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MONOGRAPH The First Children's Embassy in the World MEGJASHI 1992-2022.pdf

  1. 1 30 ye a r s T h e F i r s t h i l d r e n ’ s E m b a s s y i n t h e W o r l d M E G J A S H I MONOGRAPH The First hildren’s Embassy in the World MEGJASHI All the ideals in the world are less sign i f i c a n t t h a n t h e t e a r s o f a c h i l d ! T h e h i l d r e n ' s o u n t r y h a s n o b o r d e r s , b e c a u s e w h e r e b o r d e r s b e g i n , c h i l d h o o d e n d s . A f a i r e r w o r l d f o r e v e r y c h i l d
  2. MEGJASHI 1992-2022
  3. MEGJASHI 30 years
  4. “All the ideals in the world are less significant than the tears of a child!” - Dostoevsky
  5. 6 Children are a special nation. Children are not national or religious leaders. They are a nation that has never initiated a revolution or a counter-revolution, nor has it ever waged war. Children are neither a class nor a national issue: children are an issue above and beyond all issues. They are the people who suffer the most in military conflicts and human tragedies. Children are just children. “All the ideals of the world are less significant than the tears of a child.” (a quote from the Charter of the First Children’s Embassy in the World)
  6. 7 T he First Children’s Embassy in the World MEGJASHI was founded on April 29, 1992 in Skopje, and it is the first registered interna- tional, non-profit, non-partisan and non-govern- mental organization in the Republic of Macedonia for the protection of children‘s rights with a vision for a fairer world for every child! Today, MEGJASHI is synonymous with children’s rights and wellbeing. For years, it has been one of the organizations most widely recognized by the citizens, but also a dedicated partnering organ- ization to numerous civic organizations and ini- tiatives, networks, public institutions, media and companies from the country and abroad. Many say: “MEGJASHI is an institution”. The mission of the First Children’s Embas- sy MEGJASHI is to represent and protect the rights of children, to encourage responsible par- enting and respect for the child‘s personality, to strengthen the civil movement for children‘s rights, children‘s participation and to advocate for the institutions to function in the best inter- est of the child. MEGJASHI promotes peace ed- ucation, building active citizenship based on the principle of non-violence and fostering diversity and equal opportunities for all. With its activities over the past 30 years, the Embassy has contributed to the development and strengthening of civil awareness of children‘s rights. It broke the silence surrounding children‘s suffering, especially the physical, sexual and eco- nomic abuse of children, revealing several cases of abuse to the public and engaging directly in estab- lishing more effective mechanisms for the protec- tion of children. It was not easy to pave the path of the new global children‘s movement in Macedonia, but MEGJASHI succeeded! They have been declared an organization that the citizens trust the most, and children already learn about them in textbooks. The President and Founder of the First Chil- dren’s Embassy in the World MEGJASHI - Republic of Macedonia, is Dragi Zmijanac. The other founders are also a group of dedicated enthusiasts who held the founding assembly of the new organization on A