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Spectrum day-2009-intelsat

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Intelsat - Esforços para Redução de Interferências

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Spectrum day-2009-intelsat

  1. 1. 5792-Business-Update - 1 SSPI Brasil Spectrum Day - Rio de Janeiro, 15 de Setembro 2009 Esforços para Redução de Interferências Manoel Almeida
  2. 2. 5792-Business-Update - 2 Introducing I3 • Intelsat has made, and continues to make, capital investments into tools and training to help troubleshoot and manage instances of RFI on its network • Intelsat understands that robust infrastructure is a needed first step but that meaningful solutions require the entire industry • Intelsat has embarked on the Intelsat Interference management Initiative or, “I3”
  3. 3. 5792-Business-Update - 3 Intelsat… Rallying the Industry • I3 looks to leverage industry partners, including operators, industry groups, customers and hardware manufacturers • Satellite Operators Interference Working Group established in March during Satellite 2009 – Intelsat teamed w/ SES and hosted the first meeting at Intelsat HQ in Washington, DC • Outreach to SUIRG, GVF and WBU-ISOG targeted initiatives • Established the I3 Customer Advisory Team – ABC Television – Vizada – NHK – Gateway – Global Crossing – MTN / Seamobile – US Government • Intelsat promoting I3 at industry events to inform customers and rally support
  4. 4. 5792-Business-Update - 4 Satellite Operators Interference Reduction Working Group • Formed March 2009 • 11 satellite operators have joined • Four (4) meetings held to-date • Cooperation beyond critical operations events – RFI investigation – Management of Adjacent Satellite Interference (ASI) – Coordination of In Orbit Testing – Satellite hinder coordination • Operators have, in general, endorsed common set of initiatives targeted to reducing RFI consistent with the I3 program
  5. 5. 5792-Business-Update - 5 Satellite Operator Interference Reduction Working Group – 4th Meeting on 9 July 2009 • Leader: Intelsat • Participants: Intelsat, SES, Telesat, Hispasat, JSAT, SatMex, Eutelsat, Asiasat • Agenda: – Satellite Operator Contact List – RFI Alert and Status – Carrier ID / Insertion and Extraction Documentation Review and Program – Training & Certification Endorsement and Rollout to Uplinkers/Installers – Data Sharing – Leveraging Industry Groups
  6. 6. 5792-Business-Update - 6 Interference Management Sub-Initiatives Carrier ID (aka ATIS) Industry-wide Initiatives Data Sharing & RFI Alert Network Training & Certification Monitoring Tool Enhancements & Metrics Planning & Processes Interference Metrics Intelsat Initiatives
  7. 7. 5792-Business-Update - 7 Intelsat Sub-Initiatives Monitoring Tool Enhancement & Metrics • Geo-location Capabilities – Goal: Improve geo-location capabilities – Determining gaps in geo-location capabilities – Will evaluate and prioritize requirements to close gaps
  8. 8. 5792-Business-Update - 8 Interference Management Sub-Initiatives Carrier ID (aka ATIS) Industry-wide Initiatives Data Sharing & RFI Alert Network Training & Certification Monitoring Tool Enhancements & Metrics Planning & Processes Interference Metrics Intelsat Initiatives
  9. 9. 5792-Business-Update - 9 Carrier Identification (ID) • Goal: To provide the means to identify an interfering carrier to minimize outage/degradation resolution time • Variously referred to as ‘Carrier ID’, or in the United States ‘ATIS’ – Concepts for video (MPEG) carriers developed through WBU-ISOG and SUIRG – Capability demonstrated at WBU-ISOG in 2006 • Two basic forms of the capability – Transmission of uplink GPS location and other ID info – Transmission of ID info only (requires database cross-check) • Information can be embedded in: – Modem header information – Incorporated into encoding standards • Adoption by vendors/manufacturers is key to the success of this approach
