5 Steps to Create the "Extreme Focus" Habit

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So you want to be able to snap into focus and stay there for however long it’s needed. It would certainly take a lot of work, right?

What if I told you it could be achieved without having to constantly motivate yourself, but with just some work upfront?

Check out this deck to learn how.

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5 Steps to Create the "Extreme Focus" Habit

  1. Steps to Create the “Extreme Focus” Habit @habitsguy 5
  2. Bad focus habits are common: multitasking, being online 24/7, jumping from one thing to another.
  3. The ability to focus is a complex skill.
  4. But you can start with little routines that fit into your life, using the environment to make you do it, whether you 'feel like it' or not.
  5. 1 One little step at the time, but in a series By creating a series of little steps, which one by one get you to your goal.
  6. Habit Stacking – building a logical sequence of quick and easy routines, summarized in checklists, completed in less than 5 minutes and joined with other habits.
  7. 2 Pick your cue/trigger smartly Habits are formed in a self- reinforcing loop: Trigger RoutineReward
  8. When it comes to focus, environment-based cues most effective. The cue for the first routine is even more important, because the whole sequence depends on it.
  9. 3 Create an if-then plan Implementation intention can turbocharge your chances of succeeding at habit building.
  10. If (I see/hear/smell/feel or carry out an action-based cue), then I’m going to (carry out my new behavior). If I open my laptop to study/work, then I close down my Internet browser and disable the Wi-Fi.
  11. 4 Design a checklist Create a checklist – don’t trust your memory. Put your checklist somewhere visible.
  12. Every time you go through your routine, check the steps off in your head, aloud, or physically crossing or ticking them off as you go.
  13. 5 Practice, practice, practice Repetitions strengthen the habit loop. The more your practice, the easier it gets.
  14. Don’t forget to reward yourself. Rewards are key in forming the habit – they reinforce the loop.
  15. About the Author Joanna Jast is an entrepreneur, blogger, and author. Read the full article
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