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Good vs Evil SharePoint Customizing

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Good vs Evil SharePoint Customizing

  1. 1. Good vs. EvilAdmins… DevelopersDevelopers Admins…Good vs. Evil Customizing your site without going to… Well, you get the point!
  2. 2. •Consultant with 17 years of IT experience•MCITP•SharePoint & Solution Sales•SharePoint 2007 & 2010 Administration•Lotus DominoNotes Administrator for 12 years•Migrations, Assessments, Discovery, Implementations, etc.•Works with 3rd party partners to deliver end to end solutions to clients.•Blog: http://www.notjustsharepoint.com•Enjoys speaking at user groups and events!!•Co-host on SPTV http://mysp.tv•THE BOOK…yes in my spare time co-authoring a book on ManagedMetadata!! Stacy L. Deere Focal Point Solutions, LLC. Owner
  3. 3. Agenda• Show of hands (Be Honest!)• What I mean by Good vs. Evil in customizations• Something to start making you think…hmmm• Design vs. Branding• Survey Facts by Forrester• Conflicted Anyone?• Whose right or whose wrong (Which way do I go?)• Some short stories…• Making the right customization decision.• Proceed with Caution• Governance….yes I said it!• Best Practices• Q&A• Contact Information
  4. 4. Can I get a show of hands here?
  5. 5. What did you think I meant?We had a project plan I did interviews We did UAT It went through QAWe did discovery It was on time! It was under budget!! It worked for others…
  6. 6. Print Master
  7. 7. Design vs. BrandingDesign is the visual appearance of a page. Where artistic style, designprinciples are put into place to creatively and effectively display each elementof the page. How the customer responds to the feeling they get when clickingon a Web page is very important. It can determine whether a visitor choosesto continue to explore the site or move on to the next site.Branding is a strategy. The ‘behind the scenes’ work that goes on in the firststages of site development. Branding encompasses detailed competitiveanalysis, business goals, evaluation, marketing collateral design and targetaudience definition. It gives the site direction and objectives and is essentialto the success of the site.
  8. 8. Some Survey Facts Provided by Forrester• Customers are quickly adopting SharePoint 2010. Fifty-seven percent of respondents using SharePoint had already upgraded to SharePoint 2010, a fast pace for a platform product available for only 14 months. Adoption is strong across industries and sizes of enterprise.• Most of our survey respondents start with SharePoint’s most familiar “workloads” before proceeding to more comprehensive use of the platform. Customer-facing websites and custom applications were used the least widely. For about half the respondents, SharePoint took longer than expected to implement for a variety of reasons.• About three-quarters of respondents said that IT and business sponsors are satisfied with SharePoint. This indicates to us that most customers are willing to tolerate some issues for strategic initiatives like a SharePoint implementation. SharePoint’s business value for these respondents outweighs its hassles, and SharePoint’s future looks bright.
  9. 9. Even Super Heros get conflicted…Yes even Spidey!
  10. 10. The Conflict• SharePoint can be a productive platform for business applications. SharePoint can help your teams deliver applications fast in three ways. First, with a little customization of the human interface, SharePoints out-of-the-box applications can work for many situations. Second, SharePoints basket of developer services for applications involving collaboration, social media, website creation, workflows, document management, information distribution, search, and reporting dashboards can speed completion of projects. Third, you can delegate simple sites and workflows, as well as content updating, to businesspeople.• Customization challenges stability, performance, and upgrades of your shared service. The more custom code in your SharePoint farm, the greater the risks to the integrity of that farm. A SharePoint environment is a shared service, providing applications to many departments, teams, and groups. One groups decision to enhance its SharePoint site with custom code can compromise availability and performance of every other groups applications. Also, as customers using MOSS 2007 are discovering, some human-interface customizations are impossible to port to SharePoint 2010.
  11. 11. Management?Developers? Administrators?Consulting Firm? Business Users? A Committee?
  12. 12. The StoryFleeing the wars that devastated their home planet of Cybertron, most of the Autobotsmade Earth their temporary home. Under the leadership of the powerful robot, OptimusPrime, the heroic Autobots battled fearlessly against the assaults of the evilDecepticons, protecting their new human friends.Ok not the story you were looking for? Good vs. Evil Customizing your site without going to….well you know!
  13. 13. Customer wanted to addremove announcements… Template needs to be reusable…hardcoded URL’s? THE EVILUsers who are they? FACTS!!! Packaging? What’s that? Customer wanted to update a link… Story Time Over doing Social Media…Yes these are all true!
