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eSports matchmaking platform

  1. Innovative eSports MatchMaking platform The instinct to be the winner!
  2. 4 In the beginning of their career it is crucial that eSports athletes train continuously and improve their gaming skills together with their team. The main disadvantage of the majority of existing Matchmakings is their built- in mechanism allowing the players may leave a match in the middle of a game, while they are playing for fun. This is a huge obstacle for eSports athletes. Why Do Esports Athletes Need Overpro?
  3. MatchMaking, which rates the players and gives an opportunity to win prize money, increases the concentration of participants and completely eliminates the problem of interrupting the gaming sessions in the middle of the game. Specially designed automated services ensure rapid, balanced, and fair play according to the strict regulations of eSports tournaments. Overpro Takes The Game To A New Level! 5
  4. More than 70% of the matches that are held are based on material incentives: cash or gamingitems;withthepossibility of withdrawing the prizes from the system. Winners leave a commission of >5% of the prize pool. Other sources of monetization are resetting of stats and changing of nicknames, in order to participate in the ranking system starting from zero. How Overpro Generates Income? 6
  5. Overpro is attractive for professionals not just because it is the first automated matchmaking platform for Counter Strike 1.6 in the CIS territory or it is the first play-on-cash matches platform in eSports. The main advantage of Overpro is the upgrade/ downgrade system in the league depending on the bets of particular matches. Therefore the appeal for the victory, the team play and the emotional side of the participants increases motivation to its limits. In addition, we guarantee top quality game servers, detailed statistics, recording of the matches, and other delightful surprises. Why Overpro Attracts Professionals? 7
  6. At the beginning, our own investment was 100,000 roubles. Thanks to the viral marketing, we have attracted 50K users who have played more than 2 million MatchMaking games on cash with a prize pool for all times over 100 million roubles. You will be amazed by our efficient tools for attracting audiences and unique sources of large-scale traffic. As for the methods to retain clients, the user lifetime performance will impress any marketer and/or marketologist. Only 10% Of Traffic Purchases, 90% Bring The Viral Marketing! 8
  7. According to market research reports, eSports is growing at unprecedented levels. This year, the Russian Federation has included eSports in the sport registry. The revenue of the platforms based on gaming items for CSGO + DOTA will hit $22 billion by 2020. However, only a few high-tech solutions can be found in this industry. As discoverers, we are eager to introduce new and unique smart-type products like “skill-games”. Market And Competitive Environment 9 Skin gambling on esports: Market size through 2020 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Bear caseIn millions (000,000) Base case Bull case$6,000 $7,418 $7,700 $7,852 $9,811 $10,370 $10,036 $12,975 $14,147 $11,076 $30,000 $25,000 $20,000 $15,000 $10,000 $5,000 0 Source: Narus Advisors / Eilers & Krejeik Gaiming $15,986 $17,987 $14,320 $19,697 $22,649
  8. With a passion for eSports and a wealth of UX running experience we manage high-load projects with an international OverPRO team of developers and marketers,togetherwiththefeed- beck of thousands of users. This allowes us to build up a unique system that is easy and intuitive, even for beginners. Moreover, one can get in-depth consultation of regular players, who in turn become engines of the project, earning money, and rating high for helping others. Team And Motivational Scheme Overpro 10
  9. Our model of MatchMaking converted 1-2% of CStrike 1.6 online players during 2011-2015. According to the comparative analysis, we forecast 2-4% of the auditory of the new games joining to our new website interface. This means a quantity of online users almost like PokerStar´s platform: 30-60k. Our centralized system of converting users, together with the new, unique product that was secretly tested, recently shows the high ARPU. New Game + Secret Product 1.5Bln Roubles Per Year 11
  10. The Check-Points For Timing And Returns On Investment We plan to exit Beta-test and launch on a limited scale of the new games together with the secret product by October 1, 2016. With an investment of 2.5 mln. roubles for marketing and cost of sales, and only after 1 month, we will have a successful business with a profit of 1.5 mln. roubles per month. Another 12 million allows us to go on to a full-scale marketing campaign and cover the foreign market segments, which will show on the 7th and the following months from 70 to 140 mln. roubles of net income on a monthly basis (up to 1 bln. per year only considering commissions). OCTOBER 2016 JANUARY 2017 Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Cost of sale 0.00 25,000.00 356,250.00 1,010,000.00 2,360,000.00 6,860,000.00 Development intensification 205,000.00 180,000.00 175,000.00 1,210,000.00 2,330,000.00 2,810,000.00 Fixed expenses 0.00 50,000.00 1,311,000.00 3,950,000.00 7,450,000.00 13,150,000.00 TOTAL EXPENSES 205,000.00 255,000.00 1,842,250.00 6,170,000.00 12,140,000.00 22,820,000.00 TOTAL REVENUE 50,000.00 184,805.00 3,405,125.00 12,396,400.00 30,991,000.00 92,973,000.00 Balance -155,000.00 -70,195.00 1,562,875.00 6,226,400.00 18,851,000.00 70,153,000.00 1st round of investment 2,302,250.00($35,000) ($1mln) 2nd round of investment 12,083,600.00($170,000) 12 (numbers are in roubles, $1=70)
  11. Only 15 Minutes And Shares Of Are Yours! Give us only 15 minutes and we will gladly share our step by step plan, show the proven metrics, and demonstrate the realistic potential for growth. We will provide a business plan for the analysis of your experts. You will be pleasantly surprised by our competitive advantages. We are focused on a long-term cooperation and to grow together! 13
  12. WWW.OVERPRO.RU CONTACTS +7 91603 30636