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Sspi day out 2013 o3b

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O3b - O Inicio da Operação da O3b - Paulo Berlinsky

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Sspi day out 2013 o3b

  1. 1. The beginning of Operations for O3b SSPI Day Out 2013 Paulo Berlinsky
  2. 2. O3b's Satellites Launch Successfully
  3. 3. How can O3b Help Reach them Faster? 3
  4. 4. MOS QoE QoS Industry Barriers we must overcome 4 Low Voice Quality Low Quality Video Long Response Times Information Loss Service Outage Jitter Loss Availability Throughput Latency ITU-T E.800, P.10, G.1080 & ETSI 2010 QoE
  5. 5. What are we trying to adapt to? 5 BusinessCriticality BusinessContinuity Latency Sensitivity Best effort “No real-time requirement” Transmission Latency >1s Main Frame E-mail Analytics Document management Procurement Finance ERP HR CRM Private Cloud Web/http Web 2.0 Collaboration Video Transactions Virtual desktop Trading Desk Medical imaging Priority “small delay acceptable” Real-Time “Instantaneous” Proximity Fastest wins” Voice Online gaming 400-200ms >150ms >0.1ms Public CloudBackup/recovery Archives Mobile broadband
  6. 6. Fundamentals behind our approach 6 Unlimited Spectrum Scalable Satellite Level Redundancy Match fiber for QoE Manufacturing Synergies Lower cost
  7. 7. Initial Performance Results – 4 Satellites
  8. 8. O3b Maritime Terminals Under Test 8
  9. 9. Base Camp slide – Full Screen Image
  10. 10. Where next after Base Camp? Hybrid Ka/C-Band and Diversity Routing to increase availability Flat Panel Antenna for simpler 3G data offload Lower Cost Tier-2 Single Reflector dual C/Ka Terminal C/Ka Swappable Feed based Stabilized Terminal Vendor TBC BELIZE HONDURAS EL SALVADOR COSTA RICA PANAMA CAYMAN ISLANDS JAMAICA THE BAHAMAS HAITI DOMINICAN REPUBLIC PUERTO RICO MARTINIQUE ST. LUCIA GRENADA TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINESCaribbean Sea Gulf of Mexico Atlantic Ocean COLOMBIA VENEZUELA GUYANA SAINT MAARTEN 200k m NICARAGUA CUBA Fixed Coverage (Beam Switching in Handover) Wider Bandwidth Satellite Transponder (216-240 MHz) TCP Acceleration and Object Compression/Caching Caching and CDN Packing more carriers in same space: 5% filter roll off EMC Diversity Combining r Header & Payload compression Worlds Most advanced Trunking Solution
  11. 11. O3b's Satellites Launch Successfully 11 The first four O3b satellites launched on June 25, 2013 Demonstrated performance is higher than specified More than 25 Gbps of capacity already committed #1 in Trunk (Pacific Region) #1HighThroughput forCruiser -#13GPPbackhaul celular Commercial Service Commencement in Q1 2014 O3b – Extending your reach, one beam at a time