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6 sspi ps_10_5_13_final_paul_sandoval

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Teledyne Microwave - SWap and Bandwidth Optimization - Paul Sandoval

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6 sspi ps_10_5_13_final_paul_sandoval

  1. 1. Size Weight, Power and  Bandwidth Optimization  Technologies where smaller bring bigger benefits   SSPI Presentation 2013 www.teledynemicrowave.com
  2. 2. Teledyne Microwave Solutions • TMS is part of a large stable publicly traded corporation (TDY); $2B/annual sales • Communications, Radar & Electronic Warfare (TMS) • Avionics • Environmental monitoring • Offshore exploration & production • Imaging technologies • Test & Measurement 2
  3. 3. SATCOM Integral Resource Optimization 3 • IP to RF the Highest Efficient Throughput in a single Box • Integrated IP Multi Layer Compression and Acceleration • Optimized Mode/Code Performance and Latency; • Hub or PtP Spectral Reuse • Optimized 5-10-5% Roll-Off • Interference under Carrier Detection that uncover the degradations you don’t see Evolution/Q-Flex Software-Defined Universal Modem Platforms HPA Matching Technologies GAN/GaAS/TWTA • Beyond Linearity Teledyne HPAs provide the Most Clean Usable Power whether is GAN or TWTA • Enable Higher Order Modulation or better link availability with less power • SWaP Brings the technology everywhere; Airborne, Man Pack, VSATs • Optimize Space, Power, and Space Segment Resources • Q-NET™ Network and Service Resource Optimization Manager • Manage any type of Network: • Video/ Telco/ IP Based Networks • Transponder BW and Power Optimization • Services Planning, Provisioning and Scheduling • Customer Managed Network VNO
  4. 4. Modem Resource Optimization Contribution 4 IP to RF Air Interface Optimization  Paired Carrier™ : Up to 50% bandwidth saving (Hub Canceller or Embedded PtP) DVB‐S2: Up to 15% bandwidth saving  FastLink™ Optimize BER vs Latency in a wide range of modulations 5% Optimized Roll‐off: >10% bandwidth saving compared with 20% roll off  Compression: Up to 50% bandwidth saving Multilayer Compression : 20% bandwidth savings; Cellular Telephony; MPLS; VLAN ACM: Up to 50% bandwidth saving XStream IPTM Advanced IP routing set (IPv4‐6; St/Dynamic);  ACM sync‐Dynamic  Traffic Shaping/QoS prioritizes traffic based on Difserv /802.1P   
  5. 5. Q-Flex is Future Proof too…every single dB counts 5 • DVBS2 Extensions ready  • Adds 5%, 10% & 15% roll‐off (Done) • Gains up to 15% bandwidth efficiency • Extends number of modcods from 28  to nearer 100 (Supported) • Gains up to 10% bandwidth efficiency  • Adds 64APSK (64 QAM now) • Gains 20% bandwidth efficiency • Teledyne working on more features  beyond limits • More bandwidth and throughput  efficiency now
  6. 6. Integral Resource Optimization Approach 6 • Interference can significantly degrade  efficiency • Offenders may be satellite or terrestrial  interference  • Satellite: self‐pol‐overlapping‐adj sat‐ jammers • Terrestial: Wi‐MAX‐Radar‐EW Jammers • Intermittent • Teledyne developed LinkGuard™ Interference under‐carrier detection built  in the modem  • Built in Test equipment – BERT, Constellation & DSA • Interference Mitigation  – Teledyne YIG filters/DSA‐Network level
  7. 7. Teledyne HPA Technologies  7 L‐Band UHF VHF X‐Band Ku‐Band Ka‐Band C‐Band S‐Band Frequency (GHz) 0.2 1.0 2.0 10 1.0 5.0 50 Power(Watt) 200.5 5.0 50 100 0.5 10 1000 100 500 GaAs TWT / TWTa LDMOS GaN InP
