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Fopl otf project plan doc 5

OTF Interim Report Sept 25, 2020

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Fopl otf project plan doc 5

  1. 1. AGENDA ITEM DOC5 Subject: FOPL Trillium Foundation Grant Update Date: Sept. 17, 2020 30, 2020 Prepared by: Stephen Abram, FOPL Executive Director Prepared for: FOPL Board Meeting, Sept. 25, 2020 Introduction Initial Changes (April 27, 2020) The MINE project, with Trillium’s approval, suspended activities in early March. On April 27th, we had a meeting with our Trillium project officer, Patrick Brault, at which time we agreed to the following intended changes: A new end date of December 31, 2020 was suggested which assumed that we would be able to implement a modified program in 8 weeks (i.e. at the beginning of July). At the time it was unclear if we would be able to implement a face-to-face outreach program as anticipated, so we suggested we consider using fixed information stations (on tablets or stand alone kiosks) which would be set up in self service mode in places where we expect our original audiences to physically be once we are able to be mobile again. We also suggested that we create an information skills workshop and promote its use to groups of newcomers once groups were physically convening again (ESL classes, employment groups, training groups, etc.). If such groups were not able to meet physically in the time frame, we suggested that we include an online workshop instead and deliver it to groups meeting remotely. Revised Changes (August 31, 2020) Given continued social distancing and uncertainties about when face to face meetings and services will resume, we have again adjusted the time frames and deliverables. We are suggesting a new start-up date of September 15th and a project end date of March 31, 2021. We have also redesigned the proposed activities to include only an online information skills literacy workshop of 1 – 1.5 hours that will be designed, produced, tested, and evaluated with
  2. 2. real time groups and asynchronous newcomer clients who will engage individually with the workshop. We will evaluate relative effectiveness and reach of both approaches. Draft Project Plan – Sept 15, 2020 – March 31, 2021 Assumes we are developing: 1. A workshop to be delivered live online via Zoom to groups of newcomers in KW 2. A workshop to be delivered asynchronously via iSpring to individual newcomers in the KW area, as well as elsewhere in Ontario Project Activities and Schedule 1. Research – Completed 2. Proof of Concept Pilot September 15 – October 15 - Development of PowerPoint Slide deck and script for Zoom workshop - Liaise with community orgs in KW to arrange for piloting Zoom workshop and also promoting the iSpring workshop including conversation circles for both delivery platforms / methods Oct 15- Nov 15 - Beta test and pilot Zoom workshop with 1-2 identified KW groups - Edit and revise Zoom workshop based on feedback - Develop content for iSpring workshop Nov 15- Dec 15 - Implement facilitated group Zoom workshops to groups meeting online in KW area - Beta test and pilot iSpring workshop to individuals - Edit and revise iSpring workshop Jan 4 – Jan 18 - Continue implementation/facilitation of Zoom workshops to online groups in KW area - Begin implementation of iSpring workshop to individuals Jan 18-Feb. 22 - Continue implementation/facilitation of Zoom workshops to online groups in KW area - Continue implementation of iSpring workshop to individuals 3. Evaluation and Final Report Feb 22 – March 15 - Evaluation March 15- March 31 - Submit final report - Project close