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Playing Games with Your Career

Uh oh. I was asked to give career advice. Basic theme: "Find the fun, and <snap> the job's a game."

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Playing Games with Your Career

  2. JUST FOR FUN:List as many words as you can answering the question: “Why do people love/leave a job?”Only use words that start with the letter “P”PayProjectsetc.
  3. STEPHEN P. ANDERSON poetpainter.com I help businesses with@stephenanderson ‘Product Strategy & Design’ needs
  4. http://getmentalnotes.com/
  5. http://getmentalnotes.com/
  6. My Book!How to “get tofirst base” withour users.The book is divided into four sections: • AESTHETICS, BEAUTY, AND BEHAVIOR • PLAYFUL SEDUCTION • THE SUBTLE ART OF SEDUCTION • THE DATING GAME
  7. I know it is not the usual type of talk that you do, but…Brian Sullivan
  8. explore new ideas and skills... make lots of use worlds of different things based on activities fantasy to inspire and objects already familiar a vital part of the creative process is to ʻmakeʼ something learn how things are madetry out your own ideas learn from our failures experiment express creativity by drawing pictures, writing stories… play on their own... or with a group of real friends inspiration for creativity comes from many different sourceslook outside your own experience versions of everyday things allow children to create their own worlds
  9. have to work work
  13. ASSUMPTIONS:1. Job vs Career
  14. Be lo yal to your profession.
  15. ASSUMPTIONS:1. Job vs Career2. Creative services
  16. ASSUMPTIONS:1. Job vs Career2. Creative services3. Do something you love
  19. Once the basic skills have been mastered,designers can use their imaginations toexplore and create their own masterpieces.
  20. The more things designers knowabout, the more they can use them increative thinking and play
  21. Gain experience in as many specialties as possible to round out your understanding of the moving parts…Justin Talericoco-founder Ion Interactive http://www.commarts.com/insights/moving-upstream.html
  22. The fewer materials and choicesavailable, the more imagination isneeded by the maker.
  23. What p erson wouldyou like to be like inyour c areer? Howwould the y do your job?
  24. Do you think you ever grow out ofimaginary play?
  25. Google’s founders Larry Pageand Sergei Brin Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales Julia Child rapper Sean “P.Diddy” Combsvideogame pioneer Will Wright
  26. http://blogs.wsj.com/ideas-market/2011/04/05/the-montessori-mafia/
  27. the Montessori educationalapproach might be the surest routeto joining the creative elite http://blogs.wsj.com/ideas-market/2011/04/05/the-montessori-mafia/
  28. A number of the innovative entrepreneurs also went to Montessori schools, where they learned to follow their curiosityhttp://blogs.wsj.com/ideas-market/2011/04/05/the-montessori-mafia/
  29. Similarly, Amazon’s culture breathesexperimentation and discovery. !Mr. Bezosoften compares Amazon’s strategy ofdeveloping ideas in new markets to “plantingseeds” or “going down blind alleys.” !Amazon’s executives learn and uncoveropportunities as they go. !Many efforts turn outto be dead ends, Mr. Bezos has said, “But everyonce in a while, you go down an alley and itopens up into this huge, broad avenue.” http://blogs.wsj.com/ideas-market/2011/04/05/the-montessori-mafia/
  30. Embrace serendipity
  31. most highly creative achievers don’t begin with brilliant ideas, they discover them.http://blogs.wsj.com/ideas-market/2011/04/05/the-montessori-mafia/
  32. Montessori taught me the joy of discovery… It’s all about learning on your terms, rather than a teacher explaining stuff to you. SimCity comes right out of Montessori…videogame pioneer Will Wright http://blogs.wsj.com/ideas-market/2011/04/05/the-montessori-mafia/
  33. We both went to Montessori school, and I think it was part of that training of not following rules and orders, and being self-motivated, questioning what’s going on in the world, doing things a little bit differently.Google’s founders Larry Pageand Sergei Brin
  34. I’ve always felt that there’s a certain kind of important pioneering that goes on from an inventor like Thomas EdisonAmazon’s Jeff Bezos
  35. SECRET KEY #1
  36. SECRET KEY #1Curiosity
  37. What are you excitedand curi ous about?
  38. makingthings fun” -VS-“finding the joy”
  39. Find th e joy in every project
  40. How does workbecome play? Most importantly, find the thing that ignites your passion. When you tap into that energy, work becomes play and you enjoy every minute of it. Once you’re in that mode, you’re destined to do great things. Justin Talerico co-founder Ion Interactive http://www.commarts.com/insights/moving-upstream.html
