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  2. Why Higher Study Abroad? But, Why Not Industrial Job? 1. What do you mean by SUCCESS??? 2. All of you contain some unique inner talents, have you truly explored it ever? Or, waiting for SUCCESS CLOCK? 3. Do you know about famous RIPPLE EFFECT??? 4. Do your brain gets proper nourishment & environment to TRHIVE??? 5. In what position do you REALLY want to expect yourself after 10/20 years??? As usual or extraordinary??? 6. What do you prefer? monotonous LIFE or adventurous LIFE??? 7. What do you know about taking extreme RISKS/CHALLENGES & their uncertain results???
  3. What Do You Exactly Need? Special blessings of almighty GOD & your allocated LUCK Never giving up by trying hardest until final success Inevitable passion, patience, and perseverance Blessings of your parents Blessings from your Teachers Intelligent communication with Seniors & its continuation Batchmate's cooperation & junior’s help Research experience/skill development through interactive research club
  4. Why Higher Study Abroad? Possible Reasons To serve the world by solving problems by research To build-up honorable career in academia To lead an incredibly luxurious lifestyle To become a prestigious Nobel laureate To become a successful entrepreneu r To become a billionaire business owner To taste the eternal flavor of invention To make your dreams & passions come into reality To maximize the recognition of Bengali talents in global platform To make yourself realize how enjoyable & amazing our life could be!!!
  5. Textile Majors for Higher Study Textile Chemistry and Color Science Textile Science and Engineering Polymer and Fiber Engineering Material Science and Engineering Environmental Science and Engineering Industrial Engineering Engineering Management Apparel Design and Product Development Merchandising and Digital Retailing Apparel/Fashion Merchandising and others
  6. Research area(s) in Graduate Studies Nanocomposites, nanofiber, and Carbon-nanotubes Biodegradable polymers and multi-functional biomaterials Smart-textiles and protective garments Medical-textiles and Geo-textiles Polymer and fiber synthesis, processing, property improvement Dyeing, color chemistry, natural dyeing Waste recycling and reuse Consumer behavior and Market analysis Merchandising and Marketing strategies E-commerce and multi-channel digital retailing Sustainability in apparel design/fashion design Sustainability in product development/manufacturing and others
  7. University List for Graduate Studies American Universities North Carolina State University, Raleigh (#1 Ranked for Textiles) Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (only Ivy League University for Textile) University of Georgia, Athens Colorado State University, Fort Collins Washington State University, Pullman Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge University of Nebraska, Lincoln Texas State University, San Marcos University of North Texas, Denton Thomas Jefferson University, East Falls Campus, Philadelphia
  8. University List for Graduate Studies American Universities University of California, Davis Oklahoma State University, Stillwater University of Massachusetts, Lowell University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth University of Wyoming, Laramie University of Delaware, Newark University Of Missouri, Columbia University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Kansas State University, Manhattan Iowa State University, Ames
  9. University List for Graduate Studies American Universities  University of Texas at Austin, Austin  Baylor University, Waco  Mississippi State University, Starkville  California State University Los Ángeles  University of North Carolina, Greensboro  Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant  Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti  Ohio State University, Columbus  Ohio University, Athens  University of Rhode Island, Kingston and others
  10. University List for Graduate Studies British Universities 1. University of Manchester 2. Bolton University 3. University of Leeds 4. Herriot Watt University 5. University of Cambridge 6. University of Southampton 7. University of Huddersfield 8. London Metropolitan University 9. Manchester Metropolitan University 10. Royal College of Art 11. De Montfort University 12. University College Falmouth and others
  11. University List for Graduate Studies Chinese Universities 1. Donghua University 2. Tianjin Institute of Textile Science & Technology 3. Wuhan University of Technology 4. Zhejiang University 5. Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology 6. Dalian Institute of Technology 7. Northwest Institute of Textile Science & Technology 8. Zhengzhou Textile Institute 9. Guangzhou University 10. Nankai University 11. Hebei University of Science and Technology 12. Peking University 13. Tianjin University and others 30+ Universities
