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Moving to spain with children

If you’re thinking of moving with your children to a sunnier place like Costa del Sol in Spain, be well prepared. Planning isn’t easy, but it’s essential, especially when it comes to children, so keep in mind that there is quite a list of things you should consider before packing your bags and moving to Spain with children.

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Moving to spain with children

  1. 1. Spain Children Moving to with SHORT GUIDE
  2. 2. Start preparations early! Look up details about the area you will live in. Find everything you can about properties, schools, means of transport and the social environment.
  3. 3. EVERYTHING LET THEM KNOW ABOUT IT Make plans together about discovering all the gems in your new home town!
  5. 5. SPANISH LESSONS A.S.A.P. Start You can take them TOGETHER! + It will make it easier for them to make NEW FRIENDS
  6. 6. Fact: The younger your children are, the easier the transition will be for them
  7. 7. Prepare Emotionally Leaving everythingbehind willnotbeeasy your child
  8. 8. Give them enough time to SAY GOODBYE to all of their d ones
  9. 9. Choose to move during the SUMMER The kids won’t disrupt their school year. The heat, the sun and the sea will make them feel more optimistic about their new home. &
  10. 10. Schools: State or International? Tip: International Schools could be gentler to your kids at first if they don’t speak the language. Consider this option for the beginning years, the fees will be worth it for your kids to adapt easier.
  11. 11. IMPORTANT School applications are submitted by MARCH The response comes by JUNE The school year starts in SEPTEMBER
  12. 12. HOMESEARCHING TRY TO FIND A PROPERTY NEAREST TO: your kids' future school playgrounds bus stations
  13. 13. Don't let them FORGET where they come from Your children should always remember their home. Don't let their memories sweep away. Don't let them loose their true identity.
  14. 14. Encourage them  to blend in Just because they share different cultures and languages doesn't mean that they can't make friends with the local kids. Encourage your children to blend in, they will all have a lot to learn from each other!
  15. 15. BUSY KEEP YOUR KIDS Take your kids to a few extra classes, nurture their hobbies, keep them busy. They will have less time to feel bad about moving and a new place to start making friends.
  16. 16. ALWAYS BE READY TO LISTEN Youkidswillgothroughalotafterthemove. Theywillneedyoutobethereforthem.