sri sri-lmb system of rice intensification regional review & planning workshop 2017 inception workshop fpar day 1 farmer participatory action research day 3 food security agriculture sustainable agriculture rice development day 2 water managment climate change adaptation saguna rice technique swot farmers sustainable rice production srt mel monitoring evaluation & learning policy farming collective action conservation agriculture climate smart india sai thailand vietnam cambodia sustainability climate change newsletter world environment day lao pdr norman uphoff regional review and planning workshop chattisgarh farmer organization wijayaratna amir kassam sustainable intensification sustainable production soil health save & grow rice-fish aquatic production rri regional rice initiative farmer firendly happiness index smallholder farmers asean farmers water management policy research semil policy advocacy oxfam sustainable managment macroeconomic growth ssf small scale farmers sustainable rice platform srp olam international sustainable development certified seed rice cultivation agro-tourism quality rice economic outputs resource efficiency of sri sri media links sri-network sri database sri achievements prof. max whitten sri response science research laos education transplanter landless gender ffs fao africa conservation rice intensification mekong
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