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Reasons for purchasing ltc in 2018

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Buy Litecoin (LTC) or Bitcoin (BTC)? Reasons for Purchasing LTC in 2018

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Reasons for purchasing ltc in 2018

  1. 1. Reasons for Purchasing LTC in 2018 LTC trading price today is $127, BTC trading price is 0.01569020 and the 7- day share option price is +13.88%. AS a proportional, Bitcoin has traded at $8088 for the past 7 days + 14.07% for trading dollars. In terms of market value, LTC has US$7 billion, while BTC reaches US$137 billion. On the supply side, there are 56,104,463 LTC in circulation, and 16,980,500 BTC.
  2. 2. Now, you may think why someone would compare Litecoin to Bitcoin. In the cryptocurrency world, Litecoin’s gold standard for BTC is silver. This means that LTC should be viewed with a certain percentage of BTC. Both coins share the same code base are deflation, and use mining work to prove that despite the use of different hash algorithms. Given that BTC's supply limit is 21 million, and total Litecoin currency is 38 million US dollars.
  3. 3. If your current price is $8,000, then BTC is 62 times with the market value, which is 19 times. If this is the case, then one thing is very clear: this Alte currency is now very undervalued. Taking into account that this ratio should only be four times, then the target current price of Litecoin linked to BTC should be 1/4, which reaches about 2000 US dollars. Similarly, the market value should be around $34 billion. In the current data, LTC is still underestimated, but is it likely to set a new historical high in the future? I think so. Most forecasts are $600 for
  4. 4. 2018, but due to proportions is inconsistent, it may be higher