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Pdhpe rationale

  1. PDHPE Rationale Advocating teaching PDHPE in Primary Schools
  2. Importance of PDHPE This is a society which has been faced by increasing numbers of child obesity and related health issues as well as increasing sedentary lifestyle and movement absence. Importance: • Knowledgeable about hazards and safety • Community spirit – sporting teams, sporting heroes • Informative decisions about food and diet and bring that knowledge to others
  3. Why Teach PDHPE? •Encourages an understanding and valuing of self and others •Promotes physical activity •Emphasises informed decision making leading to effective and responsible action
  4. Overview of Learning SKILLS STRANDS • Moving • Growth and Development • Problem-solving • Games and Sport • Communicating • Gymnastics • Interacting • Dance • Decision-making • Active Lifestyle • Personal Health Choices • Safe Living • Interpersonal Relationships
  5. PDHPE Promote a better lifestyle among primary students, as well as to improve their capacity to have funny lessons