  12. University List for Graduate Studies Japanese Universities 1. Shinshu University 2. Yokohama National University 3. The University of Tokyo 4. Nagoya Institute of Technology 5. Tokyo Institute of Technology 6. Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts 7. Kyoto University of Art and Design 8. Kobe institute of Fashion and Design 9. Kansai University 10. Hiroshima University 11. Aichi Institute of Technology 12. Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology and others 25+ Universities
  13.  University List for Graduate Studies Canadian Universities University of Manitoba, Winnipeg University of Alberta, Edmonton and others Australian Universities Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University of New South Wales Curtin University of Technology Deakin University and others
  14.  University List for Graduate Studies European Universities Universidade Do Minho, Portugal Dresden University, Germany Niederrhein University, Germany Boras University, Sweden University of Copenhegen, Denmark Politechnico Di Torino, Italy Ensait Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Arts Et Industries Textiles, France and others
  15. Avrg. Annual Cost of Attendance  Annual Graduate Cost of Attendance (COA) varies based on living costs in different University Areas and program strengths  For USA, average annual COA: $45,000 USD  For UK, average annual COA: £20,000 (Approx. $26,500 USD)  For Canada, average annual COA: $30,000 CAD (Approx. $23,000 USD)  For Australia, average annual COA: $41,000 AU (Approx. $30,500 USD)  For European Universities, average annual COA: $20,000 USD (Tuition is waived in some Universities specially in Germany)
  16. Financial Assistance/Funding Many organizations provide research grants to professors for research & development in every research project every year. From these funds professors buy required instruments & remaining is spend out after recruiting research assistants Major funding criteria for different countries:  European Universities (University’s central funding, DAAD, ERASMUS MUNDUS etc.)  Australian Universities (Professor’s research grant and University’s central funding)  American Universities (Most cases, Professor’s research grant and University funding)  British Universities (Commonwealth, Chevening, Marie curie, University’s central funding)  Japanese Universities (Monbukagakusho, University’s central funding)  Chinese Universities (govt. scholarships, University’s central funding)
  17. Scholarship/Assistantship Types Scholarships is usually given on following conditions: Graduate Assistantship (GA) Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF) Research associate/Teaching associate Research Fellow of different organizations like NSF, DOF, USAF Special scholarship by any organization like DAAD, Erasmus Mundus, Commonwealth, Marie Curie, Aga Khan etc. University Scholarships (McNair, Fulbright etc.) and others
  18. Requirements for Scholarships/Funding USA: Higher/Lower CGPA, Higher IELTS/TOEFL, moderate GRE, high quality Research Publications Australia: Higher CGPA, Higher IELTS/TOEFL, Higher GRE (if required), high quality Research Publications Canada: Higher CGPA, GRE (only for highly ranked universities), Higher IELTS/TOEFL, Research Publications EU: Higher CGPA, Higher IELTS/TOEFL, country-wise language skills UK: Higher CGPA, Higher IELTS/TOEFL, good Research Publications Japan: Higher CGPA, better Research Publications, Japanese Language skills China: Higher CGPA, Research Publications, Chinese Language skills
  19. Never worry about lower CGPA Low CGPA??? You have nothing to worry about!!! Concentrate on the following: Statement of Purpose Recommendation Letters Relate job experiences with research Research experiences Research publications Good speaking and writing scores in TOEFL or IELTS Overall good scores in GRE Other related hands-on-training and courses
  20. ARE YOU A FEMALE ASPIRANT??? Why least amount of female are aspirants of higher study abroad? 1. Fear of insecurity in abroad 2. Family obligation 3. Marital issues 4. Cultural impact on mind setup 5. Not willing to take risks/challenges 6. Lack of proper information/guidelines The good news for you: 1. Thousands of female students are going abroad each year 2. Separate housing/apartments for female students 3. Spouses can stay with you through F-2 Visa 4. You can continue your study even if you have kids 5. Campus securities are super strong & active 6. Sexual harassment is such a crime, which is unforgivable there 7. You can easily keep pace with the local community 8. There always must be an awesome Bangladeshi Students Community in every foreign University.
