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  1. 1. Management Products
  2. 2. IBM Nways Network Management Solutions Reliable, state of the art, management that helps reduce network costs
  3. 3. WHY NETWORK MANAGEMENT ? Source: Infonetics Research, Inc. " Manageability has joined Speed and Price as fundamental criteria on which customers judge networking products" (IDC 1996) Cost of Network Ownership Operation Training Equipment Administration 16% "Customers are looking for more than boxes - customers are looking for someone to take a lot of the burden off of them" Frank Dzubeck President, Washington-based Communications Network Architects. March 1997
  4. 4. Positioning of Nways Managers Network Management Station Net.Mgmt. Platforms Hardware Platform TME10 NetView for AIX and , HP OpenView RISC 6000, HP, PC, ... Net. Mgmt. Applications Nways Manager Operating Systems AIX, HPUX, Solaris Windows 3.x/95/NT, ... Management Applications Management Platforms
  5. 5. Network Management  Examples of features - Graphic displays Alarms, Alerts, Errors Threshold alerts, and script triggers Auto Discovery Critical Resource Monitor Drag and drop VLAN configuration
  6. 6. Network Management Graphics Navigation Tree Control Desk Event History Mail CPU Perf SNMP Errors Events LMU/6000 Tools Control Desk Monitor Systems Monitor CPU Utilization Tree Tools mercury evans Segment 1 barstow File Edit View Locate Options Monitor Test Tools Administer Help Events NetView File Events Application Menu Help Topology Discovery and Display Event Management Performance Monitoring Navigation Tree Indeterminate Mon Sep 19 14:48:38 1994 jeanlee.raleigh N Node Down SPECIFIC GENERIC CATEGORY ENTERPRISE SOURCE HOSTNAME SEVERITY : 58916865 (hex: 3830001) : 6 : Status Events : netVies6000 : Netmon (N) : jeanlee.raleigh.ibm.com : Indeterminate NOTE BROWSE / MIB HIGHLIGHT Tool Palette Customizable to User Tasks and Responsibilities example from TME10 NetView
  7. 7. Graphical Images
  8. 8. IBM Nways Management Strategy Leading edge management functions Openness Standards Interpretability Integrated Network Management Solutions IBM Nways Managers
  9. 9. IBM Nways Management Strategy  Integrated Network Management Solutions Comprehensive Campus and WAN management solution Fully integrated with management platform Simplified product line – Ease of ordering, installation and use – Reduced training costs – Competitive pricing
  10. 10. IBM Nways Management Strategy  Leading Edge Network Functions SVN – ATM management leadership – ATM VLANs End to End Management – Distributed Management – Scaleability Extended Functions – Virtual Network Management, Security, RMON II
  11. 11. IBM Nways Management Strategy  Openness Platform integration – NetView for AIX – HP OpenView UNIX  Management of non IBM devices
  12. 12. IBM Nways Management Product Line  Integration  Simplification  Price action  Suite Concept  Multi platform  Unique Brand name
  13. 13. Nways Managers Product Family TME10 NetView for AIX & TMN /6000 Nways Enterprise Manager 2220 Switch Management CAMPUS HP OpenView for Sun Solaris Nways WAN Element Mgr. 2219, 2225, and 2230 WAN Switches Nways Campus Managers Nways Workgroup Managers Campus Management TME10 NetView for AIX , HP-OV UNIX Windows 3.1 & Win NT (6/97) LAN ATM RMON RMON LAN & ATM Nways RouteSwitch Managers TME10 NV, HP-OV, Sun Solaris HP-OV/Win, Windows 95 & NT WIN 95 & NT Only * 3746 Alert Manager Router & Bridge Monitoring Route Mgr. Route Tracker Route * Monitor Route * Director Wide Area Network (WAN) Management
  14. 14. Not Just Device Management Comprehensive management solutions Network Management  Topology  Enterprise Traffic  Web-based mgmt Virtual LAN Management Device Management  Fault  Performance  Policy-based  FC LANE  Configuration Lowering the cost of Network Operations FC LANE: Forum-Compliant LAN Emulation
