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Ses update sspi 2014 compatibility mode

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SES - SES Update - Jurandir Pitsch

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Ses update sspi 2014 compatibility mode

  1. 1. Jurandir Pitsch May 2014 – SSPI SES Update
  2. 2. Satellite fleet today – 56 Satellites
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  6. 6. SES Global Access Network With our Global Access Network we ensure our customers are connected to the world’s leading satellite fleet, through our extensive fibre reach and our network of teleports.
  7. 7. September 2011 (Date in Arial Regular 10 pt) Document Name (Name in Arial Regular 10 pt) 7 Remote Playout
  8. 8. SES Proprietary and Confidential 8 SES-10 – 50 Ku band transponders (2 H 2016) @ 67 West ▲SES-10 HSA Beam ▲Mexico/C. America/Caribbean ▲12 x 36 MHz plus 8 x 54 MHz in Brazil
  9. 9. 9 NSS-806: Creating a New Video Community ▲C-Band coverage ▲NSS-806 was relocated from 40.5°W to 47.5°W, The same hemispheric coverage that made 40.5ºW a success now with a better elevation angle for Mexico. ▲It will be used extensively for Brazil´s World Cup in 2014. Excellent opportunity for the Olympics for 2016. ▲SES is providing antennas and LNBs for cable head- ends and DTH Head ends in Latin America. Typical size is 3.7 meter. Program starting in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, but available for all Latin America. ▲Dual feeder (40.5° West and 47.5° West) is an alternative for sites with limited space (4.5 meter or 3.7 meter) and could also provide contingency for SES-6. ▲NSS-806 will provide Expansion for Latin America’s Premier Video Neighborhood ▲SES’ second video community for Latin America
  10. 10. 10 Key Facts about NSS-806 ▲To provide redundancy for Latin America’s premier video neighborhood ▲C-Band ▲ Offers strong redundancy for SES-6, SES’ premier video community ▲ Provides additional C- and Ku-Band capacity to the region that will serve both cable and DTH distribution. ▲ C-Band frequencies to provide growth capacity for video distribution content to Latin America, the U.S., and Europe ▲ Uplink to downlink connectivity between beams to facilitate video distribution ▲ High-power hemispheric beam delivering maximum reach ▲ SES’ fully funded antenna program ▲+36 C, +6 Ku ▲C-Band
  11. 11. 11 SES-6 planned C band antenna program ▲C-Band ▲ Provides additional C- capacity to the region that will serve the cable distribution ▲ SES is providing an upgrade on existing antennas pointed to SES-6 in specific markets in LA. ▲ Brazil should have 100% penetration in 2014: ▲ DTH Operators : Sky Brazil, Vivo TV, Oi TV, Claro TV, GVT, Sercomtel, Nossa TV ▲ Cable : NET, Vivo TV, Blue TV ▲ Others : Bandeirantes TV, Globo TV, Globosat, Terra, Sport Interativo, FFworks, Casablanca, ▲+15 C ▲SES can provide immediate transmission from US in the planned C band to Brazil
  12. 12. 12 Antenna Program for SES-6 – planned C band ▲LNB ▲LO - 5.75 ▲STB Input Range: ▲950-2150 MHz ▲Single Feed ▲Antenna ▲950-2125 MHz ▲950-1250 MHz ▲Planned C ▲1550-2125 ▲(Standard C ) ▲Standard C Band ▲3625 to 4200 MHz ▲Planned C Band ▲4500 to 4800 MHz • SES has developed, with its manufacturer partners, a modified feeder and LNB • Feeder and LNB operate in the full C band : 3625 to 4800 MHz • SES is providing a kit, with a feeder and LNB´s for cable operators in the region , to upgrade existing antennas. • In specific sites, SES is providing 3.7 meter or dual feed 4.5 meter
  13. 13. ▲LNB´s – dual polarization ▲Feeder – ▲Ring ▲Modified feeder and LNB
  14. 14. ▲First NET installation in Fortaleza, Brazil. Feeder does not affect the quality of reception in the standard C Band and allows the site to operate in full 800 MHz per polarization. ▲SES is upgrading 59 antennas for NET Brazil, covering 200 cities and 6.1 million subscribers (34% of Brazil´s pay TV market).
  15. 15. Multiple feed C-Band antennas • Allows simultaneous reception of two or three satellites with minimum loss. • Commercially available. Normal sizes of 3.7 m and 4.5 meter for cable headends.
  16. 16. Brazil auction SES won two slots : 48 West in C, Ku and Ka bands and 64 West in Ku BSS band @ 48 West has 4 years to deploy a new satellite. • SES will operate NSS-806 at this location in C and Ku bands – End of life is April 2018. • Replacement should be procured until the end of this year. ▲ @ 64 West (BSS) SES has up to 6 years to deploy a new satellite. • Strategic position in the middle of the DTH arc in Brazil (from 43 West to 70 West) • High Power – original Brazilian planned slot. • SES will leverage its vast experience in providing BSS bands for its customers in Europe and North America. • SES is an infrastructure service provider – not a DTH player. 16 SES will operate under SES DTH do Brasil Ltda the two orbital positions. Company incorporated in São Paulo.
  17. 17. Thank you!