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13a solucoes inmarsat_em_banda_ka

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Inmarsat - Nova Frota Inmarsat em Banda Ka - Bernardo Schneiderman

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13a solucoes inmarsat_em_banda_ka

  1. 1. © Inmarsat 2013 Global Xpress The Next Generation Satellite Bernardo Schneiderman – Bus. Dev. Director October 2013 SSPI Day Outubro 2013
  2. 2. © Inmarsat 2013 Inmarsat constellation (*) Satellite positions are always subject to change by Inmarsat InmarsatInmarsatInmarsatInmarsat----2s2s2s2s InmarsatInmarsatInmarsatInmarsat----3s3s3s3s InmarsatInmarsatInmarsatInmarsat----4s4s4s4s 2F2 98W 2F1 142W 3F3 178E 3F1 64E 3F2 15.5W EMEA AOR-W AOR-E IOR POR PAC-W PAC-C PAC-E 3F5 25E 4F3 98W 3F4 54W 4F2 25E 4F1 143.5E 2F4 109E 10 L-band satellites in GEO orbit Inmarsat-2, 3 and 4 generations Alphasat launched July 2013 Global L-band commercial life to beyond 2023... ...thinking about Inmarsat-6s 2020+ 3 Inmarsat-5 Ka- band satellites in- build for launch 2013- 14 Game-changing capability Global Ka-band to beyond 2028 L-band and Ka- band will operate in parallel Fully funded ($3B commitment to next generation networks)
  3. 3. © Inmarsat 2013 What is Global Xpress? Three I-5 satellites plus one spare • Based on proven Boeing 702HP design - $1.2Bn investment Global Service (Baseline Payload) • 89 fixed beams per satellite for global coverage in three satellite configuration • Designed for mobility and fixed services Regional Service (High Capacity Overlay Service) • 6 steerable spot beams per satellite for multi-regional, dynamic coverage • Concurrent commercial & military Ka-band services
  4. 4. © Inmarsat 2013 Key features Global coverage, via three I-5 satellites IP connectivity, High speed ~50/5 Mbps (downlink/uplink) Fully redundant ground network, two SASs per satellite/ocean region, global MPLS Flexibility, wide variety of terminal types supported • 45cm to 2.4m • Land, Maritime, Aeronautical, Government Secure communication, authentication of terminals and strong encryption (AES 256) Efficiency, including an enhanced version of iDirect A-TDMA using DVB-S2/ACM Seamless Mobility, made possible by dual receiver core module Simple, user-friendly, “1 Touch Commissioning” Global QoS Management, allowing flexibility in managing GX capacity efficiently Enhanced IP Services, IPv6; Global multicast; Voice over IP
  5. 5. © Inmarsat 2013 Satellite Payloads Global Service Beams (Baseline Payload) • Highly flexible bent-pipe design, comprising forward and return transponders • Traffic landed to Inmarsat SAS gateways, with site diversity • 89 beams per satellite • 2 x 72 x 32 MHz Channels per satellite • ~5 GHz aggregate bandwidth per satellite
  6. 6. © Inmarsat 2013 Global coverage established Initial coverage pattern and ground entry points
  7. 7. © Inmarsat 2013 GX technology partners • Broad range of user terminals for air, sea and land • Ranging from 45 - 240 cm, available by 2014 • Hybrid L-Ka band option under development • iDirect technology modem platform • Cisco Service Enablement Platform SeaSea High-performance, cost-effective options at service launch AirAir Land
  8. 8. © Inmarsat 2013 GX Technology Efficient waveforms utilizing Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) Second Generation (S2), and Multi-Frequency, Deterministic Time Division Multiple Access (MF-DTDMA) Adaptive coding and modulation (ACM) incorporated on the outbound and Adaptive TDMA (A-TDMA) on the inbound carriers Group Quality of Service (GQoS) to segment bandwidth across multiple end users Automatic Beam Selection (ABS) for seamless connectivity across beams A Service Enablement Platform (VAR Portal) enabling a VAR to manage, configure, and monitor the entire satellite network from a central location 8
  9. 9. © Inmarsat 2013 GX Summary Key GX differentiators • Global footprint – Unique in the industry, Inmarsat as the single fleet providing global coverage with standardized Ka-band equipment and service • Higher throughput – More bits per Hz of PEB for the same terminal aperture size • Flexible Service Models – SNS regional/global capacity or per terminal MSS • Strong SLA – Enterprise-grade service with 99.5% availability • BGAN Compliment – Leverage proven worldwide L-band network as backup • Simplified provisioning and commissioning – SEP External Access Portal and M2M interface for VARs, DPs and customers
  10. 10. © Inmarsat 2013 Obrigado Estamos a disposicao. Bernardo.schneiderman@inmarsat.com Tel Brasil: 021-8390-7506 Tel USA: +1-310-498-8854