+ of authors responsible for own book marketing
  5. 5. 5 Here’s the Solution Smart Bookselling Tools. Powerful Bookselling Campaigns. A Three Step Process. Choose Authors choose their digital platform elements from the options below: Build Authors use those elements to build customized digital bookselling campaigns Manage Authors run & manage affordable, long-lasting digital bookselling campaigns Planning Networking Marketing Research Messaging SocialVideo Guidelines ResourcesTracking
  6. 6. Get Organized Build Software Platforms Conduct Market Research Build Outreach Platforms Reach Readers à Sell Books Track Resources Storiad Campaign Development Process Patent Pending Our Planning Platform is a drag-and-drop system to collect, organize, & manage campaign-related information and assets Our Author Networking Platform is a LinkedIn-inspired, bookselling- oriented social networking service Our ePressKit™ is an SaaS marketing platform serving as the focal point of every digital campaign Our Book Industry Contacts Database is a DbaaS w/ 22,000+ records Similar to MailChimp, authors customize their messaging campaigns, send emails, and track results Our Virtual Author Event Platform is a Webinar-based platform for live author- reader events Similar to Hootsuite, authors control their various social profiles within the context of their Storiad bookselling campaign Customizable data visualizations Our step-by-step networking, research, and marketing guidelines make it easy to run effective bookselling campaigns Find & post answers to bookselling- related issues How Storiad Works The Process from A à Z 6
  7. 7. 7 Campaign Management & Networking Platforms Now Available Familiar Software Solutions The Storiad network is inspired by LinkedIn™. Our goal is to give authors complete control of all their bookselling activities from a central location: their networking platform. Here’s how authors use Storiad to manage their bookselling activities:   ①  Networking: Create a comprehensive professional profile that includes background information, contact preferences, a Portfolio of available works, & more. ②  Research: Conduct market research using Storiad industry contacts database of 22,000+ records. ③  Marketing: Customize up to 40 ePressKits™, Storiad’s digital press kits. ④  Messaging: Use research results & ePressKits™ to customize messaging, send emails, & track results. ⑤  Video: Use the Virtual Author Events to connect with readers in real time. ⑥  Social: Manage social profiles (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) within the context of the bookselling campaign. ⑦  Tracking: Manage customizable data visualizations for smarter budgeting and campaign decisions. ⑧  Guidelines: Use step-by-step networking, research, and marketing guidelines to run consistent and effective bookselling campaigns. Visit storiad.com to see the Networking Platform in action
  8. 8. 8 Research Platform Now Available Every successful bookselling campaign identifies the target audiences for the book, then finds those people and groups most likely to be interested in reading, reviewing, recommending, and/or buying the book. Storiad scours the Interwebs for those people & groups in the business of reading, reviewing, recommending and/or buying books. Our database has over 24,000 records of these people & groups. From book reviewers to bookstores to book clubs to radio stations, the Storiad Research Platform makes it easier for authors to find & connect with people who can help their books get noticed and sold. Save Time. Save Money Identifying & cataloguing 24,000+ people and groups in the book reading, reviewing, recommending and/or buying business is a time- intensive process. Storiad has already done it. Here’s how authors use Storiad to research their target audiences:   ①  Identify the target audiences for the book ②  Search the Storiad database for those people and groups most likely to be interested in reading, reviewing, recommending, and/or buying the book ③  Save, organize and integrate results into targeted marketing messaging Visit storiad.com to see the Research Platform in action
  9. 9. 9 Marketing Platform Now Available   Forty Customizable Press Kits The Storiad ePressKit™ (ePK) is the traditional media Press Kit made smarter and affordable. Like everything digital, the ePK is 100% customizable, so each group group can get different messages - add different words, images, videos, downloads, surveys, and any other element for each target audience group. Since each ePK has its own unique URL, authors are in control of the distribution.     Here’s how authors use Storiad to market their books:   ①  Create an ePressKit™ for each target audience group identified through research ②  Customize the message of each ePK with appropriate content – create up to forty unique URLs ③  Send and track ePKs Now that target markets have been identified, the Storiad database searched, and the results organized, it is time to start making target audiences aware of the book. Storiad makes this book marketing requirement smarter and more affordable.   The guiding principle behind the Storiad Marketing Platform is that different target audiences need different marketing pitches. A “one- size-fits-all” marketing solution doesn’t work. To help authors tailor their book marketing messages, we offer them up to forty Storiad ePressKits™. Add the text, images, videos, downloads, reviews, buying links, and surveys that will help readers make an informed decision.     Visit storiad.com to see the Marketing Platform in action
  10. 10. 10 Messaging Platform Coming in August 2017   Smarter Messaging þ  Research completed & mailing list set. þ  ePressKits™ designed & customized þ  Messaging templates created þ  Messages auto-populated þ  Messages sent & tracked *All from one place*     Here’s how authors use Storiad to message their target audiences: ①  Create audience-specific messaging templates ②  Populate templates with information from saved research ③  Attach ePressKit™ to customized message ④  Send individual emails ⑤  Track effectiveness of each messaging campaign – open rate, click- thru rate, response rate With research completed, the next step is to start contacting those people and groups identified in the research.   Comparable to MailChimp™, the Storiad Messaging Platform makes it easy integrate the results of the research into customized email templates for a more personalized, effective messaging approach. No impersonal spamminess here!    