  21. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) At first, take mental preparation to take the GRE and get DETERMINED Take your preparation time at least 6 months, and maximum 1 year Only study the following materials (RED marked are the most important) ETS official guide ETS Verbal Reasoning & Analytical writing ETS Quantitative Reasoning Magoosh GRE (all videos, study materials, and practice tests) Manhattan 1-6 Manhattan 7-8 Manhattan 5 lbs and Analytical writing Only Reading Comprehension (RC) section from ETS big book For Vocabulary: Word Smart I&II, VocaBuilder, Barrons 800 & 333 high frequency Practice tests and Mock tests: ETS PowerPrep I&II, Magoosh, GREC center, Kaplan Study OPINION section of NYtimes, LAtimes and articles from
  22. TOEFL/IELTS Preparation TOEFL exam is conducted by Educational Testing Services (ETS)-Less costly & convenient IELTS is conducted by British Council and IDP-Much costly & complicated system Prepare beforehand and complete your registration and exam before November (for FALL) For TOEFL: ETS Official Guide to the TOEFL Test, Magoosh TOEFL (all materials & practice test) For IELTS: (BEST) TOEFL:  (BEST)  (BEST)  (BEST-The ultimate website for TOEFL)  (BEST-The ultimate website for TOEFL Mock tests)  (Official) 
  23. A-Z HSA (USA) Processing Step 1: Make sure your Bangladeshi Passport, all certificates and Academic Transcripts are ready Step 2: Prepare and take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and TOEFL/IELTS before at least 3 months of application deadlines Step 3: Search the University websites, then select Universities based on your overall profile Step 4: Prepare your SOP/Personal Statement, Academic Resume, Letter of Recommendations (LORs), and Publications/Thesis papers Step 5: Maximize E-mailing to the professors for asking opportunity in their current research projects to work with them & try to impress them in different intelligent ways
  24. A-Z HSA (USA) Processing Step 6: If they are convinced, they will suggest you to apply in their University, then you should apply by submitting required application materials as per official instructions Step 7: After applying, you must have to continue E-mailing to manage funding or financial assistantships and wait until the final admission decision Step 8: After receiving official acceptance letter, knock professors frequently for funding decision, then Professor may conduct interview via SKYPE and make the final funding decision (if you can prove that you’re better!!!) Step 9: After that, you will receive official funding offer letter and after few days I-20 (Visa documents) will be delivered to you via EXPRESS-MAIL Step 10: Then you have to schedule an appointment at US Embassy after paying SEVIS fee, Visa processing fee, DS- 160 form fill-up & confirmation, Bank statement (if case of I-20 deficit) Step 11: If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get the US Visa, then Book the Air Ticket, complete the required shopping, get mentally & academically prepared and FLY TO USA!!! BEST OF LUCK!!!
  25. Application materials Formal application through intended University website Official transcripts from Undergraduate University Official scores of GRE and TOEFL/IELTS Letter of recommendation (at least 3 LORs) Statement of purpose (SOP)/Letter of Intent/Motivation Letter/Cover Letter/Personal Statement (different titles but same purpose) Academic Resume/CV (for USA/Canada/North American Universities, headings must be ‘Academic Resume’ not ‘Curriculum Vitae’) Research papers/scholarly writing samples (if required by the program) Other additional certificates (if required by the program)
  26. Some tips and guidelines Tips#01 Apply early and complete application within November (for Fall term) & please maximize your application and emailing to professors as well
  27. Some tips and guidelines Tips#02 Become passionate about research and try to improve your profile, because for Textiles there's extreme competition but limited funding
  28. Some tips and guidelines Tips#03 Maintain intelligent Strategies while emailing, your email have to be different for every professor and mention your research interests similar as your intended professor
  29. Some tips and guidelines Tips#04 Apply to different majors like Environmental Science and Engineering, Polymer and Fiber Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Engineering Management, Biopolymer and Bioplastics, Interior Design and others
  30. Some tips and guidelines Tips#05 Focus on research publications in any international peer reviewed journal according to your intended program (If you plan for MS in Environmental Engineering, you must have to do some practical research & publications in that area)
  31. Some tips and guidelines Tips#06 Study the research papers extensively before emailing to any specific professor, it's also applicable when you get slightest positive replies
  32. Some tips and guidelines Tips#07 Always be confident while Skype interviews and share your extraordinary new ideas/research proposal/research goal/related experience which can bring major innovations in your field
  33. Some tips and guidelines Tips#08 Please write your SOP/Personal Statement very carefully and make it standard after at least 20/30 times peer review
  34. Some tips and guidelines Tips#09 Please do not e-mail different/all professors from the same department in the same University at a time, wait until getting replies from one professor, if not, then go for another professor. Sometimes they discuss about you with other professors or just forward the mail to the program director!!!
  35. Some tips and guidelines Tips#10 Communication skills is one of the most important quality, which you must have to maintain throughout your application process and during your graduate studies as well. So, get your communication level higher than other aspirants and start intelligent, frequent & polite email conversation with professors after getting even slight positive replies.
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