  43. What ki nds of gamesdo you most enjoy?
  44. http://stratsynergy.wordpress.com/?s=gamer+personalities
  45. When have you beenhappies t? List 5-10moments.
  46. me, c. 1990 me, c. 1994
  47. When have you beenhappies t? List 5-10moments. What kind s of work excite you most?(Not anything spec ific, but rather theunderlying nature of the activity)
  48. http://www.poetpainter.com/thoughts/article/developing-a-career-growth-plan-at-geniant
  49. What excites you most:Technology, People, or Design? http://www.poetpainter.com/thoughts/article/developing-a-career-growth-plan-at-geniant
  50. Optimizer - Innovator
  51. Disciplined? Passionate?
  52. SECRET KEY #2
  53. SECRET KEY #2 Se lf -Awareness
  54. Practical Tip!
  55. Practical Tip! http://rypple.com/
  56. WORLDS
  57. freelancer/consultant
  58. freelancer/consultantstartups
  59. freelancer/consultantstartupsagencies / consultancies
  60. freelancer/consultantstartupsagencies / consultancies“innie”
  61. freelancer/consultantstartupsagencies / consultancies“innie”academia
  62. N o , th e g r a s s is n o t g r e e n e r There are always tradeoffs
  63. GOALS
  64. When I play pool, I tend tooverthink the angles to make a shot.Ive found that if I scan the table,see where I want it to go, thenshoot, I get much better results.–Jay Morgan http://www.flickr.com/photos/pichead/
  65. Where Will You Be inFive Years?
  66. Where woul d you liketo be in f ive years? ompany? be d oing? With what cWhat would you like to
  67. You win the lotto.What do you wantto do now?
  68. If you knew youwould not fail, whatwould you try?
  69. You’r e laid off.You hav e 3 monthsseverance and no jobprospects. What d o you do?
  70. Practical Tip!
  71. Practical Tip!
  72. Practical Tip!
  73. Practical Tip!
  74. D o n ʼt c o n fu s e g e tt in g s tu ff d o n e w it h m a k in g p r o g r e s s .
  75. Itʼs ok ay to make things up a s y o u g o a lo n g
  76. SECRET KEY #3
  77. SECRET KEY #3AnalyticalThinkingSkills
  78. Practical Tip!
  79. For the last five-some years, I’ve given up making New Year’s Resolutions. Instead I have what I call the New Year’s Project. Each year I pick a large topic, and spend my time on and off throughout the year teaching myself about it. http://www.eleganthack.com/?p=2809Christina Wodtke Practical Tip!
  80. What do w ant learnabout? Who knowsall about that? Gom eet them. Practical Tip!
  81. 1. To develop the expertise, reputation, influence, andmeans to create (and bring to market) product or serviceexperiences that dramatically improve peoples lives. 2. To inspire and share the means by whichorganizations can create better customer experiences.
  82. Practical Tip!
  83. Practical Tip!
  84. Practical Tip!
  85. Practical Tip!
  86. Practical Tip!
  88. http://www.slideshare.net/jessmcmullin/doctrain-west-business-of-experience
  89. http://www.slideshare.net/jessmcmullin/doctrain-west-business-of-experience
  90. http://www.slideshare.net/jessmcmullin/doctrain-west-business-of-experience
  91. Everyth ing is a transaction (except for sacrificial love)
  92. What is it that theother pla yers want?What motivates them?
  93. R e la ti o n s h ip s tr u m p e v e r y th in g
  95. L o o k fo r a g o o d fi t
  97. Fact:You are already playing in a game.Is it your game or someone else’s?
  98. SECRET KEY #4
  99. SECRET KEY #4Au tonomy
  100. We ʼr e a ll fr e e la n c e r s n o w.
  101. Why not?
  103. WHAT DO YOU LOVE DOING? FIGURE OUT HOW TO PRACTICE SELL IT AND LEARN! WHAT ARE LEARN TO WHAT AREYOU REALLY SAY NO PEOPLE GOOD AT? BUYING?with some credit to Bud Caddel (whatconsumesme.com) and Jim Collins Good to Great.
  104. 4 SECRET KEYSCuriositySe lf -AwarenessCritical Thinking SkillsAu tonomy
  105. BIG Wa rning: My object in living is to unite My avocation and my vocation –Robert Frost
  106. BIG Wa rning: My object in living is to unite My avocation and my vocation –Robert Frost If you end up doing what you love for a living, a work-life balance & work-life boundaries are very difficult to establish.
  107. Wo r k to li v e . B u t d o n ʼt li v e to w o r k .
  108. The "best" investment you can make isnt gold. Its the people you love, the dreams you have, and living a life that matters.Umair Haque http://blogs.hbr.org/haque/2011/06/the_best_investment_you_can_ma.html
  109. “...you find the fun, and snap! The job’s a game.”
  110. Go P lay! slideshare.net/stephenpa getmentalnotes.com Stephen P Anderson . @stephenanderson www.poetpainter.com

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Uh oh. I was asked to give career advice. Basic theme: "Find the fun, and &lt;snap> the job's a game."


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