  11. 11. 11 Statistical Visualization Platform Coming in August 2017 Here are some of the questions authors can answer by entering their book-specific inputs into the Scenario Planning Calculators:   ①  How many books can I expect to sell? ②  How much can I expect to earn from my book? ③  What are my customer/reader acquisition costs? ④  How much should I spend on marketing?    Here’s how authors use Storiad to manage the statistics of bookselling: ①  Enter inputs into statistical calculators ②  Compare outcomes with various input levels ③  Make more informed business decisions The economics of bookselling is a crucial one to understand and control. It goes without saying that to make money selling books, authors have to spend money smartly to make people aware of the book.   Through a series of interactive “Scenario Planning Calculators”, Storiad helps authors visualize the answers to crucial questions regarding their bookselling campaign. Every campaign is unique, with fixed and variable inputs that need to be understood and managed for sustainable and profitable digital bookselling campaigns.    
  12. 12. 12 Virtual Author Events Coming in December 2017 Some Benefits of Virtual Author Events:   ①  Build-up industry contacts ②  Promote book ③  Communicate with readers ④  Capture book sale leads ⑤  Keep marketing expenses low ⑥  Develop long-lived video marketing asset (recorded event)     Here’s how authors use Storiad to interact in real time wit their audiences: ①  Set the Webinar specifications and parameters – Date, time, length, level of audience participation, attachments, giveaways, surveys, etc. ②  Promote the Event to existing social media networks ③  Host and record the event ④  The recorded event can now be used for further marketing purposes Attending live author events at places like bookstores and conferences gets expensive, fast. The book sales gained from these events rarely exceed the expenses incurred. Replicating these live events with real time webinars is an affordable alternative. Not only can authors reach a much wider audience, they are in a position to collect valuable information about target audiences.   The Storiad Virtual Author Event Platform makes it easy for authors to set- up, promote, run, and archive live webinar events. 
  13. 13. 13 Social Media Management Platform Coming in December 2017 Some benefits of using a social media dashboard:   ①  Time management ②  Author-brand management ③  Schedule & auto-respond to posts ④  Find new paying readers ⑤  Engage existing fans ⑥  Track effectiveness of posts & marketing campaigns   Here’s how authors use Storiad to coordinate their social media activities: ①  Link social media accounts to their Storiad platform ②  Automate daily outreach activities (posting content, etc.) ③  Run social media marketing campaigns ④  Correspond with followers ⑤  Track and compare the effectiveness of the various communication and marketing campaigns The Storiad Social Media Management Platform makes it easy for authors to coordinate their bookselling messaging and reader interactions among their multiple social media accounts. Schedule tweets and posts, track the effectiveness of social media campaigns, and manage communications with followers, all from the Storiad dashboard.
  14. 14. 14 Digital Campaign Guidelines Platform Coming in December 2017 Some benefits of an integrated campaign strategy:   ①  A comprehensive & systematic approach to selling books smartly ②  No more start/stop/start, ad hoc bookselling campaigns ③  Track the effectiveness of each of the plans’ components ④  Quickly & easily edit campaign to reflect  lessons learned from the market   Here’s how authors use Storiad to run comprehensive digital bookselling campaigns: ①  Each set of guidelines – research, networking, marketing – provides step-by-step tasks for authors to perform and track ②  Authors can customize each of the guidelines to better match their unique bookselling strategy Now it’s time to put it all together. A successful digital marketing campaign develops integrated research/ networking/marketing/messaging plans. The Storiad Digital Campaign Guidelines Platform provides authors with step-by-step networking, research, and marketing guidelines to run seamless, systematic and trackable bookselling campaigns.
  15. 15. Thank You. © 2017 Storiad, Inc. For More Information Ramzi S. Hajj ramzi@storiad.com 626.676.4142 storiad.com