  8. 8. The GAN vs GaAS Advantage  8 Higher power density operation meaning less  components  Higher MTBFs. Higher thermal conductivity leads to higher  reliability and higher temperature operation. Higher efficiency and wider bandwidth  operation as compared to GaAs MESFETs; 0.5  dB gain in Ext Ku and up to 1 dB Ka wide  bands. Better Intermod Performance  1‐2 dB Softer Compression; no P1dB 
  9. 9. Teledyne Linearized GaN Implementation   9 This is opposite gain and phase characteristic from the amplifier cascade Input Power vs. Output Power Showing effect of gain expansion Gain expands with increasing power Phase compresses with increasing power The Teledyne Claim to Fame  100% GaN implementation (> 0.5 watts) so  it takes 100% Advantage of the technology The Most available Clean Power  Pavailable = Psat‐BO (1.5 to 2.5 dB better) Vs Pavailable= P1dB‐BO  Superb RELIABILITY; 3 Years Warranty
  10. 10. GaN PowerMAX “Innovation in Modularity” 10 • A new standard in ultra‐high power solid state  power amplifiers taking GaN to the next stage  • Available in S, C, X, Ku and Ka‐band  configurations • Modular Phase Combined System (4, 8, 16  Modules )‐No need to return to factory • EASY TO OPERATE All Active components are  Hot swappable power supply; SSPA modules;  Fans; M&C cards • Power Meter accuracy Monitoring; TRUE RMS • Redundant Power Supply and M&C system. No  Single point of failure  • Switchless‐Glitch‐less redundancy; example  when 1 of the 8 Modules fails there is 1.2 dB  loss; system seamlessly compensates gain • Also available Modular 7RU with redundant  Power Supply and Outdoor Version  U.S. patents 8,189,338 B2 8,411,447 B2
  11. 11. Other SWaP and WB‐Ka‐Band Technologies  11 Q-Lite; L-Band Modem in a card SWaP designed. Same capabilities as Q-Flex Interoprates with Q-Flex-Evolution-Q-NET Ka-Band Dual Lo Tactical-Airborne SSPA L-band to Ka-Band 27.5-31 Ghz 10 or 50 Mhz Int/Ext Reference Ka 16 Watts P1dB; also in Ku and X SWaP Designed; 1.26 Lbs; 3.6”x4.2”x1” Ka-Band Tactical/Airbone LNA/LNB SWaP designed: 0.5 LBs 19.2-21.2 Ghz 1.3 dB/1.5 dB Noise figure over 2 Ghz 10/50 Mhz Int or Ext Reference (LNB) 502 watts TWTA Built In BUC , Pre-Amp, Equalizer Wide Ka-Band 27-31 GHz TWTA Combined TMS in House Technologies
  12. 12. Q-NET™ NetServ Resource Manager 12 • Manage any type of Network: • Video; Cable ; IPTV; Satellite • Telecommunications • IP Based Networks • Manage Transponder and Ground Resources • BW and Power Optimization • Satellite Bandwidth Manager • Configuration Management • Earth Station Monitor and Control • Services Planning, Provisioning and Scheduling • Historical Data Storage (time graphs, log files) • Instantaneous or Schedule Services • Customer Managed Network VNO • Multiple Topologies • Star-Multiple Star • Point to Point • Point to Multipoint • Mesh
  13. 13. Conclusions and points of discussion  13 • IP to RF and Network Resource Management Integral approach Truly Maximizes the savings • SCPC Network Systems proven complementary to VSAT TDMA networks for HIGH Throughput and High Efficiency applications 3bits/Hz/6 bits/Hz (PCMA): • Enterprise Internet Access/e-Gov/Defense • Cellular Backhaul/Backbone • Circuit Restoration • High Throughput, Static or Variable Bandwidth • GAN-Ka TWTA Efficiencies proven to provide the max Clean Power for todays High-Throughput Applications • DTH; Digital TV; Broadband GW (GAN and KA-TWTA) • DSNG; Man-Pack; Airborne; Maritime; VSAT Hubs (GAN)
  14. 14. 14 Paul Sandoval Director of International Group Sales Europe +1404-660-5710 paul.sandoval@teledyne.com www.teledynemicrowave.com Muito Obrigado Muchas Gracias Thanks