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O3b sspi vsat_day_presentation_2012

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O3b - Novidades sobre o cronograma de lançamento e equipamentos terminais - Paulo Berlinsky

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O3b sspi vsat_day_presentation_2012

  1. 1. O3b VSAT Day Presentation November 2012
  2. 2. Company overview What we do 2O3b Corporate Presentation Building a next-generation satellite constellation: capable of offering our customers connectivity which is better, faster and more affordable Each beam is connected to a high throughput teleport providing reliable, high- speed internet at a competitive price KA-band beams of 700km diameter: steerable around the globe, each delivering up to 1.2 Gbps Continuous coverage: when one satellite leaves, another satellite takes over without transmission interruption Initial constellation of eight MEO satellites: revolving around the earth, about 4 times per day O3b is 100% funded and on schedule for service launch early 2013 70+
  3. 3. Company overview Value proposition 3O3b Corporate Presentation MEO enables fiber-like latency connections via satellite. High Bandwidth Scalable options from 100MB up to 1.2 Gbps High Speed 4 x faster than Geostationary satellites Low Latency Roundtrip latency between 120-150 ms (depending on latitude and environmental conditions ): • Faster Interactivity • Superior Voice quality Low Cost Up to 30% cheaper Flexibility Steerable beams can be placed anywhere 45 degrees North/South of the Equator MEO: 8,062km altitude
  4. 4. Company overview O3b constellation 4O3b Corporate Presentation
  5. 5. Company overview Coverage 5O3b Corporate Presentation Global Coverage anywhere 45°North/South of the equator.
  6. 6. 6O3b Corporate Presentation
  7. 7. Customer Terminal Overview
  8. 8. 8 1.8m Antenna 5/10/20W VSAT Modem 2.4m Antenna 5/10/20/40W High Data Rate or VSAT Modem 4.5m 20/40/500/750W High Data Rate Modem 7.3m 500/750W High Data Rate Modem 10-50 500 Maximum Return Link Capacity (Mbps) $35-60k $60-120k $400-700k TerminalCost $1.2M 155 O3b Terminal Range
  9. 9. 9 Terminals Positioning- Modem Choice 15-25 Up to 500 0 10 #ofSites Up to 1691-15 20 100+ ComTech CDM-750 Point to Point Point to Point Or Point to Multipoint Viasat MeoLink Comtech Advanced VSAT Gilat meoEdge Point to Multipoint ComTech CDM- 625 Point to Point FL TDM/DVBS2 RLs SCPC SCPC-SCPC VersaFEC/ACM SCPC-SCPC DVB-S2 LDPC+BCH /ACM SCPC-SCPC DVB-S2/ACM
  10. 10. 10 ViaSat 4.5m Trunk Terminal Terminal Types • Dual 4.5m Ka band antenna baseline • 40W BUC or 500W HPAs options • Optional • 7.3m antenna • Site Diversity solution Tracking • Step track over program track High availability option • Third hot-standby antenna for 1:2 antenna redundancy • Redundant modems with IF switch Power Consumption ( 2 Antenna system) • Technical Power- 6.8KVA ( max ) • Utility Power – 7.0 KVA (max)
  11. 11. 11 1.8m and 2.4m Antennas Supplied by GD Satcom Antenna Subsystem • 2 x 1.8 or 2.4m Offset antennas used with 5, 10, 20 or 40W BUC/LNB • SMC reflector • Two axes of tracking utilizing a modified polar mount with closed loop tracking. • Tracking rate estimated to be between 1 and 2 degrees per minute. • Slew time to return antenna to home position on completion of tracking cycle < 3 minute.
  12. 12. O3b Stabilized Ka-Band Terminals • 1.2m and 2.2m Ka-band stabilized maritime VSAT Systems: • Dual tracking terminal for seamless handover at end of pass and in case of blockage • 3rd hot-standby antenna for redundancy (For OrBand™300) - A dedicated Dual System Selector provides instantaneous hot-swap with a third, redundant system System Size Data Rates Optional BUC’s OrSat™400 1.2m 5 – 100 Mbps 5W / 10W / 20W OrBand™300 2.2m 100 – 300 Mbps 10W/20W / 40W
  13. 13. O3b products
  14. 14. 15O3b Corporate Presentation Our IP Trunking Product High bandwidth anywhere, anytime 1. Speed and Performance – latency faster than long haul fiber. 2. Connectivity – Direct connectivity to the global Internet. 3. Flexibility – What you want, where you want, when you want. 4. Scalable data rates from 100 Mbps up to 1.2 Gbps. 5. Service Level Agreement – Share O3b’s confidence in your solution of choice with concrete guarantees. 1. Rapid Deployment – can be deployed much faster than fiber infrastructure. 2. Reduced Downtime – in-orbit redundancy, combined with fully redundant ground network architecture. 3. Additional Bandwidth when required – burst up to 15% above service data rates at no additional charge. BenefitsKey features
