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Successful inteviews

Tips for successful interviews in entry level positions.
Recognize that YOU are the center of the interview and the reason for the success.
Technical competency and behavior maturity needs development over time
IIT is the best place to broaden your ideas and integrate all learning into discovery
Given at IIT Bombay Earth Science on 10th Aug 13

A job offer is NOT the only measure of successful interview performance. Your FEEL-GOOD is an important success factor. In most situations the offer is an interaction between your GOOD performance and the ground REALITY at the company and interview members. However, a FEEL_GOOD performance is completely your own making!

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Successful inteviews

  1. 1. Successful Interviews are from your desire to be successful Interviews
  2. 2. You at the Center of Interview KNOWN • Confidence Partially Known • Discover • Investigate UNKNOWN • Respect Salary $ Contributio n Desperati on MOTIVATION
  3. 3. Interviews Positive - Selection Negative - Rejection 1. Give reason to be selected 2. Communicate your strengths 3. Play to win 4. Attitude is to guide the interview 5. Smile and be curious 1. Stop reasons to be rejected 2. Camouflage your weakness 3. Play not to loose 4. Attitude is to defend the position 5. Serious and be focussed
  4. 4. Skills in Success Soft (Personal) Hard (Technical) 1. Communicate 2. Listening 3. Interpersonal 4. Adaptation 5. Individuality 6. Integrity 1. Observe 2. Structure 3. Analyze 4. Investigate 5. Invent 6. Persistence
  5. 5. Communication is the most important Corner stone of all successful interviews  To handle interpersonal relations  To take appropriate decisions  To communicate effectively – What? Why? How? 1. Body Language 2. Spoken Language (Written & PPT) 3. Emotional Language  To have good impression and impact 1. Focused 2. Brief 3. Result oriented (Action oriented)
  6. 6. Presentation  Presentation skills   include planning, preparation & delivery of the message  You need to demonstrate and present what you KNOW - CLEARLY  Presentation skills can be broadly categorized into physical oral, & electronic  Success in interviews depends on presenting ideas in an appropriate manner  Look at the eyes of interviewers & speak in a natural, conversational voice  Appropriate voice will make the presentation effective and interesting  Ask for clarity from your interviewer about the questions or the conditions when needed – briefly and once or twice & change accordingly  In your answers especially, stop occasionally to check the response from other interviewers in their body language and response
  7. 7. Team Work Interviewers may like to know how agreeable you are and yet maintains your technical integrity and individuality 1. Questions that focus on conflicting positions 2. Questions on Dilemma 3. Questions on Peer pressure  Adjustment  Persuasion  Commitment  Individuality  Integrity
  8. 8. Ethics & Integrity  Professional ethics is the need of the hour in India  When a person is at the work spot, he/she must think of work Candidate demonstrates in interview  Competency  Commitment  Confidence
  9. 9. Time & Stress Management  Manage the Emotion and Stress in Interview room  Ability to focus on the MOST IMPORTANT point to the question Handle Conflict : Conflict management Handle Ignorance : From Self and from the Interviewer  Handle Time : A very large answer in a short time Handle Stress : + & -
  10. 10. You are the maker Leaders, executives & managers expect YOU to be very clear about YOURSELF – TRUTHFULLY   Trust your self   Keep smiling and stay +ve Get Offer • You + • Interviewers Feel Good • You • YOU only Dejected • You + • Interviewers • Situation
  11. 11. Q&A 1. Don’t fully know the answer?  Express what is known crisp and brief 2. Express yourself?  1min max. 30sec your core competencies & interests. 30sec idea of contribution to the company/science 3. General long-questions (geology along your journey)?  20sec demonstrate you know the main points 4. Personality questions (whom do you like.. Best subject)?  20sec. Clear committed answer with a one phrase why as a quality that inspired you 5. Controversial subject? Take a position but identify it as controversial. 6. Career, Study or other breaks/shifts? Brief 30sec. Tell truth and identify the central issue or quality that forced it. 7. What you intend to become in the company?  30sec. Focus answer on what contributions and professional acceptance you wish to reach. 8. Uniqueness? Every interview is unique. Prepare a 1pg idea of how you wish to cultivate your interests in contributing to the organization. SHOW only when right environ and opportunity occurs