  15. 15. Nways Campus Manager for AIX 14 8281 8260 ATM ATM network LAN ATM RMON Nways Campus Manager Suite for AIX RMON agents 8250 Hubs 8260 8230 Hubs 8238 OEM RMON agent AIX Management Station 8282 8250 Hubs 8224 827x 8230 Hubs 2210, 6611 Traditional LANs 8260 R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T 8238 R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T R T Nways CAMPUS management integrated in SUITE 8285 1 CD Web - Based Traffic Monitor
  16. 16. Nways Campus Manager LAN for AIX V3  Enhanced support for very large campus networks Open database for better searching, storage and retrieval of key network information Distributed polling to reduce network load from management data  Comprehensive support for campus network devices Updates for currently supported devices New support for 8225, 8235, and 8271/72 Model 216, 8273/74 Up-to-the-minute network and device status, problem analysis and tracking for smooth operation and rapid response to error conditions
  17. 17.  Element Managers for IBM ATM devices 8260/65 Switches 8270-800 LAN Switch 8281, 8282, 8285 8210 MSS 8271 & 8272 Sw.Modules on 8260  Graphical display of ATM connections  Integrated Icons for launching device management  Color coded  Performance graphing  Fault handling  Integration with ELAN Nways Campus Manager ATM for AIX V2 Graphical view of ATM network and devices with drag-and-drop configuration, performance, and security management of ATM emulated Virtual LANs
  18. 18.  Provides End to end traffic flows Application utilization Protocol utilization  Uses RMON and RMON2 data Nways Traffic Manager for AIX V1
  19. 19. Nways Campus Manager for HP OpenView ATM Network LAN ReMON RMON Agents HP-UX Management Station 2210 and 6611 Routers Traditional LANs ATM Nways Campus Manager Suite for HP OpenView Individual Components Individual Components 827x LAN Switches 8250 and 8224, 8230, and 8238 Hubs 8260 ATM 8285 ATM Switches 828x ATM Components 8224, 8230, and 8238 Hubs 8250 and 8260 Hubs OEM RMON agent  Updates Nways Campus Manager LAN and ATM to current levels of IBM device support  Adds router and bridge performance monitoring  Includes ATM LANE management application  Includes distributed performance monitoring using TME10
  20. 20. Nways Workgroup Manager for Windows/NT RMON agents LAN ReMON Windows Management Station Traditional LANs Nways Workgroup Manager Nways Workgroup RMON Web - Based
  21. 21.  Supports small-medium campus networks  Comprehensive support for campus network devices  Support for 8210/8260 MSS, 8285, 8235, and 8271/72  RMON Coupling for ease of use  Enhanced ATM support  Improved management platform  WindowsNT V4.0 Nways Workgroup Manager for Windows/NT Up-to-the-minute network and device status, problem analysis and tracking for smooth operation and rapid response to error conditions Navigation Tree Control Desk Event History Mail CPU Perf SNMP Errors Events LMU/6000 Tools Events Control Desk Events Note Browser Highlight James Hill working 13 Jan 10:30am Critical Major Minor Warning Cleared Mon Jan 13 10:13:11 swango.ral Topolog y View Tree Tools Events Statistics 0% 25% 75% 100% 50% 0% 25% 75% 100% 50% Interface Interface System Protocol IP Events Statistics Events Statistics Events Statistics Overview Maintenance Configuration Operations Windows commands ...... ..... .....
  22. 22. Nways Supports RMON What is RMON? RMON: Remote Network Monitoring Key to RMON: The RMON Management Information Base (MIB) RFC1271 for Ethernet (update RFC1757) and RFC1513 for Token-Ring  Characteristics of RMON:  RMON agents are passive counters configured by Remote Managers  No traps generated unless specified by Manager  No traps generated unless specified by Manager  No traps generated unless specified by Manager  Agent is "RMON compliant" if only one group supported  No analysis of data done by agent "An implementation of remote performance monitoring of Token-Ring and Ethernet LAN segments through smart agents. Each agent gathers and analyses data from every fram passed in the segment. Agents can be remotely configured by a manager to set thresholds and report SNMP traps."