  15. 15. 16O3b Corporate Presentation Our Mobile Backhaul Product A revolution in mobile backhaul 1. Lowest Cost Per Bit passed through the network. 2. Highest possible voice quality over satellite. 3. Highest possible download speeds over satellite. 4. Highest subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) through faster application performance. 5. First satellite system fully compliant with ITU and 3GPP performance specifications (G1010 and G114). 1. Operators are able to deploy 3G services over satellite, profitably, for the first time. 2. End users will be able to detect the difference in voice quality on an O3b network leading to longer and more frequent calls generating more revenue. 3. Operators will provide download speeds to end users 4x greater than networks backhauled over GEO as standard. 4. End Users will be able to detect a 4.8x improved application performance when running data services over the network drawing significantly more revenue and subscribers to the network. 5. Operators will benefit from a smooth evolution through each release of 3GPP with O3b and benefit from a long-term supplier future proof against future voice and data standards. BenefitsKey features
  16. 16. 17O3b Corporate Presentation Our Maritime Product First-class connectivity at sea 1. High Capacity Throughput • High speed terminal delivers data rates up to 500 Mbps • More users on ship at substantially higher data rates • Offload business processes from ships to shore data centers 2. Ultra Low Latency • Round trip latency between 120-150 ms (depending on latitude and environmental conditions ) • Faster Internet response time and higher throughput per session • Support business and real-time guest applications • Higher quality voice calls 3. Steerable Beams • Follow a ship on its cruise • Real-time updates if course changes 1. Improve Customer Satisfaction and Guest Experience –Guest satisfaction leads to repeat business and to referrals, enhancing cruise operators brand through a consistently excellent experience. 2. Attract and serve higher value customers. Affluent customers expect to be connected wherever they are. 3. Compete more effectively with shore based alternatives. Customers can be guaranteed the same broadband connectivity directly to their own mobile devices as available at shore based all inclusive resorts. Corporate conferences demand it. 4. Meaningfully improve crew welfare. Improved tariffs and connectivity to crew on board will enable greater communications with families, improving morale. BenefitsKey features
  17. 17. How will we do it? - Real-Time Ship Tracking • O3b satellite beams will follow ship tracks on ship’s normal route - Cruise operator provides O3b with normal ship course • Beam tracking updates in real-time if the ship has to change course. - O3b will maintain ship within beam centre - Ship provides lat/lon updates on 2 hour intervals via in-band or out-of-band channel 100# 110# 120# 130# 140# 150# 160# 0# 10# 20# 30# 40# Round&Trip&Latency&(ms)& Minutes&into&Satellite&Pass& Latency 0# 10# 20# 30# 40# 50# 60# 70# 80# 90# 100# 0:00#2:00#4:00#6:00#8:00#10:00#12:00#14:00#16:00#18:00#20:00#22:00# Availability& Availability& Cozumel Falmouth Ft Lauderdale Labadee Real-Time Ship Track Monitoring Via O3b Customer Portal
  18. 18. Our Oil & Gas Product Increasing communication needs in the O&G is being driven by new applications, the regulatory environment and the increasing distance from the shore and depth where such platforms are operating. • The addressable market for O3b Energy is forecasted to grow from 2.3 Gbps in 2013 to above 40Gbps in 2025. Asia Pacific, as well as West Africa and Latin America are key regions of growth. • Seismic Survey ships providing data collection to supercomputers in data centers • O3bEnergy solutions consist of small fully stabilized antennas housed within radomes capable of throughputs from 10 Mbps to >500 Mbps.