  10. 10. 5792-Business-Update - 10 Carrier Identification (ID) • WBU-ISOG and SUIRG continue to promote this technology for video carriers, industry has been slow to adopt • Intelsat along with the members Satellite Operator Interference Working Group have reviewed the WBU-ISOG proposal of June 2008 – Developed requirements/standards for Carrier-ID insertion and extraction system for all other non-MPEG carriers – Formal endorsement by all operators expected upon final review – deadline 30 August 2009 • Implementation timelines to be determined in coordination with industry partners • While WBU-ISOG proposal covers only video carriers, Intelsat is taking the lead to also promote the use of Carrier ID for data carriers
  11. 11. 5792-Business-Update - 11 Data Sharing and RFI Alert System • Satellite operators use informal sharing of RFI event information as a key tool in resolving RFI – Information sharing is not structured nor archived – Obvious commercial sensitivities have hampered progress • In order to support proper investigation, operators need to share more detailed information through an RFI Incident Database • Satellite Operator Working Group now discussing methods to improve the cooperation on RFI resolution – Investigating structured means of sharing and archiving event information data – SUIRG has in the past collated ‘anonymous’ interference data for statistics • Sharing of RFI Incident Data would most likely be achieved through and in concert with a RFI Alert Network
  12. 12. 5792-Business-Update - 12 Data Sharing and RFI Alert System • The exchange of operational data (Data Sharing) is key to a number of critical satellite operations activities: – Interference analysis including Adjacent Satellite Interference (ASI) • Requires transmission plans, beam coverage, antenna performance – RFI Geolocation • Using interferometric techniques, requires ephemerides, adjacent satellite configuration, Reference Emitters (known uplink sources) with Lat./Long. • Exchange has been informal between operators • Recent efforts have sought to standardize, formalize and automate processes
  13. 13. 5792-Business-Update - 13 Data Sharing and RFI Alert System • Facilitate better collaboration between Satellite Operators handling real time Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) events – Reduce certain customer service impacting events – Facilitate cooperation between operators for more “eyes in the sky” • RFI Alert is an email based system – Single address RFI ALERT distributes to all Satellite Operators – Housed by SUIRG • Once sent – RFI Alerts will be reviewed by all operations centers in near real time – Operators will “clear” their networks – Alert originator sends “all clear” notice upon resolution • Proof of concept completed in May 2009 • First system test completed in August 2009 • As of this meeting, system not yet used for real event
  14. 14. 5792-Business-Update - 14 Training and Certification • Intelsat has reviewed two programs and endorses both • Intelsat has committed funds to train and certify customers in targeted regions with major interference issues • Intelsat making a 3-year commitment to train and certify those that can’t afford training • Focusing on customers with history of interference-causing behavior • Teaming with other operators to keep costs down, spread the burden and penetrate market • Intelsat encourages all customers to: – Train installation and teleport staff – Use trained and certified integrators/installers
  15. 15. 5792-Business-Update - 15 Training and Certification • GVF provides specific training for the installation and operation of VSAT networks, which, as members of GVF, is endorsed by Intelsat and SES: – http://www.gvf.org • A list of GVF certified installers can be found at: – http://www.gvf.org/training/index.cfm?item=installers • Training specific to mobile SNGs can be found at Beaconseek/Slingpath: – http://www.slingpath.com • In addition to these training packages which are also relevant to fixed earth stations, there are other reputable sources such as: – Skjei Telecom: http://www.skjeitelecom.com • WBU-ISOG & SUIRG provide criteria for recommended training packages: – http://suirg.org/pdf/GeneralTrainingPrinciples.pdf
  16. 16. 5792-Business-Update - 16 Contact in Intelsat • Steve Good, Global Director, Customer Solutions Engineering
  17. 17. 5792-Business-Update - 17 SSPI Brasil Spectrum Day - Rio de Janeiro, 15 de Setembro 2009 Obrigado Manoel Almeida