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  1. Company Profile
  2. Team B. Anthony Sheen, Co-Founder, Managing Director & CEO 20 years experience across companies as Motorola, BPL Mobile, Zenrin/Infotrack in Sales and Marketing covering Telecom & Telematics Domain Instrumental in Launching India’s First Motorola Digital Trunk Technology (Procall) with inbuilt GPS Sasikumar Arumugham, Co-Founder, CTO 15 years experience catering to Logistics sector as Car Rentals in Telematics Technology; First to Design & Develop a Taxi Dispatch System in India for Meru Cabs Implemented Taxi Dispatch System in more than 25 Taxi Companies Globally – TFS, Meru, Dubai Taxi, Nano Taxi, Mega Cabs to name a few Worked for HP and Zenrin/Infotrack Kamalesh Sekhar, Strategy & Business Development Corporate Finance in Asian Paints; Marketing & Business Strategy for ArcelorMittal in Mexico – USD 6 Bn revenues Last 7 years: Advising Indian Companies in Customer acquisition/Market entry into Latin America, Capital raising for Growth, M&A; Business Diligence & Portfolio management for PE funds/Family Offices
  3. Team • 50 years of Cumulative experience across Commercial Freight, Taxi and Cab Rental Business across Sales, Technology and Operations. • First to develop the Technology in India.
  4. 2019 • A Team of 60 • Strong unit economics/PAT positive for last three years with 24000 fleet in platform Fleet Management Product • Locational Intelligence • Fleet and Driver Analytics • Management Information System An innovative product to help the unorganised logistics sector to improve efficiency 2013 A team of 6 – SunFleet – 100% YoY growth recorded for SaaS Tracing our Journey
  5. Our Products Conventional Black Box based Fleet Management solutions. Specialised for various logistics verticals. Integration with OBD and fleet analytics. NextGen Mobile based product for unorganised truck industry Enable paperless transaction. Integration with various Marketplaces
  6. Our Clients Addressable TRUCK Market size 9.5 Mn Trucks
  7. Problem Definition – Freight Industry Real Time Live Stream of Shipment High Cost of Delivery Driver Management Real Time Analytics Optimal Routing Safety & Compliance Manpower Intrinsic Delayed deliveries
  8. Benefits of our solution Driver Behavior analytics provide reduced accidents & fuel costs Increased customer satisfaction index Real Time tracking helps prevent delay in deliveries Fuel Savings; Adhering to safety & compliance standards Substantial reduction in manhours Optimization of routes resulting in reduced cost of deliveries
  9. Benefits for Fleet Owners Tracking Track all vehicles on a single screen Jobs Assign Job to drivers and Keep track of job status Analytics Real time information on speed, ETA etc. Load Market Improve capacity utilization of trucks by improving order management and delivery schedules Consignee Tracking The Consignee gets to track his shipment as well With our Compliance & Safety management tool – we can pre-empt renewal of Insurance and we have the ability to get the best insurance rates given our platform aggregation capabilities Insurance
  10. Benefits for Company Ferrying Goods Tracking Real time monitoring of goods movement – Helps in JIT in factory and ensuring customers are kept updated on ETA Utilization Better utilization of trucks resulting in better negotiations with fleet owners for cost reduction Time Spent Faster in and out of trucks – enabling cost saving Routing & scheduling Optimal routing & scheduling of trips helps in reduced kms thereby reducing freight costs Goods Insurance Company has the ability to provide Insurance for the goods being transported at competitive prices
  11. Sun Fleet Freight Operators Integration with various Sensors Web Portal & Mobile App for Feet Management Driving Behaviour OBD Integration Fuel Management Real Time Analytics
  12. Sun Fleet - Features Integrated end to end logistics platform Vital tracking functionalities Powerful reporting suite for analysis Route planning and trip monitoring Real time sensor monitoring system Delivery management system Driver behavior analysis Billing & cost management Compliance management for your fleet. Safety management for Fleet & Driver
  13. Tracking Management Real Time Tracking of fleet /individual vehicle on Google Map Live traffic data and nearby vehicles History tracking of individual vehicles Live summary of individual vehicle Live information relating to speed, driving direction, ignition status, driving violations, past trips and more. Live information on driver & his driving efficiency 1 2 3 4 5 6
  14. Reports & Alerts Custom Reports Reports include movement, location, trip and utilization reports, as well as driver scoring, fuel, event violations and cost analysis reports. Analytics The solution’s robust reporting capability enables data to be reviewed and analyzed in detail as well as in dynamic and customizable formats.
