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Paradise linkguard rev01

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Teledyne Paradise - Signal-Under-Carrier Interference Detection - Richard Horner

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Paradise linkguard rev01

  1. 1. Commercial-in-Confidence Teledyne Paradise Datacom LinkGuard™ Signal-under-Carrier Interference Detection 0 Richard Horner Commercial Director, Latin America
  2. 2. Commercial-in-Confidence LinkGuard™ Interference Detection • Paradise modems support the world’s leading set of web-based link diagnostic tools: • Time-based performance graphs (Eb/No, etc.) • Spectrum monitor, BER tester, • Constellation monitor, and now… • Signal-under-carrier interference detection
  3. 3. Commercial-in-Confidence LinkGuard™ Applications • Detects: • Other modulated carriers transmitted on the wrong frequency • Adjacent satellite, adjacent channel, or cross-pol interfering carriers • Amplifier intermodulation products • Terrestrial interference • Wi-MAX • Radars • Self-interference from faulty RF equipment (spurs and spikes) • Jammers (purposeful interference)
  4. 4. Commercial-in-Confidence LinkGuard™ Implementation • Patented DSP algorithm running on the modem processor • Demodulator output is remodulated (but not transmitted) to allow comparison with the raw received signal • The remodulated signal attempts to match the demodulator input in terms of • Filtering characteristics, amplitude, phase, frequency offset, sample rate and time difference • The remodulated synthesized signal is subtracted from the received signal to identify any signal under the demodulated carrier • FFT is performed on both the demodulated carrier and the residual signal in order to display both as power spectra
  5. 5. Commercial-in-Confidence LinkGuard™ Key Features • Signal-under-carrier spectrum graph • Fast Fourier Transform, high resolution • Resolution = Carrier bandwidth / 2048 samples • ‘Persistence’ mode • Spectrum builds up over time capturing even temporary interference • Captures interference above carrier as well! • Compatible with PCMA • Can view any interference underneath the received carrier following Paired Carrier signal cancellation
  6. 6. Commercial-in-Confidence LinkGuard™ Example • 10Mbps 32APSK carrier – no interferer! • Rate 0.828, Eb/No = 14.5dB, Es/No = 20dB
  7. 7. Commercial-in-Confidence LinkGuard™ Example • Same carrier but now with interferer! • Interferer is 500kbps, QPSK rate ½ • No visible degradation to carrier even though link Es/No degraded by 4dB!
  8. 8. Commercial-in-Confidence LinkGuard™ Key Features • User-configurable interference alarm • Can set power threshold for interferer • Modem generates alarm above threshold • Proactive 24x7 monitoring • Interference detection is active even when not viewing web graph • Operator not required • Works while on traffic • Available in every Paradise modem
  9. 9. Commercial-in-Confidence LinkGuard™ Benefits • Unlike traditional interference detection equipment • Every carrier everywhere is monitored at all times • Monitoring is proactive, not just when you suspect you have interference • Is truly affordable (currently free with each new modem) • Interference status information can be retrieved remotely • ‘Over the air’, via internet, LAN, SNMP, etc.
  10. 10. Commercial-in-Confidence LinkGuard™ Summary • New ‘first line of defense’ against interference • Quicker interference detection leads to • Protection of service revenues (and service provider’s reputation) • Less service downtime/degradation • Lower maintenance costs • Helps resolve SLA quality-of-service disputes • Paradise patent-pending technology • Not available from any other modem manufacturer
  11. 11. Commercial-in-Confidence Obrigado! Richard Horner rhorner@teledyne.com 10