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Sspi day 13 maio-2014 - advantech wireless

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Advantech Wireless - Innovation. World class performance. Best ROI. - Mario Jorge Santos

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Sspi day 13 maio-2014 - advantech wireless

  1. 1. Mario Jorge Santos Regional Sales Director Advantech Wireless Innovation. World class performance. Best ROI.
  2. 2. Overview • Successful projects implemented in more than 150 countries in LATAM, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and North America. • Bringing the cost saving solution to the most important industries. • 25+ years leading the market with the most powerful innovations in technologies that help our customers to obtain the most efficient satellite and terrestrial microwave radios solutions. • 300+ employees in 11 countries, including 4 LATAM countries. Unmatched product range and experience: • Baseband VSAT HUB, SCPC and MF TDMA remote modems/routers • IP Encapsulators, PEP/Accelerators, Routers, QoS Traffic Shapers, GPS • Transceivers, Frequency Converters, Ultra Linear HPA (SSPAs/BUCs) • Antennas: COTM, Deployable, Flyaway, Man Pack and Earth Stations, 16m • System Integration: civil and electrical works, shelters and mobile trailers
  3. 3. World Class Innovation Advantech Wireless Proprietary 3 Powerful State-of-the-art GaN technology and new Advanced Multicarrier Modulator A Truly Portable Teleport ! 200W Ku-Band UltraLinear™ SapphireBlu™ Series GaN Based HPAs MSBM-500 Satellite Modulator +
  4. 4. Innovation Advantech Wireless Proprietary 4 Advantech Wireless is the world’s foremost expert in GaN based HPA/BUC’s technology and products. Smaller, Lighter, More Powerful than conventional technology. Increased power efficiency, reduced power dissipation, more linear amplitude response . GaN Teleport Technology of the Year 2014 World Teleport Association Award Most Innovative Product of the Year 2013 Vision Awards. Satellite Markets and Research SapphireBlu™ Series UltraLinearTM GaN based HPAs
  5. 5. • Powerful, UltraLinearTM, Military Grade Technology • Wide band, 750 MHz • From 16 W to 6 KW • C, X, Ku-band full coverage • Field replaceable, Hot-Swappable Cooling Fan, Power Supply, or RF Module- less spares in stock • Outperforms all existing technologies, either GaAs, LDMOS, Klystron, or TWTs • High Reliability, at least 50% more than all existing SSPAs technologies Up to 70% reduction in weight, size, energy consumption GaN based SapphireBluTM Series SSPAs Advantech Wireless Proprietary 5
  6. 6. GaN based SapphireBluTM Series SSPAs • Modern Design Architecture, Ruggedized, All Outdoor • Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions • Modular, Built in Redundancy, Plug In concept • Up to 6 KW ruggedized, mobile, Integrated on Antenna Suspended Platform! • The ultimate solution in terms of Power, Linearity, Efficiency ! • Free the cash and become competitive for years to come! • Take full advantage of Digital TV achievements and performance Advantech Wireless Proprietary 6
  7. 7. SapphireBlu™ Series Advantech Wireless Proprietary 7 200W Ku-Band UltraLinear™ SapphireBlu™ Series GaN Based HPA • Low energy consumption • High Efficiency • High Power • High reliability • UltraLinear™ designed for Multi Carriers Operations • Able to cover simultaneously all transponders of a specific satellite, regular or extended bands. • Unmatched performance, surpassing all technologies available on the market. The only worldwide solution able to offer the maximum use of satellite bandwidth and power.
  8. 8. MSBM-500 Multi-Carrier Satellite Broadcast Modulator 8 • Capable of generating from one 500 MHz carrier up to 16 independent 30 Msymbols/s carriers in the 950 MHz to 2150 MHz band. • Supports DVB-S/S2 functionality in a multi-channel environment and is equipped with two GigE based IP or/and ASI data inputs. • All carriers are frequency agile and have individual control of power, symbol rate, FEC rate and roll off. Advantech Wireless Proprietary
  9. 9. MSBM-500 Satellite Modulator Advantech Wireless Proprietary 9 Perfect digital broadcast match for GaN based SSPA technology Can split information into small sub bands, when large continuous bands are not available The ultimate in performance
  10. 10. MSB 500 and GaN SSPB 10 • One carrier + one 200W BUC = perfect solution for SNG or small Teleport • Add up to 16 carriers + same 200W BUC at 6 dB back off= Powerful Teleport Solution, equivalent of 16 new modulators and 750W Linearized TWT! • No additional hardware cost, huge CAPEX savings: - 16 modulators require additional expensive shelter and wiring - 16 modulators require additional combiners and cabling - 16 modulators require additional electrical energy - 16 modulators require new NMS system, complex frequency planning - Our solution does not require any of them ! - Estimated cost savings in excess of 300,000 US$ - This is the Future Architecture of the next generation Teleport Design Advantech Wireless Proprietary
  11. 11. Your best choice End-to-end satellite communications technologies 11Advantech Wireless Proprietary At Advantech Wireless we provide industry-leading innovations in advanced end-to-end satellite communication technologies. Our commitment is to help our customers achieve best performance and maximize ROI by providing complete customized turnkey solutions.
  12. 12. Advantech Wireless Proprietary 12 Thank you For more information please visit: www.advantechwireless.com