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Digital strategy for Banks / NBFCs / Insurance / Mutual Funds / Fintech

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This deck is meant for anyone who wants to help in building Digital Strategy for the organisation. Feel free to contact me @ ssjaini@hotmail.com.

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Digital strategy for Banks / NBFCs / Insurance / Mutual Funds / Fintech

  1. 1. DIGITAL STRATEGY Thriving in Digital World SAMEER SINGH JAINI
  2. 2. DIGITAL STRATEGY Step 1 Analyze Digital Context Step 2 Visualize Future Landscape Step 5 Execute and Measure Step 4 Align Digital Initiatives Step 3 Create Digital Positioning Feedback loop / Continuous Reassessment
  3. 3. STEP 1: ANALYZE DIGITAL CONTEXT Business Strategy Competitive Positioning Digital Assets / Usage Digital Maturity Stakeholder’s expectations Technology Assessment Process Assessment
  4. 4. STEP 2: VISUALIZE FUTURE LANDSCAPE Organization Evolving Customers Market Dynamics • Structure • Skills • Culture • Acquisition • Service • Products • Fintech / Cross Industry Competitors • Technology innovation
  5. 5. STEP 3: CREATE DIGITAL POSITIONING Digital Leader New Customer Segment New Digital Products XX% Digital Acquisition XX% Cost Reduction Real-time Analytics & Decisioning Unified Customer Service 90% Self Servicing Market Recognition
  6. 6. STEP 4: ALIGN DIGITAL INITIATIVES Digitize Customer Journey Digital Engagement Digital Acquisition Unified Service Platform Digital products New Customer Segment Digitize Employee Journey Unified CRM platform Process Reassessment & Automation Tab / Mobility platforms Collaboration platform Technology Enablement Flexible Cloud / Hybrid Infra ESB / API Enablement Big Data & Analytics Inhouse / partner model Highly secure Crash Organization Silos and Build Digital Culture Align Digital Initiative to “Market Positioning” CollaboratewithFintech AlignSkilledandAdequateResources Priotize Strong GovernanceDocument Objectives Sense of Urgency
  7. 7. STEP 5: EXECUTE & MEASURE Governance Track / Escalate Fail fast Measure results Celebrate Sucess
  8. 8. EXAMPLES OF DIGITAL INITIATIVES Omnichannel Platform - Mobile - Web - Branch Lead Management Platforms - Chat - Cross-sell - Up-sell - New customers New Digital Product - 10 second loans - Online account opening - ASBA on Mobile - Acquisition through Fintech partners Employee Enablement - Mobile / Tab based customer origination - Training & Demo - Collaboration - Near zero manual steps Big Data & Analytics platform - Real time events driven digital marketing - Enable fast business decision - Analytics based Credit decision