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March 2018 STC-PMC Webinar: Millennial Documentation (Presented by Pooja Vijay Kumar)

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Content creation has always been about understanding your audience. But what if your audience belongs to a constantly evolving demographic, largely driven by impressions and gratifications? In this session, take a look at how the circuitary of "seeking" and "liking", and impulse control is impacting the always-connected generation. Discover what it takes to give people the content that deeply excites their brain and influences their behavior. The session is based on a content-experiment conducted by Pooja Vijay Kumar on around 3000 millennials across Asia for one year.

Session Takeaways:
1. Meet the evasive beast called Gratification
2. Discover the 5 rules of thumb in learning to write with your user’s needs and expectations experience in mind.
3. Learn how to develop archetypes and construct personas for your content

As a student of Design Strategy and an advocate of Content Experience, Pooja Vijay Kumar serves the academic community at California College of the Arts, San Francisco. Previously, Pooja spent a great part of her career at Oracle, where she championed the content strategy for enterprise applications. Pooja has delivered sessions at the Write the Docs meetup in the Bay Area, and spoken on minimalism and conversational UIs at the Big Design Conference, Texas; STC India Chapter regional conferences; and has conducted workshops and learning sessions for young women on pursuing offbeat content design careers through initiatives led by ITU, United Nations. In the past year, Pooja served as the Editor-in- Chief at a global nonprofit, where she drove the content strategy of web and print experiences for communication leaders and was recognized for bringing about an 80% boost to ROI through content. Pooja takes deep interest in understanding audience engagement. When she’s not writing or speaking at an event, Pooja can be found running a marathon, baking a tray of cup cakes, or photographing street food.

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March 2018 STC-PMC Webinar: Millennial Documentation (Presented by Pooja Vijay Kumar)

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