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Bukalapak Mobile App

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Bukalapak launches their new mobile app as the mobile wave increases. As the number one marketplace site in Indonesia with transactions of 500 million rupiah each day, they make things easier with the new mobile app. Customers are able to upload, manage their orders, and even do the price negotiations on their smartphones.

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Bukalapak Mobile App

  1. 1. Bukalapak Joins Mobile Wave Achmad Zaky Founder, CEO Bukalapak
  2. 2. History Dibuat dari sebuah garasi kecil di Haji Nawi, Jaksel oleh Zaky & Xinuc yang baru lulus dari ITB, dengan mimpi memajukan UKM Indonesia
  3. 3. 2.2 KPI – Registered Users High SEM budget
  4. 4. We are different… Not Secure, no payment system More bad seller Inconvenient, have to COD Secure, with payment system More trusted seller, we keep the data Convenient, one click get the product Classified Media Marketplace
  5. 5. We are number one… Right now, we are number one marketplace site in Indonesia base on Alexa
  6. 6. Even we are faster…than others… *The data collected from Alexa
  7. 7. Trusted with transaction partners Saat ini Bukalapak memproses 500juta rupiah transaksi setiap harinya melalui sistem pembayaran bekerja sama dengan partner2 kami :
  8. 8. So…What’s Next?
  9. 9. Long ago….and now…
  10. 10. Mobile is the new big thing
  11. 11. It’s coming…in Bukalapak Within few months, our traffic from mobile will be bigger than desktop. Right now we have 150k daily visitors.
  12. 12. Mobile apps attract us… Using this mobile apps more than any website?
  13. 13. One app for anything, anywhere Manage Order Manage Item Upload Item Messaging
  14. 14. Overall look
  15. 15. Very simple upload…
  16. 16. Manage item from your hand
  17. 17. Feel like messenger…
  18. 18. Faster to respond…more sales…
  19. 19. Thank You