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Sspi day 13 maio-2014 - sat corporation

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SAT Corporation - Carrier ID (CID) - Bob Potter

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Sspi day 13 maio-2014 - sat corporation

  1. 1. Carrier ID (CID) Bob Potter May 2014
  2. 2. 2www.sat.com | SAT Corporation • SAT provides tailored COTS solutions and subject matter expertise in providing networked solutions for Satellite payload operations and Terrestrial RFI systems to both commercial and government agencies world wide. • Market Leader in RF Spectrum Monitoring for over 28 years, now add Geolocation • Our competitors combined are half the size of SAT • Largest customer base in all regions of the world. >26 Commercial Satellite Operators world wide in 57 countries. • System complexity ranges from simple single 7x24 POC with regional measurement sites to multiple 7x24 POC and world wide measurement sites • SAT pioneered co channel interference detection, always across the full bandwidth of any satellite carrier. SAT was the first to market high performance, wide bandwidth digital solutions for detection, characterization of interference • Acquired satID from QinetiQ to form the best in class Detect and Locate
  3. 3. 3www.sat.com | Different path lengths give Differential Time Offset (DTO) Different satellite velocities gives Differential Frequency Offset (DFO) Actually calculates error ellipse directly from measurements Interference Detection, Location and Resolution Pinpoint the Location
  4. 4. 4www.sat.com | Changing the way We view Operations • Situational Awareness • Map, Satellite, Beam, Measurement Site • Graphical map driven views is the future of payload operations
  5. 5. 5www.sat.com | Resolution - CID MKIII Terminology • DVB-CID • The carrier ID specification, “DVB Document A164”, describes a framing structure, channel coding and modulation type for a CID. • Host Carrier - This is the carrier that has its identification information transported by the CID carrier • The CID carrier is transmitted along with the host carrier. • The CID carrier is between 17 to 27dB below the host carrier (depending on bandwidth). • The frequency of the CID carrier is either +220Hz (no spectral inversion) or -220Hz (spectral inversion) from the host carrier center frequency • The CID modulation type is BPSK • The symbol rate is 224Ksymbols per second (reducing to 112Ksymbols per second for host carriers < 512Ksymbols per second)
  6. 6. 6www.sat.com | CID Basics • Framing Structure • Each frame is repeated 4 times • Each frame contains the CID, as well as other information • SAT is only interested in extracting the CID, the other information can be made available upon request. • One frame takes 4.5 seconds to transmit
  7. 7. 7www.sat.com | CID MKIII Basics • CID receiver • Has to determine center frequency of CID carrier reference to the Host carrier, so in other words we need to be able to measure the host carrier center frequency very accurately. • Looks for one of two unique word energy either at CF+220Hz or at CF-220Hz • The frame chip rate provides 36dB of processing gain to extract the CID, which is OK when measuring CID against host. When CID is -27.5dB (carrier less than 2MSymbols), gives +8.5dB of SNR of signal which is sufficient for demodulation. • CID Receiver needs • Measure host carrier CF, even if it is an interferer (requires Carrier under Carrier technology) • Capture at least 9 seconds of data at the two potential CID carrier frequencies • Detect presence of CID carrier and extract the CID word
  8. 8. 8www.sat.com | CID MKIII Receiver • CID receiver • Any receiver will take a minimum (perfect world) 4.5seconds to decode the CID, more likely 20seconds to complete process after CID measurement is activated • Software receiver using existing SAT-DSP 5000 hardware with hardware decimation option installed. • Gives CID extraction in 20 seconds typical • Can be used to extract CID of interfering carrier when CID is -30dB/RBW referenced to the wanted carrier peak spectral density. • Example: • If interfering host carrier is 2MHz in BW and its peak sepctral density is 6dB below the wanted carrier the CID will be -30dB reference to the wanted carrier. CID extraction will work.
  9. 9. 9www.sat.com | CID Measurement Modes • CID receiver • Software receiver provided only as a manual request measurement, for line up interfering carrier CID extraction • Uses existing DSP hardware DG5010 • Export function for CID • Tested with multiple manufacturers’ modems • Future • Automated CID measurements for known carriers across satellite bandwidth, using existing or new hardware
  10. 10. 10www.sat.com | Monics, CarrierID