  15. Routing and Trip Management Optimization of routes based on time, distance, traffic data, etc. for lesser delivery schedules Geofencing Routes and providing deviations alert E-trip sheet & e-trip authentication of delivery & pickup ETA to planned trip stops can be monitored live Our Routing & scheduling tool helps companies to optimize routes and inventory-based scheduling
  16. Sensor Management Temperature Sensor • Front/Rear Side of Truck temperature monitoring • Cabin Temperature Monitoring Sleep Sensor • Anti Sleep Alarm for Drivers Fuel Sensor • Location based fuel consumption analytics • Fuel Pilferage alert & report • Fuel refill report & alert OBD Sensor • All available on-board diagnostics
  17. Delivery Management System ETA of planned delivery stops can be monitored E-Delivery authentication Deviations of ETA can be monitored live for corrective actions Share live feed with customers/buyers.
  18. Driver Behavior Management POOR GOOD Poor Good Great Excellent Fair Driving Pattern Analysis in terms of Speed, Acceleration, braking etc Driver Ranking system based on analysis Duration of driving and providing alert based on accepted hours of driving/day Pre & Post accident analysis
  19. Billing & Cost Management 0 5 10 Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Chart Title Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 On Completion of Trip automated Invoice can be generated based on customer-wise contractual data. Trip-wise/Vehicle-wise Profitability can be generated . Trip Expenses or cost of delivery monitoring Integration with legacy system
  20. Compliance Management All Vehicle/Driver statutory compliances can be monitored Proactive alerts are given before expiry of any compliances Vehicles/Driver not adhering to compliances will not be scheduled
  21. Safety Management Various alert mechanisms like Overspeed/idle/Aircondition/Seat Belt/ Unplanned Deviations etc SOS distress button is available for driver Email & SMS based alerts can be made available. Closure of any deviations on portal is made available
  22. Sun Fleet – Last Mile Logistics Solution • Solution Provided: – Web Application – Hassle-free booking – Type of Booking - Contractual and Regular/On-demand • Solution Benefits: – Optimal solution for Last mile logistics – Estimate total cost of goods movement – Validation of vendors and customers based on scores – Track your truck – Smart Navigation – Monthly invoice generation for both vendors and customers – Multi-model Payment options – GCN (Goods Consignment Note) – POD (Proof of delivery) – Digital Signature
  23. Case Studies – Thermo king for Ingersoll Rand Our white labelled product to Thermo King developed fully by Sun Telematics has the following features: • Milkrun and long-haul integration with Customer ERP • Integration with Thermo king reefer which is achieved by an iBox designed and developed by Sun Team and Ingersoll Team. • Using this integration, remotely monitor and control: • Temperature monitoring and control in front side, centre and rear side of the reefer given different temperature requirements; • Identify remotely which side of the door is open or closed • Alert the supervisor and the client on the Temperature increase/door open and close • Ability to set remotely different temperatures for different type of goods either through our Web app or Mobile app. • A Real time MIS on the Temperature readings • External fuel sensors and pilferage alerts • Speed alerts • Harsh driving alerts and sensitive tracking • Video: telematics.html
  24. Case Studies – UTI World Wide Pain Areas: • Delays in delivery schedule • No real time location and deviations • Fuel pilferage • No real time alerts and reports • Vehicle and driver records were manually maintained Solution Benefits: • Our solution provided ETA of vehicles. Hence, the delays in delivery schedules were proactively monitored and corrective action were taken • Our telematic intelligence provided them with real time location/reports/alerts • Our fuel monitoring solution provided them with alerts for any pilferage • Our temperature monitoring system provides real time temperature reports to manage cold chain logistics • Our vehicle maintenance module helps in keeping good record of drivers and vehicle and also alerts the customer for any deviations on statutory compliance Study Finding: • UTI was able to provide their customers with ETA of vehicle accurately which HELPED THEM IN GAINING CUSTOMER GOODWILL • Prior to using this system their LOSS IN FUEL PILFERAGE HAS BEEN REDUCED BY 50%
  25. Case Studies – City Link Pain Areas: • Dry runs • Real-time authentication of delivery • Real-time ETA for customers • Billing Transparency • Measuring real-time efficiency Solution Benefits: • Our solution provided ETA of vehicles. Hence, the delays in delivery schedules were proactively monitored and corrective action were taken • Our telematic intelligence provided them with real time location/reports/alerts • The job is assigned to nearest vehicle REDUCING THE DRY RUNS • Our solution gave them REAL-TIME POD with digital signature Study Finding: • It was found that the DRY RUNS OF VEHICLES WERE REDUCED BY 30% WITHIN FIRST 6 MONTHS of implementation ; Satisfaction index > 50%
  26. National Permit National Permit Enterprise version for large fleet Driver & Owner App Geo Fencing and Route Calibration Doc share & Security Features E-wallet & Cashless Transactions Crowd Sourcing from Drivers Owner App Driver App The product caters to logistics/Transportation sector (Mobile Technology)
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