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  1. Marketing program Marketing strategy: • New year eve party • Christmas party • Malvinas day
  2. Click to add text Marketing program Local store marketing: • Distribution of flyers • Appealing brochures
  3. Marketing program Social media marketing: • Direct mail • Restaurants website • Target marketing of businesses
  4. Marketing program Brand positioning: • Strengths: Food's taste and serving time • Target: Upper middle class and elite class Spicy and non spicy food lovers • Speciality: Food's taste and quality Restaurant's ambiance • Customer service: No compromise on quality and quantity of food Superior service quality
  5. Implementation of Zameer Ansari in Argentina • Argentinian's love to eat at restaurants • Lamb meat and beef are their favorite • Argentinian Barbecue called parillada is among top liked foods • They love to try different foods
  6. Implementation of Zameer Ansari in Argentina • Business structure: Franchisee will be arranging land on rental basis Sharing of profit between franchiser and franchisee Franchisee will have to hire General Manager Pakistani chef's will have to be hired initially