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  1. F.T.C. Intensifies Investigation of Twitter’s Privacy Practices Dorothy Lu, Cindy Chen
  2. History with the Federal Trade Commission (F.T.C.) Twitter charged for failing to protect user information after two 2009 data breaches 2011 2022 Twitter fined for misleading users about personal data collection usage 2023 Elon Musk takes over as CEO, conducts series of mass layoffs and budget cuts Abrupt resignation of multiple other privacy, security, and compliance executives Former security executive Peiter Zatko claiming of security issues
  3. Article Overview ● F.T.C.’s concerns: ○ Twitter’s management structure ○ Musk’s precise role ○ Whether there are adequate resources to keep up with privacy obligations ○ Recent sales of office equipment - have computers been wiped of user data? ● Additional pressure from European Union & US Securities and Exchange Commission pushing for transparency ● Criticism towards F.T.C. from the House Judiciary Committee
  4. VISION & MISSION CORE VALUES Healthy Conversations Security and Privacy “To reach the largest audience around the world daily by connecting everyone to their world via our information-sharing platform, to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly and without barriers.” Civic Integrity
  5. Security and Privacy Challenges Twitter’s current status and its ability to: ● follow F.T.C. obligations ● perform according to its own commitments to core values → could damage company reputation & consumer satisfaction
  6. Failure to align with core values “a Twitter security manager wrote in internal messages seen by The New York Times that the company could have been … saving some user data for two years”
  7. Authors’ P.O.V. Does not include much of authors’ personal opinions, but discusses views on all sides House Judiciary Committee – “These demands have no basis in the F.T.C.’s statutory mission and appear to be the result of partisan pressure to target Twitter and silence Musk…” Douglas Farrar, F.T.C. agency spokesperson – “Protecting consumers’ privacy is exactly what the F.T.C. is supposed to staff at the commission are conducting a rigorous investigation into Twitter’s compliance with a consent order that came into effect long before Mr. Musk purchased the company.”
  8. Dorothy – Personal Opinion ● Crucial for industry consistent transparency ↓ consumer trust ● May require more resources ○ reinvest in specialized workforce ● Consider increasing consumer Interaction Transparency ● More specific legislation ● Better enforcement of consequences Legislation and Enforcement ● Inform consumers ● Place pressure on Twitter and other companies Media Accountability
  9. Cindy – Personal Opinion - Effectively execute strategies - Generate higher-average outcomes - Achieve strategic competitiveness As a result: - Formulate the vision and mission - Maintain flexibility - Heighten the morale and spirits of workers Role of Leaders: Strategic Leadership
  10. Cindy – Personal Opinion ● Highly Influential e.g. #MeToo ● High Market Share and Popularity ● Brand Equity Strengths ● Increase User Satisfaction ○ Combat fake news/ Misinformation ○ Reduce Abuse/ Harassment ● Ethics and Social Responsibility Opportunities ● Financial Losses from Lost ad Revenue ● Dissemination of Misinformation & Hate Speeches ● Data Safety Concerns Weaknesses ● Keen Competition from Incumbents & New Entries ● Increased Government Regulations and Scrutiny Threats SWOT Analysis
  11. THANK YOU!
  12. Works Cited Article: Conger, K., Mac, R., & McCabe, D. (2023, March 8). F.T.C. Intensifies Investigation of Twitter’s Privacy Practices. The New York Times. privacy.html?unlocked_article_code=r8grQRiEq1d6eAW0BddX_RtRqiHiWs2vdry_AYIiGG6xW4FqtcG40t-vx- Swlkr6ZAsMDIf6VMT4gscASjNpLTBTyhiJ96XTBB3y- Uzo9zm9cgcJUju0nzA5NxPu1ktK867ySiTPvlp2c9HlDk_KRZWtddOXYSDKPiZ3slIE6A39OPaITCk9b1Q33fl7R0CID4c qQizoR6XSrLy9hePDCJpMFpQPxc68rqixZNuKLKgezaJLnk1bSqsdo7ykHdlANDWvI3mq- 8wEz790Q2qXpNLh7tWUzkk_zumrQTqTu0FBAidV1UsBaGjEWt0MIP9ecdxMPRn_VzK99bxum1- JcaP0hsHlXQCLA2polEv6TA&smid=url-share Websites: Academic Paper: Ali Abdulridha Jabbar, and Ali Mohammed Hussein. (2017). “THE ROLE OF LEADERSHIP IN STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT.” International Journal of Research Granthaalayah, 5(5), 99-106.