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Towards a feminist ia - lightning talk

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Grappling with ethics is challenging to do from within. The example of feminism and IA will help people see the connections, and extrapolate to other questions of ethics.

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Towards a feminist ia - lightning talk

  1. 1. Ethics and IA Reframe IA Roundtable 2018 Towards a Feminist IA Stacy Surla
  2. 2. Pervasive through Space and Time
  3. 3. Women in Technology 4
  4. 4. www.incontextdesign.com/womenintech
  5. 5. Bad Feminists 7
  6. 6. sssss www.thelily.com/christine-de-pizan-was-not-a-good-feminist-can-we-still-learn-from-her
  7. 7. www.ted.com/talks/roxane_gay_confessions_of_a_bad_feminist
  8. 8. Towards a Feminist IA 10
  9. 9. Misogyny in Technology Number of women in the field Number pf women in leadership roles Retention of women in the field Male-centric design (?) Male-centric approaches (?)
  10. 10. Equity in IA More women Feminine approaches to IA problems IA solutions that address needs of female audiences Inclusion beyond white, straight, middle-class, cisgender Consideration of ethics more broadly in IA
  11. 11. Thomas Hawk A Challenge