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  2. 2. •Zooneses areZooneses are diseases ofdiseases of vertebratevertebrate animals thatanimals that can becan be transmittedtransmitted to man.to man. fevers.fevers. •viral zoonosesviral zoonoses that can bethat can be transmitted totransmitted to man directlyman directly include rabies,include rabies, hantaviruses,hantaviruses, lassa and ebolalassa and ebola
  3. 3. •An acute, central nervous system infection characterized by CNS irritation, paralysis, and death •Found worldwide, except for Antarctica due to isolation •What is rabies virusWhat is rabies virus…?…?
  4. 4.  Causes the most lethal of all infectious diseases. Even the most extreme modern medical interventions are usually not successful.  The disease was recognized in Egypt before 2300 B.C. and in ancient Greece, where it was described by Aristotle.  The method of transmission of rabies was not recognized until 1804.  Rabies is thought to be responsible for the origin of vampire legends (bats, biting, hypersexuality are
  5. 5. •Silvertailed Ba •Striped Skunk •Racoon
  6. 6. What kind of animals get rabies? • The rabies virus can infect all mammals.
  7. 7. – Causes brains cells toCauses brains cells to malfunctionmalfunction – Worldwide - tens of thousands of human deaths yearly