  23. 23. Nways ReMon for AIX *DLM - downloadable to supporting agents Part of Nways management family - integrates with Nways Campus Manager - LAN - tested with all IBM hardware agents LAN Remote Monitoring = ReMon  Features:  full Ethernet and Token-Ring RMON support (9 and 13 groups)  real-time color-coded graph views of LAN activity statistics  identifies alarm locations within LAN segments, drill down to w/s  Enterprise Communications Analysis Module* (ECAM) for protocol analysis  mapping of MAC to network layer addresses for IP, IPX and DECnet  detection of duplicate addresses on the network  detail of higher-level protocol usage and statistics  Traffic Transmission Management Module* (TTMM) for placing test pattern on to LANs to simulate traffic  presentation support for real-time view of ECAM and TTMM data
  24. 24. ReMon Displays
  25. 25. RMON Agents Group E-MAC T-MAC Statistics - Ethernet YES N/A - Token-Ring MAC N/A YES - Token-Ring N/A YES Promiscuous Hosts YES YES Matrix YES Host Top YES Alarm YES YES YES YES History - Ethernet YES N/A - Token-Ring MAC N/A Event - Token-Ring N/A Promiscuous Filter Packet Capture Ring Station N/A YES 8260 HTMAC 8230 N/A YES NO NO N/A YES Source-Route NO YES N/A NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO SNMP modl 8238 N/A Bronze Bronze Silver N/A Silver* Bronze Gold Gold Silver Silver Gold Gold Gold Gold Eth.probe YES N/A N/A YES YES YES YES YES YES N/A N/A N/A 8250 YES YES N/A HTMAC HTMAC HTMAC HTMAC HTMAC HEMAC HEMAC N/A 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 N/A NO NO 4.0 NO NO 4.0 TRMM ECAM (RMON2) TTMM NO NO NO NO YES YES HTMAC HEMAC NO NO 8225 YES N/A N/A YES YES YES YES YES YES N/A N/A N/A YES YES N/A NO NO * Bronze supports Ring Station Order Mod 3 YES NO
  26. 26. RMON 2  RMON 2 New IETF standard  Available Probes 8250 Ethernet Probe module 8260 HEMAC 8260 HTMAC 8270-800 RMON UFC 8272-216 RMON UFC
  27. 27. IBM Systems Management Solutions Extending management beyond the network
  28. 28. Nways, NetView and TME10 TME 10 NetView Systems Nways Campus WAN Other Products
  29. 29. TME 10 Industry SystemView TME Object-oriented Framework Cross-platform products Industry Partnerships Host management Network Management Distributed products (e.g.. storage management) Hardware and Software Vendors Database / Application Vendors Other Systems Management Vendors
  30. 30. NetView and TME 10  Nways Manager for AIX is fully integrated with NetView fo AIX which is a feature of TME 10  Nways Manager for other OS (OS/2, NT, ...) will be integrated with the corresponding versions of TME 10 when available  New 10/Plus Network Management Working Group base on NetView Association APIs used by Nways Manager applications
  31. 31. TME10 NetView Standard Function  Fault Management  Filtering and Thresholding  MIB Browser  Print and Mail Tools  Intelligent Event Handling  Automation  Fault Diagnosis Tools  Performance Management  Performance Monitor  Thresholds on Critical Resources  Performance Data Collection  MIB Application Builder  MIB Tool Set  Configuration Management  Auto Discovery  Topology Display  Managed Device Database  Unnumbered Interface and Secondary Addressing Support  Distributed Management  Network Management  Systems Management  Trap Filtering and Forwarding  Open Topology - GTM  Multiprotocol Support  Industry Leading End User Interface  Customizable Views  Intelligent Window Management  Cooperative Management with Mainfram NetView  10 Plus/Vendor Association
  32. 32. TME10 NetView Advanced Functions  Fully Implemented Distributed Management Distributed Discovery Distributed Status Checking 'Reliable' Trap Delivery  Manager Takeover  Multiple Distributed Database Support Event/Performance Data  Advanced Discovery Functions Variable Sub-net Mask Support 'Unlimited' Interfaces per Node Customized Discovery Options – Range of Devices – List of Devices  Event Management Subsystem Multiple Dynamic Event Managemen Applications Automation Daemon Customize Traps on Per-Node Basis Predefined Operator Action Event Forwarding to Cooperative TME10 NetView  TME10 NetView Performance Monitoring Tool
  33. 33. IBM Management Benefits  Comprehensive Network Management not just device management  Comprehensive solutions for LANs and ATM, ELANs and VLANs Performance monitoring Remote management  Comprehensive Management Solutions Integrated Simplified Highly competitive functions and costs Reliable, state of the art, management that he reduce network costs
  34. 34. Section end