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31 Best Growth Hacking Resources

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31 Best Growth Hacking Resources

  1. I’m Stephen Jeske, Editor of Growth Hacking Digest. Subscribe to my weekly hand-curated newsletter of the best startup marketing ideas from the smartest minds in the business. Join
  2. Growth Hacking Digest A weekly hand-curated newsletter for startup marketers in need of some growth inspiration.
  3. Quicksprout A weekly newsletter with links to posts by online marketing expert Neil Patel. Neil's posts are always comprehensive and full of detail.
  4. ConversionXL This weekly newsletter features in-depth articles on conversion optimization.
  5. SaaS Weekly SaaS Weekly is a weekly email of links for anyone working in the SaaS market. Links to sales and marketing articles are frequently featured.
  6. Petovera A weekly newsletter covering a number of sales and marketing topics including content marketing, sales funnels, email marketing and lead generation.
  7. Call To Action This weekly podcast by Unbounce interviews digital marketing professionals, getting them to reveal actionable tips for improving conversion rates. Other topics include pay per click marketing, A/B testing and copywriting.
  8. The Growth Show The Growth Show is Hubspot's podcast for anyone whose true north is growth. Weekly interviews feature guests who have attained impressive growth, and the story behind their success.
  9. Growth Byte Growth Byte publishes short 2- 3 minute daily podcasts, summarizing outstanding startup growth content. It's brought to you by the team at Growth Hacker TV.
  10. Traction Traction is a podcast on how startups start, featuring interviews from entrepreneurs on the various creative ways they used to get early results.
  11. ConversionCast Each episode of ConversionCast features real-life case studies in which marketers share a tactic they've used to improve their numbers. Both before and after results are included in this highly entertaining and informative show.
  12. Growth Everywhere Growth Everywhere is a weekly series with Eric Siu in which he interviews successful digital marketers on the latest trends. Guests range from best- selling authors to high profile founders.
  13. The Startup Chat Startup marketing is a common theme that runs through this weekly podcast with Steli Efti and Hiten Shah.
  14. Rocketship.fm A weekly podcast featuring interviews with successful entrepreneurs talking about the life of a startup, securing funding, getting sales and growing your company.
  15. Contagious Ever wonder why certain stories get massive shares or videos go viral. This book explains why it happens and how to leverage those concepts to help spread your message.
  16. Lean Analytics This book is all about using data to build your startup faster.
  17. Inside The Tornado Silicon Valley strategies for high-tech marketers.
  18. Traction Drawing on interviews with over forty successful founders, Traction explains the nineteen channels startups can use to build a base of customers, and how to determine which ones are best for your situation.
  19. Startup Growth Engines Ten case studies on how companies like Uber, Square and Hubspot have gained millions of users through non- traditional marketing methods.
  20. Growth Hacker Marketing A good first book for those new to Growth Hacking.
  21. 100 Days Of Growth I particularly like the way the book present these 100 real-world growth tactics. Each tip provides background about why the approach is relevant, steps on how to implement the tip, examples of how it's used, recommended tools and reading.
  22. Quora: Growth Hacking This Quora topic covers everything related to growth hacking.
  23. OnStartups A Facebook community for startups created by HubSpot co-founder Dharmesh Shah.
  24. Growthhackers This is a community where growth hackers can collaborate and find inspiration in creating efficient growth marketing campaigns.
  25. Inbound.org A large and vibrant community of inbound marketers with lots of growth hacking material and discussion.
  26. Onstartups.com Dharmesh Shah’s blog on software startups publishes about one post month, and is always full of interesting insight.
  27. Steve Blank If I could only read one blog on entrepreneurship, this would be it.
  28. Occam's Razor Everything you ever wanted to know about analytics, from a guy who wrote two best selling books on the subject.
  29. Sujan Patel This blog is tightly focused on marketing for startups and high-growth oriented organizations.
  30. Dan Martell This personal blog from the founder of Clarity offers honest and down-to-earth advice about overcoming the challenges of a startup.
  31. SaaStr Lots of real, good and solid information without the fluff. All signal, no noise.
  32. Sixteen Ventures Lincoln Murphy's blog focuses on helping SaaS companies grow through growth hacking, customer success, churn reduction and expansion revenue.
  33. A list of the top 100 most influential individuals in Growth Hacking according to Onalytica. https://twitter.com/stephenjeske/lists/100-growth-influencers