  14. 14. SlideWhich way do I go? Master
  15. 15. I Choose the Right Way!!
  16. 16. Basic Customizations (OOTB)Allows the end user that is familiar with SharePoint to create sites, lists andweb parts through the user interface fairly easily to produce something thatmeets their requirements.Strengths – Quick to create – Basic SharePoint Knowledge – Encourages consistency….the "SharePoint way"Weaknesses – Little to no flexibility (You will make compromises!) – Repeating your customizations in a solution are limited - manual repetition of creation steps or templates.
  17. 17. SharePoint Designer (SPD)Allows power users to get a bit more creative to use more advanced optionsin such as custom workflows and the use of data sources.Strengths – More Options • Easier to fulfill more requirements – Creation and changes to master pages and page layouts (Look and Feel)Weaknesses – Difficult to deploy customizations to other sites – Example: A custom workflow created in SPD is applied to a specific list and cannot be reused on another list. The only option is to manually recreate the workflow again for the next list. – If the power user is untrained a lot of damage can be done very quickly – Once files are customized by SPD they cannot be changed by custom code
  18. 18. Custom DevelopmentRequires a skilled SharePoint developer to write it but it is the most powerfuloption that opens up the full SharePoint API, web services and any other codeyou want to use to customize your solutions.Strengths – Provides the most options – Customizations can be packaged up as features that are easily deployed and reused in multiple solutions – Deployment can be controlled and governed more easily as customizations can only be deployed by people with SharePoint admin permissionsWeaknesses – Requires a skilled SharePoint developer – Takes longer to achieve the same results
  19. 19. Warning Signs• Dev. thinks building a package for deployment means a site template. (Reminder - You can’t change a site template once you choose it)• Hardcoded URL’s• Dev states he can’t create a master page on the server and when instructed to do it from his computer he says I don’t use Microsoft.• Changing a link or announcement requires you to know code.• Developer knows development but does not know SharePoint…• Style changes should not be done in the Master Page. That’s what the css is for (aka style sheet)• Do Not modify the corev4 (This is the OOTB style sheet for SP)• Do Not change any OOTB files make a new one.• Avoid the rabbit hole of non-stop customization requests and tweaks. – There’s always going to be a new version or phase
  20. 20. GovernanceDid I hear sighs…
  21. 21. Governance - Customization• Document approved customization tools. – Example, decide whether to allow the use of Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 and specify which site elements can be customized, and by whom.• Manage your source code – use a source control system, and set standards for documenting the code.• Coding Best Practices (Dev. Standards)• Set testing and verification standards (Dev, QA, Production)• Required packaging and installation methods. – Control the use of sandboxing -- enables site owners to host custom solutions in a partially trusted context so they do not affect the rest of your SharePoint implementation.
  22. 22. Governance - Customization• Define what kinds of customizations are going to be supported. • Example, you might want to allow the use of Web parts to integrate Microsoft Silverlight 3 applications together with SharePoint sites. For more information about kinds of customizations and their potential risks, see Governance and customization and for managing customizations, see the white paper SharePoint Products and Technologies customization policy (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?linkid=92311).
  23. 23. Governance - Branding• If you are designing an information architecture and a set of sites for use across an enterprise, consider including branding in your governance plan.• A formal set of branding policies helps ensure that sites consistently use enterprise imagery, fonts, themes, and other design elements. – SharePoint Server 2010, you can import a Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 theme directly into a SharePoint site, which automatically applies the theme to all sub-sites.
  24. 24. Practice does not make Perfect…A Perfect Practice makes Perfect!!
  25. 25. Best Practices• Collaborate with your colleagues in content management.• No 1 and rebuild situations!• Define an application-development role, and always think ahead.• Have an Application Lifecycle• Custom Development - choose your third-party partners.• Test integration into your platform and workloads.• Get in front or at least think about the future!• Mandate UAT Testing• LISTEN TO YOUR USERS!!
  26. 26. Q&A Good vs. EvilCustomizing your site without going to….well you know! Superman gets confused at times…does that mean he’s human?
  27. 27. Twitter: @sldeere Blog: http://notjustsharepoint.com Twitter: My_sptvhttp://mysp.tv Email: sdeere@focalpointsolutions.coLinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/stacydeere My Bat Signals Otherwise known as Contact Info.
  28. 28. Wrap-Up